Friday, December 4, 2009

A bump...a bulge...

Okay, so clearly this is turning into a baby blog and for that I am In fact, I am kind of mad at myself for this too when I swore I wouldn't be that girl. But ohmygosh you guys...I'm pregnant. This is the big moment in most womens lives. The first-baby-is-a-brewing! So gawww...I am really struggling with how much to post on this little (ginormous) change in my life.

So, I'm embracing it.

And so is my blog, apparently.

So let's talk about the belly again, do you mind?

I have to say that being pregnant for the first successful time is a big deal. A big, huge, deal. Also? What does every pregnant woman wait for....

The belly.

No matter what kind of weight you fear of gaining. No matter how scared you are that you may possibly never fit back in those skinny jeans again. No matter cannot wait to have some baby-proof right there, smack dab in the middle of your body.

So, in the early days of pregnancy, every day-you analyze yourself. You poke and prod, and suck in, and push out. You have days where you think you've "popped", and days where you almost can't believe there's a baby in there, but you DO because the baby bouncing around on the ultrasound is sort-of, kind-of BIG TIME proof that indeed: Your eggo is preggo.

Even though I realize that every single day is one day further in this pregnancy process, I still am kind of, sort of amazed that my belly is growing and a BABY is in there. I've read in books that it wouldn't feel "real" for a while. And whaddaya know? The books are kind-of, sort-of, well...telling the truth.

I usually have the "oh my gosh-look at my pregnant belly" moments when I get home from work and change into my comfies. I would like to think this is not because of the tight tank tops I tend to wear to bed (which are well...only getting tighter), but because, indeed-the bump is growing. For the record, I do believe it's a combination of both. [You didn't know I was this brilliant, now, did you?]

So, tonight as I was sitting on the couch in my disgustingly old aerie sweats that I love and adore for comfort reasons only, and my tight tank top......I looked down for a moment.

..and I saw my belly. Popping out. I'll was kind of weird, in a cool way.

I said to Declan, "Look! My belly!"...and he gave it a little buddha rub [minus the buddha part, because, we aren't really into that...].

Then, I reached over and grabbed my camera, because, is always within an arms length of my body at all times. Slight exaggeration but partially true.

...and that is why you have the pleasure of enjoying my view right now.

[Which I find amusing by the way...look at that belly popping out...and I swear, I'
m NOT pushing out, or sucking in. Sucking in really isn't an option these days.]

Extra bonus! You get to see my chunky thighs, too! Two-in-one deal. Today only!

and JUST's one of me upright. Go figure, the belly still remains. In fact, it looks bigger. One day, when I feel like I'm carrying a small whale, I'll be linking back to this post going, "Oh my gawwwd I can't believe I was that small and thought I looked big!" But, lets live in the moment shall we?!

I'll be back to non-pregnancy posts one, say...156 days.


  1. Your blog follows your life so naturally the topic will be pregnancy then babies then toddlers and so on...we will keep reading :-)
    And for the record I love hearing about all the baby stuff. makes me excited for one day being pregnant.

    Your belly looks so good!! Love watching it grow!

  2. Cute bump! I was your ornament exchange partner and I wanted you to see my post:

    Thanks again!

  3. Aww I love it- so cute!

    And I love your baby posts. Its your life right now. :)

  4. Such a cute belly.... and girl, this is your blog, and this is a huge time in your life..... so if it's baby-filled, who cares!!!!!!!! :)

  5. That's ok! I think you can have any type of blog you want! I for one, love hearing about the prego stories! Because, that's who you are right now! (And plus it helps prepare me for what to expect, if even only a little, someday when my: ego is prego! ha ) A baby belly is what is going on in your life and I think it's o so wonderful! :-) So keep on keepin on Little Mommy! :-) On another note, cute bump!

  6. you're so cute! so excited for you.

