Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Facebook Chat of the Year

Let me set the scene for you.

It was last night, around 7:30pm. We just had dinner [and I ate a normal amount..errr a lot for the first time in months!] The boy went upstairs to change into his comfies for the night. I was down on my laptop finishing that dreaded paper (which by the way...hello page 5!). He went into his office and I yelled up to him to "hurry-get on facebook chat!" because a friend of ours who is a few thousand miles away for a few months was online.

But then...this little conversation happened on facebook chat, instead.

And I laughed. Out loud.

Multiple times.

...and this why I love him.

[The constant "gender" discussion in our house continues....]
Katie: RIGHT NOW-gut intinct
boy or girl



Declan: boirl

Katie: I was thinking a herm

Declan: hermaphrodite? in the name of Jesus it isnt!

Katie: no, like a "her/him" boirl. oh geez forget it!

Declan: k later looser

Katie: learn how to spell loser and maybe you wouldn't be one

Declan: this is like old times where i can sign off and you wouldn't bother me anymore

Katie: HAHAHAH Except you're RIGHT UPSTAIRS!

Declan: NOOOO!!!!!!

Katie: and I can SO come up there, mister. don't make me.

Declan: ....gotta go watch my shows!


What a butt.

A really, cute butt...with a cute butt. Okay. Done now.


Update: The paper is finished! Is it great? No. But the 100% I have in the course right now should easily balance out any craptacular grade I receive on that god-forsaken thing. Did I mention I suck at writing? Oh yea, cuz I do.


  1. You guys are silly, but anyone listening to me and the Mister would say the same about us =)

    I've nominated you for an award on my blog:

  2. I just found your blog and you're hysterical! We are expecting a baby too (May 16th) but are not going to find out the sex - if we can make it that long! :)

  3. I seriously laughed out loud! Too cute!

  4. aww, i heart you guys. you sound exactly like my husband and me! (er, minus the pregnancy stuff!) haha ;)

  5. My husband and I used to do that.. talk on IM when we were across the room from each other. Ah, technology!

  6. Kate,
    You definately do not suck at writing! That is why we all love to read your lovely, cute blogs!!