Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The good in growing up.

Last night my siblings and I all had the chance to just get out and enjoy eachother's company. We call these nights SNO days (standing for "Sibling Night Out"...genius eh? ha). We've started doing this every few months or so because we really, genuinely like being together. It's amazing how the bratty brother you once knew could turn into a true friend later in life, or how well someone who marries into a family can fit in so smoothly with the rest of our weirdness. That's a part of growing up I actually really have enjoyed.

This was our last SNO day for a while (with all of us), as my little brother, Steve heads off to San Diego to work for Invisible Children for 4-5 months. [Sniff, sniff. I'll miss him so. But, we'll iChat till our faces fall off!]

So, last night we ended up at Outback, after our plans for Bonefish went slightly downhill. No big deal, because afterall...the point was being together, right? We laughed. Laughed really hard, actually. I yelled something REALLY embarrassing OUT loud. I got really mean stares from people around us. We ticked our waitress off. We laughed. Hard. Reminiced. Talked about the future. Did I mention laugh? It was a great time.

The ladies.

(me, my sister Susan, and my sister-in-love, Kesh)

The boys.

(Jim, my older brother--my little, not so little brother, Stevie, and my main man,)

Gosh, I love these people.


  1. This is so fun and beautiful! I love it!

    What a great family you have!

  2. So cute!!! Glad you had a good time. :)

  3. What great pictures! You all look so happy! I love it when sibling fun takes over!

  4. What a wonderful idea! :) I'm glad you had such a good time with everyone!

  5. That is so cute. I wish i spent more time with my brother/in-laws.

    Give it up, girl...what'd you yell?

  6. I love this idea! So great. I totally want to do this with my little bros. Especially for the 7 months before I move far away for school!

  7. How sweet!!! That's wonderful that ya'll are so close!!!! :)

  8. That is so fun. I wish I was able to see my sister that often...but thank goodness for Skype I can talk to her even in Africa.

  9. I love this!! Such great pics you and your family are so sweet!!

  10. So fun! My neighbors were talking about how crazy BFG was, with like an hour- 2 hour wait!