Wednesday, November 25, 2009

To the nasty beast....and nursery news.

Dear Morning Sickness,

Or shall I refer to you as Afternoon Sickness, or Evening Sickness...? Whichever name you prefer, since you are all of the above to me. I have something to say to you: Leave ME alone. Go back where you came from.

Don't you think we've had a long enough run? Don't you think you've got the best of me? Don't you realize that you've made this experience a little *less* enjoyable?

Once I hit that 2nd trimester (ohhh...THREE freakin weeks ago)...I prayed, and pleaded that you would leave me alone. But you did not. In fact, you almost got worse.

You are cruel.

A cruel, cruel, whatever-it-is-you-are.

I think it's only fair that you go and haunt someone else now...maybe someone who's in their first trimester, and oh...EXPECTS to be sick. But me? Hello? I'm in my 17th week. This has gone on for WAY.TOO.LONG. and honestly? My body really can't it take anymore.

I've become way too familiar with every toilet in my house...(we have 3, thank you.) I have also had the occasional "oh crap can't make it to the toilet-must run to sink instead" moments. I even (::sigh:: I can't believe I'm about to write this) pee in my pants a little every time I get sick.* So, don't you think you've humiliated me long enough? Fer real?

I'm really not sure I can stand to look at my regurgitated food anymore. You know I have a mental issue with eating the same food again once I've spewed now that I've exhausted all my food options (and restaurants!)...I'll have to drive 3 states away to find something I haven't "seen" before. Please, don't cause me to starve. Stop now....

You've worn out your welcome.

I'm ready to say Bye-bye, Adios and Peace-out until I have another baby in a few years. [Oh dear Lord, hear my prayer now. For all this trouble now....could you SPARE me in the future? Please, oh Please?!] I would like to enjoy the rest of this pregnancy, so you are not welcome anymore.

Get the heck out.

You dirty, mean, rotten scoundrel.

Don't come back.

K. Thanks. Bye.

-A very disgruntled pregnant chick

PS: Oh, and BABY--if you can hear me....and this is all some sort of "comfort" you're trying to give me to let me know you're there....I GET IT, I do. But, let me just say that the whole hearing the heartbeat thing--yea, does the trick for me. I believe you. You're there! We can't wait to meet you, dear lovie--but if you have anything to do with this, ease up on your momma please. You'd better be one heck of a good sleeper when you get here.

*It's true. Never before did I have this issue. But honestly? As embarrassing as it is, it's true. I pee in my pants a little when I puke. Probably due to the force of it all. Lovely picture, eh? Head over the toilet and a wet crotch. Trust me, it sounds funny. But, it ain't purty. Ohgawd...I just admitted this to the world wide web.


On another, more positive, less embarrassing note:

I may or may not have ordered the following items and may or may not be SO EXCITED beyond belief!

Yes, I seems early. But honestly? I try to be prepared. Remember when I said that I had zero motivation on the nursery? Something clicked in me this last week...and it's all I think about.

I also have my gorgeous mother and handsome daddy to thank for this lovely purchase. It's kind of a tradition for them to buy the set of crib/changing table when a grandbaby is on the way. I will not complain about that. In fact, I'm super thankful for them. Oh, and if you're wondering...its Pottery Barn Kids.


Happy almost-Thanksgiving!


  1. Oh, I so hope you get to feeling better so you can enjoy your Thanksgiving!!!

    Beautiful set of furniture!! :)

  2. I've definitely peed a little while throwing up(and even while violently sneezing) while not pregnant. It makes me feel like a ridiculous octogenarian, but I think it's just all the force involved suddenly punching my bladder.

  3. That's a beautiful furniture set!

    I hope that the morning sickness is over soon! For me, I just woke up one day around 18 weeks and it was gone--here's hoping you have a similar experience!

  4. I know you've mentioned that you take zofran (which is what I take when I'm nauseous and love it!) but have you tried phenegren? I think that's how you spell it.

    Love the nursery items!

  5. love the furniture! I have actually looked at that exact stuff on their website (and no I am not pregnant, just planning WAY in advance haha)

    Sorry you are still so sick.. hope you feel better soon!!

  6. I think you should send that morning sickness my way, and make sure it brings a baby along with it... ;)

  7. Hope you start feeling better soon!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. I hope you get to feeling better soon. That sounds horrible! I'm sure it will pass soon...hopefully! Love the furniture for the nursery!

  9. The peeing thing never goes away. Just remember not to laugh too hard post baby. Not that I've done that or anything *cough cough* I'm just sayin' ;)

    I love the nursery furniture!

  10. I'm so sorry! I can't believe it's still getting to you!! :( I hope it doesnt show it's face over thanksgiving so you can actually enjoy your meal!!!

    The furniture is super cute!

  11. Argh... I'm hoping and praying along with everyone else that you feel better soon!!

    You did get a fantastic nursery set though. I love Pottery Barn!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. I peed in my pants a little my whole pregnancy and I never even threw up! takes a while for that lovely thing to go away. Feel better. LOVE the furniture!!!

  13. I promise to punch Morning Sickness in the face for you on our first meeting:) Promise. All for you.

  14. I hope your letter reaches Morning Sickness in time! She sounds like a biatch!