Saturday, December 5, 2009

My little, not so little, brother.

Let me introduce you to someone. He goes by Steve to most of his us, his family...he is lovingly referred to as Stephen, Stevie, Wit or "hey buddy!".

He's my little not so little brother.

We had an interesting relationship growing up. There were times we absolutely, positively,
DID NOT get along. Then, there were times we were very close. We're 4 1/2 years apart, and we're the the two youngest kids out of four in our family. So, he had the youngest child syndrome, while I, of course, had the middle child syndrome. It made for a very interesting mix at times, to say the least.

But, I have to say that as we grew up, our relationship has turned into a really good one. He actually, to my surprise (tehehe), became a pretty cool kid. I guess, I really can't call him a kid anymore at the ripe age of 20. Sometimes, when I type that my little baby peanut
(we, indeed, called him peanutman as a nickname because he was such an itty, bitty baby!) is actually 20...I squirm a little. Omg...20.

I have to brag a little about this guy, because he truly is one talented
, devoted, and good-spirited boy. He has a great head on his shoulders, loves the Lord, has a passion for mission work (especially in Africa), and a heart to work full time for a non-profit organization in the future. During the school year he's working on his Graphic Design degree (which is just for formality reasons, because, dude--kid is talented and self-taught since age 11 or 12, no joke.) and hanging out with his 109289 friends.

He spends his summers working with Young Life camps as a counselor, traveling to Africa for mission trips, and working part ti
me. He's a great "Uncle Wit" to his nieces, who love him and get super excited to see him every time he decides to show his face at home. Did I mention the boy can also sing? Like...for real...he's good. He also excels at basically every sport, and the entire family spent many-a-year cheering him on at basketball and baseball games.

He makes us proud, and we (and I) love him.

Just recently he applied to a 6 month graphic design internship for Invisible Children based out of San Diego, California...a non-profit organization who exposes the tragic realities of northern Uganda's night commuters and child soldiers.

...and my amazingly, talented little not so little brother got hired. Out of a lot of people. They told him his portfolio and application stood out among the rest.

I am so stinkin' proud of this kid and am thrilled he is getting to participate in such an awesome organization, using his skills to better the lives of others.

So, as he heads off right after Christmas...and just barely missing the birth of my 1st born child (don't worry...we'll iChat from the hospital-we're cool like that.), I wish him all the very, very, very best.

And he better be a good boy.

Love you, buddy.

Ps: Did I mention he's pretty humorous too?

Oh...and for a small example of what a good heart he here. This is his Christmas List.


  1. Damn gotta prepare a kid for something like this...straight up cried on my MacBook Pro...hah

  2. Aww that's so sweet! What an awesome thing for him to do for a job, AND for his Christmas list! He seems like a winner!

  3. What a wonderful young man your brother is! Just another example of how great your family is!!

  4. What a cutie...and what a great post. Sweetness must run in the family!

  5. Missed this post...the last couple of pictures are hilarious!!

  6. Seriously, if he were a little older, I'd say girl, send him my way... LOL!!

    In all seriousness. He sounds like a wonderful guy!!

  7. Wow-you're brother sounds awesome! Way more mature then the typical 20 year old-actually more mature then most people I know regardless of age.

    I loved this post-it was so sweet and reminded me to not only strive to be a better person (like your brother) but also to speak well of others (like you).

  8. What an awesome (not so) little brother you have! I love his Christmas list too. Amazing heart :)