Sunday, November 29, 2009

(Not-So) Silent Sunday

How far along? 17 weeks, 2 days.

Total weight gain: Well, I thought I had gained one according to my scale. Believe it or not, even after Thanksgiving and all...I had lost it again. When I got on the scale this morning, it looked as though that was confirmed. But honestly? I don't eat much. I eat little tiny bits throughout the day and never finish my meal. So at this point, that may be why...or the fact that my arch enemy good old friend morning sickness has struck again.

Maternity clothes? Yup. Maternity pants are a must. I still just stretch and tug all my regular tops, though.

Check out that GROWING action.
Kinda scary what can happen in 2 weeks time.

15 & 17 weeks.
15 weeks Photobucket

Sleep: I don't wake up anymore in the middle of the night to pee...which has allowed my sleep to be sounder. However, I do wake up pretty lower back has always been an issue for me, so with pregnancy, naturally it's gonna feel worse. PS: just read that my uterus is the size of a cantaloupe..hence the center of gravity is shifting...

Best moment this week: I felt the baby move, and I KNOW I felt it. (This happened Thanksgiving my Baby B must love some turkey!)

Movement: As stated above. It has happened multiple times since then. It's a combo of feelings...sometimes it feels like two butterflies flitting around in there...other times it feels almost like a twitching sensation. Either way...him or her, they are a movin' in there ;)

Gender: Soon...soon...very soon. [Don't forget to VOTE on the gender poll to the right!]

Labor Signs: Again. No. That would suck.

Belly Button in or out? I think its definitely stretching...but still an innie. It's a little flatter these days.

What I miss: I'll say it again...clear skin. Oh how I miss it.

Weekly Wisdom: Just assume morning sickness with NEVER go away. Getting your hopes up sucks, and it can strike again like that. I had days....dayyyyss of feeling really good. Then, bam. This was back.

Milestones: Getting that so called 2nd trimester boost of energy, or...."nesting". Whatever it is...things are getting done around my house that a few weeks ago I would have never dreamed of seeing the day. For instance...the other night, in the pouring rain...I put out the wreaths on my windows, went outside and pulled out all the dead flowers in my garden, pulled out a tree (YES...a freaking tree...I mean, it was small..but still!), got rid of fall decorations, and raked out the garden. Needless to say, I was muddy. When Declan got home...he was shocked to say the least. [For the last few months the scene has been me, on the couch...feeling sickly, or exhausted, or just plain blah.]


  1. You look great. I LOVE the belly!!!

    My cousin had bad morning sickness her first 20 weeks and she lost about 12 pounds because of it. Can't wait to see the belly grow!

  2. You look awesome! Love your little baby bump!

  3. Bring that nesting energy my way! I'll create you a Katie-Do List!

    (Plus, we could totally hang out and all:)

  4. Your bump is growing like crazy! So exciting and fun to see! I hope you get over the morning sickness. I can't imagine how miserable :(

  5. I think it’s awesome that you’re documenting your pregnancy like this. It is also fun for us non-preggo’s to read to get an idea of what to expect when the time comes ;) That is so great that you felt the baby move for the first time on Thanksgiving! I think you’re having a girl. I need to put in my vote.

    I hope the sickness goes away soon, but that is pretty great that you’ve been getting so much done around the house.

  6. You, my dear, have the cutest belly ever. Now I'm starting to think that's a little boy in there...although I voted girl.

  7. Awww you're adorable with your fab baby belly!! :)

  8. You look so cute! Love your little baby belly. :)

  9. I love following your pregnancy updates! So exciting!

  10. You look so cute with your baby bump! Are maternity pants comfortable with that stretchy stuff that goes around your belly? It looks confining... I'm dying to know the gender...but I'm 90% sure it's a girl :)

  11. Your belly is sooo cute! Yay for feeling your little sweet baby! Can't wait to find out what'cha having! I think it's a boy!

  12. Love the baby updates and the belly is getting cuter and cuter!!!!! :)