Friday, December 11, 2009

Ohh...just get ready for this.

How far along? 18 weeks 6 days...essentially, almost completed 19 weeks and pregnancy and entering the exact HALFWAY point of this pregnancy. Holy cow. Honestly? It feels so weird to say that.

Total weight gain: I think maybe 1lb. You won't believe me when you see this picture though...ha--you.just.wait.

Maternity clothes? I resorted back to the dreaded belly band this week because I only have two pairs of dress pants that are maternity and I'm sick of them already. However, I hate-hate-hate the belly band. Did I say hate? Because I-MEAN-IT. But, to answer the question, yes-maternity jeans. Check. Some maternity work pants. Check. My regular old tops just stretched out. Check. [In other words, I'm not really a fan of the maternity tops quite yet.]

Now, please...bear with me as you look at these pictures. Let's all GASP together now shall we? Because holy freaking crap...where did that come from?!? Just to torture myself because I'm 'that girl'...I did a side by side. I will never call my pre-baby-belly fat again. Ever. Ever. Ever.

[Slight self-consciousness going on this week. I'll be honest. I even found myself frantically google-imaging other pregnant bods at 19/20 weeks.]

Sleep: I really hate to type this out loud for fear of jinxing myself. But...I've had literally some of the best nights sleep of my life this past week. I wake up feeling really refreshed, with a full bladder (but not having gotten up in the middle of the night!), and feeling good. I'll take advantage of this for now, since I'm told this will not last.

Best moment this week: Does last week count? We saw our precious baby on the ultrasound! Baby didn't quite give up the we are back to the drawing board with another ultrasound in exactly one week. I know you're on the edge of your seats.... ;)

Movement: Yes...I feel the baby some but not as much as I'd hoped. From what we gathered on the ultrasound last week, I have an anterior placenta (and before you freak out, it's really NOT a bad thing), but your baby either implants posterior (which is how most do), or anterior. Basically speaking, the placenta for me is in front of the baby-so, feeling movements is harder because there is a placenta th ere that kind of pads the kicks and movement. I'm told that I should feel a lot more between 21-22 weeks. That's the only real downside of the anterior placenta. The baby is fine and dandy...and that's all that matters!

For those of you better body is like the chick on on the right.

Make sense?
[Most doctors won't even tell you if you have an anterior placenta because it is not a big deal, and all falls into place at the end!]

Gender: We'll know for sure in 7 days! Wow. 7 days. [Don't forget to VOTE on the gender poll to the right!]

Labor Signs: Uh. No.

Belly Button in or out? Always had an innie...but it's getting flatter. Declan even said something about the other night, which made me realize it's not in my head.

What I miss: I think it's way too early to say this, which is scary...but, I (don't murder me) kind of miss my pre-baby body already, which was nothing to write home's JUST...that tummy...will never be the same again.

"It's all worth it..."

"It's all worth it..."

Weekly Wisdom: I really don't have any. I have no wisdom. I am new to this pregnancy thing (having only made it to 10 weeks last time), so this is a whole new ball game for me now. I've got nothing, really.

Milestones: Seeing the baby last week. My belly "Popping" in the last week or two. People noticing I'm pregnant rather then just thinking I'm sneaking ice cream. Kids in my class figuring it out, and being SUPER excited about it.


  1. I love the side by side. And yes you really have pooped and it looks great.

    You are lucky with the sleep. My poor SIL hasn't had a good night sleep since week 8 I think and she is due in 12 days...which means even less sleep LOL.

  2. 1- I think you look great! Heck, you even still have a waistline!

    2- I also had an anterior placenta, and really didn't feel anything until 20 plus weeks. Hey, I've heard this may decrease our chances of back labor?!

  3. Aww, loved everything about this and your belly is soooo cute!!!! :)

  4. That has GOT to be a girl belly. I will find a picture of myself at 20 weeks and send it to you and you will realize just how tiny that belly is! :)

  5. EEK I love it!!! So cute. I feel like I still looked oddly lumpy at even 20 weeks, and people still think I'm only about 4 or 5 months even though I'm due in less than 7 weeks (yikes, that's weird to say...) My good friend down here has an anterior placenta too and didn't feel as much, but she is 35 weeks now and feels her in her ribs all the time as well as all the other strange and uncomfy movements that come when there's no more room for baby in there, no worries!! =D

    I think you look great, don't be self-conscious!

  6. An undeniable baby belly!

    I'm with you on hating the belly bands -- I feel like I'm always adjusting my clothes with one on, but I'm not looking like I'm ready for maternity clothes yet.

    I also have an anterior plantenta, which I was kind of bummed about because I want to feel this kid in there! But, I've been told if you hold a flashlight to your belly, the baby will "jump" back to try to get away from the light, which can help with feeling more movement, since it isn't concentrated to the front of your stomach. I'm not far enough to try it yet, but you may give it a try and see if you feel more.

  7. Aww look at the belly! I love these posts :)

  8. You look great!! Love your baby bump!! Cant wait till you post whether it is a boy or girl!

  9. I had an anterier placenta too. I felt his first kick at 20 weeks to the day. I woke up to it and was shocked. After that I felt kicks like crazy and it was 24 weeks when I actually SAW movement. What til that happens, you'll LOVE it!

  10. Looking good! I can't believe you are about at the half-way point. Time flies, I swear!

  11. You look great! We don't have another ultrasound for 3 more weeks and I'm going crazy. I can't wait to hear what you're having, I say girl. :)

  12. I love the side by side comparisons, because I am one of those visual people :) So seeing the anterior pic helped too, thanks lol!

    And I can say, after kids the tummy is never the same. But yes it's all worth it :)

    I love the milestones this week!

  13. ok last time I didn't see a difference... I am seeing it now for sure!! That baby bump is just toooooo cute!!!

  14. wow you are coming along so fast! I love the side by side comparisons. You are adorable!

    ps-I feel like we are closer too being in the same country and all ;)

  15. Seriously, I'm with Gina. That's a teeny belly! An adorable belly though! Cute cute cute!

  16. You do look super cute! The updates are really fun.

  17. Eeek-- you look so adorable!! SO cute how you've "popped". You sure make pregnancy look good! :)