  7. Puh-lease! keep talking about your beautiful baby getting so big and how much you love it and showing off your body changing!! I WISH I would have been introduced to the blog world when I was pregnant!! You are creating a wonderful journal to look back on in a couple weeks, months, years even!

    I recently took my blog posts from myspace and "back posted" if that's even a word...


  8. Definitely a baby bump, and a totally cute one at that!

  9. First of all CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I am soooooo happy for you, and I totally feel you on the whole 'successfully pregnant' thing. I'm praying that I'll get to say that some time next year (we're getting back on the horse after the New Year).

    And a special thank you for laughing about my last post. No lie, I had so much angst last night because I was thinking that someone somewhere was going to be mad at me and rip me a new one for my particular observation. This blogging thing is so tricky!

    But anyway, back to you and your belly!!!!! It's super cute and you post about whatever you feel like whenever you feel like it and don't think twice! :-)

  10. You shouldn't feel bad about your blog turning into a baby blog at all! This blog is about your life and your life right now is about growing your little bambino. It's what us Mom's do, we are all about our kids and most blogs reflect that. I say go with it, I really enjoy reading your blog!

  11. I realize I cannot speak for everyone, but I'm thinking I probably am for most when I say, keep the baby posts coming!
    I have LOVED watching you and little babies' progress. And you know.. the whole thing about this being YOUR blog and all... go 'head and post baby until your heart is content.
    You make an adorable pregnant women.. the little belly is so cute!

  12. I LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing all about baby B and the changes your going through. It's such an exciting time for you and Declan and you should be able to share it all with the world. You're baby bump is freaking adorable and you're too cute for words.

  13. You look adorable. Keep the belly posts coming!

  14. Um, you definitely can't stop talking about all things pregnancy! I love the belly pics and the entire process fascinates me!

  15. Don't worry about the pregnancy talk, it's exciting!! I can only imagine how it must feel like getting that bump!!

  16. I love the pregnancy/belly posts... and I can't wait til they turn into baby posts!

    Your bump is adorable! It must be so exciting to watch it grow :)

  17. Awww! You make the cutest pregnant girl ever!! Love the baby bump! :)

  18. Definitely your blog! We love the pregnancy posts! I'm having a hard time not turning mine into one big pregnancy blog either! :)

    Yay for your beautiful bump! What an exciting time in your life!

    I am hoping that in a couple-three-four weeks I'll see a "Bump" instead of "bloat" ;)

  19. Girl, post about whatever you want it's your blog! :)

    Love the baby bump pics, mine was never that cute lol

  20. you're absolutely right. in 165 days this will turn into a baby blog. hahahaha! love you sissy and everything you write about- even pregnancy! :)

  21. I say in a month, you will look back at this picture and wish your "bulging" belly was this small again...better yet, when you come home from the hospital you will wish your belly is this small again.

  22. You and your baby belly are too cute!

  23. Just got caught up on your blog from since like Thanksgiving. I think you're looking absolutely fabulous and I was just thinking at Kyra's party that you've suddenly sort of "popped". Fingers crossed that on the 18th a certain little somebody's legs will be uncrossed! :)

  24. it makes me laugh when ppl say that you shouldn't turn your blog into a pregnancy's a blog about your life and right now, this is the BIGGEST thing EVER so those ppl can shut it! :)

    Your bump is ADORABLE! mine is also to the point that when i look down when i'm sitting or standing i'm like "woooaahhhh!" haha so fun! :)

  25. Seriously, cutest belly ever!

    I love these posts!

  26. You have such a sweet baby belly! I think blogs reflect whatever is going on in our lives and I love it!

  27. OH SO cute!!! I hope you are feeling good!!!


  28. So fun and so cute! I can't wait until that's me. What a fun and magical time for you. Love keeping up with your blog!

  29. I love reading about your journey! It makes me look forward to when I can start mine. :)

  30. I have to say you have an adorable baby belly. If I could, and if it wouldn't be creepy, I would give your belly a rub. I can't wait to hear more about your adventures in pregnancy.