Thursday, November 19, 2009


I love my students....but they are oblivious. It comes with the age, I guess. Being that I work with kids that range in age from 5 to 10, it's bound to happen. They don't notice a darn thing.

There are exceptions of that one time, my first year of teaching-when that little Russian (yes, she was Russian) 2nd grader shouted out, "You wore those pants LAST time!!" Even though "last time" was a whole 8 days ago (given the 6 day cycle and a weekend), I still felt called out, and slightly...embarrassed. By a SECOND GRADER.

However, there are times when I could cut my hair 6 inches...and no one notices. There are times when I'm wearing a freaking Halloween costume to school, and no one really notices. [Please note: Last year, I wore a wig and played a cow-girl--spoke with an accent and all. They thought I was someone else. FOR real. COME ON now. Honestly?]

But then there are days, like more recently.....when my gut is beyond 'hanging out'. Its round and plump. It practically pokes them in the eye when they come and talk to me {slight exaggeration for dramatic effect}, but do they notice??

Not one of them.

I sometimes rub my belly in hopes that one of them will blurt out--"ARE YOU HAVING A BABY!?"...but to no avail.

They don't get it.

They don't see it.

Or they just think I'm getting fat and don't say anything.

Except-that I do believe if it truly was a weight issue, and I was, indeed, just getting fat--that somehow, someway...they would point that out in a heartbeat.

So why not now?

Because they truly are oblivious.

My goal is to see just how far along I can get before the kids notice. My hope is that I can make it all the way to 20 weeks (which...I somehow bet I will) so that before all the, "It's a girl!", "No, It's a boy!" bantering begins...I can just cut it real short and tell 'em like it is.

After the cat is let out of the bag with them, I just simply cannot wait to hear all 900 of them ask me to "please, oh, pretty please" name my baby after them. It's gonna be awwwwesome.

Just a few perks of being a teacher....


  1. I love your pants story I would feel the same way!

  2. Haha!! Soo funny!!! I'm with you, can't wait to see how far along you go before they notice, haha!!!!

  3. Oh kids are so funny. Your belly and the little gal/dude in it doesn't fit into their reality. But as soon as they find out - they will be tellin' everyone that their teacher is having a baby!!

    The Halloween costume is a funny little story! had me laughin!

  4. aww kids are so funny. I remember substituting for my Mother In Law's sunday school class a few times before Mr. A and I got married and the kids would all be so excited about the wedding and they all wanted to be in it. I can only imagine what you must be going through.

  5. LOL! So funny!

    My kids have asked me when I'm not pregnant.

    Yours may be oblivious, mine are cruel!

  6. children never perform when we want them to!

    I was folding laundry sitting on the floor prob still in my pjs and my oldest told me I looked pregnant still...great!

  7. LOL! I've had kids ask me if I'm having a baby and I about died! The pants story is so funny.

    On another note, do you guys talk about names and you avoid the ones that you've had that kid in your class? Ryan will say a name and I'm like, "Oh no, I had a blah blah and we are NOT going there!" It ruins the name every time!

  8. When I was teaching kindergarten and pregnant, I announced it to my 5 year-olds during carpet time. I wasn't huge yet, but showing enough. I thought the girls might get excited and even some of the boys. I expected questions or completely unrelated stories about aunts and cousins and brothers and sisters. Nothing. No reaction. Blank stares from half the class. Definitely anticlimactic...and a little awkward, even though they were just 5.

    I'm sure with the range of ages you work with, you'll get plenty of lovely comments. I can't believe they've been completely oblivious so far!

    Glad your pregnancy is going well!

  9. My kids noticed right away. Thank your lucky stars that yours haven't because they all wanted to rub my belly. Ew. Although...I did say that it would be an awfully cute picture to have a bunch of first-graders' hands on my big ol' 9-month preggo belly....

  10. Last school year when there were 3 pregnant women in the building, my preschool deaf kids started asking EVERYONE in the building, "You? Baby?"...even the men...and very old ladies. Once people figured out they weren't insulting was funny!

  11. Sorry, this comment has nothing to do with oblivous kids,but...I made your apple pie today! It smells absolutely wonderful...I just hope it tastes as good. Keep your fingers crossed and I will let you know! Thanks again for the recipe!

  12. Kids are so funny! It's so true they usually notice the smallest details and miss the huge ones LOL