Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Signs of motivation...

So, as I'm in week 19 and well into my 2nd trimester...let's recap on some things, shall we?

*Please note: this is strictly my own view of things. In no, way, shape or form would I want to scare anyone away from this beautiful thing called pregnancy. It is different for each and every woman.*

Some things I've noticed, and would like to take note on:

1. You will think your belly has popped at week 11, 12 or 13 because obviously, to you, who has crazily-documented the entire pregnancy, things have changed. This is true. Your body DOES change especially if you don't carry a lot of weight in your belly area to begin with. BUT--the true popping action really comes later. Say, around, week 17/18. [Again, I realize this is different for everyone...just my personal observances. Is that a word?]

...and to think...I thought this was a belly: (13 weeks)

...when indeed, THIS was really a belly: (18 weeks)

2. When people hear you are dealing with morning sickness issues, they will offer every bit of advice they feel they have for you. What I've figured out is that truly, every body is so different, that the thought of some of what has been mentioned sends my stomach into a queasy bout all over again. It's probably better to just nod and wish for the best for me in the future.

3. On the morning sickness is sincerely (take it from me!) better to think that you will *never* come out of the woods with the whole puking thing. Everyone will say, "You'll feel great at 12 weeks." Then, when you hit 12 weeks and still are throwing up...they'll say, "You should feel great by 14 weeks!"...and then, still again, puking-they will say, "Well, I felt great at 16 weeks! So hopefully you will, too!". By then, you've given up hope that you will even feel better after-baby and may indeed be throwing up every single day plus some because,! [And remember what I was saying about habits yesterday...?!]

[And please, as I type in week 19...I am still tossing my cookies. The last 3 mornings again, anyway. Hey, its better then 4 times a day, right? Please, spare the "oh I'm so sorry's" and all the sweet comments--because I'm so used to it by this point, that's OKAY. My baby is healthy. That's what matters, right?]

4. The extreme need for a nap does go away in the 2nd trimester. There is no definitive line, however when this exhaustion stops...but, at some point in the last few weeks I realized that indeed, I actually could get through a day at school without feeling like I'd die without a nap. Do I still go to bed at like 9:45pm every night? Uh..pretty much. I get a good 8-9.5 hours of sleep every night and its completely necessary.

5. That "motivation" they say comes with the second trimester is true. Again, will sneak up on you. It's not like one day all the sudden you wake up with a bounce in your step, organizing every drawer in your house. It comes in waves. But, its definitely there.

For example, in the first trimester, I had no desire to leave the couch after school. Although, I did, of course. But, I would lay there, nap, flip through the TV, do a little grad-work, and just let my body rest. Now? I'm finding myself ripping out dead trees and plants in my garden in the pouring rain, and making homemade mashed potatoes at dinner (when I always use a box mix, except for Thanksgiving! Me? Diva? Yes!). I do believe that I could count on one hand how many times I made dinner during those first 12 or so weeks of pregnancy.

Progress, people. This is progress.

6. No matter how pregnant you may feel (or think you look)...most people are oblivious to the fact that you are expecting at this time and are too chicken to ask. The thing that stinks many of those people are thinking you just ate too many donuts at the faculty meeting...?

7. One day you can't even imagine beginning to think about your nursery set up or how it would look, etc...and the next day it's possible to have it halfway done. [Honestly-that boost of motivation thing is insane...what kind of drug is the baby feeding me?]

8. Lunch meat will not kill you. Neither will salad bars. When you sometimes crave both, and only that-you will break the doctors rules to get some kind of food in your system.

9. Contrary to popular (my original) do NOT have to gain lots and lots and lots of weight right away. I still can't believe I made it a week away from the halfway point with not a pound to spare...I can just credit the morning sickness diet I'm on. [Serious note: I do NOT ever recommend puking as means to weight loss. I am anti-bulimia. Fer realz. However, you just can't HELP this morning sickness thing. You can't.] I have 20 more weeks to pack on the poundage that I know is inevitable.

10. I have been looking forward to the whole "I LOVE FOOD" stage of pregnancy, and so far, it has not come. In fact, I still eat like a bird, pick at my food, push stuff around, and nibble here and there.

11. Looking forward to a Dr. Pepper a day (at lunch) is NOT a bad thing. Not at all.

The end.


  1. I have to admit I've had the "is she or isn't she pregnant" thought about people I know. You really don't want to ask, but on the other hand, I usually just presume she is and she'll tell us eventually.

  2. "The extreme need for a nap does go away in the 2nd trimester. "

    My question is, when does it go away in non-pregos? Because I am totally waiting for that day.

    Also, glad you're anti-bulimia.

  3. Love this!!! And love walking this journey with you!! :)

  4. I love how you write! I'm pretty sure you could wirte about anything and I would read it. Did that sound too creepy...sorry. LOL just thought you should know.

  5. You are too cute! I love this post :-) I can't wait to go through all of that stuff, honestly! As much as I hate being sick, the thought of growing a human inside of me is so crazy! haha :-)

  6. Haha, Brittany's comment is cracking me up. I love hearing about the whole pregnancy process -- not that i'm hoping to experience it any time soon! :)

  7. As a girl trying to get pregnant, I need to stop reading your blog. I'm trying to forget about all the negatives and you are scaring me!!! :) I'm addicted to your posts though...I'm not going anywhere!

  8. figures by the time you really look pregnant, that's when those people tell you it looks like you're ready to pop.

    why can't they just keep their mouth closed?!

  9. I have to say that Coca-Cola cures all number of pregnancy symptoms for me--heartburn, tiredness, name it! I am RIGHT THERE with you on the one-a-day approach!

  10. Your belly is SO adorable!!!!!! Cute momma!

  11. you're so cute!! I love your baby bump! I can't wait to be a mom someday and I love reading your journey.

  12. I have to say those belly photos look the same to me!! You are the cutest!

    As for tossing your cookies -- I know for a fact I will be suffering from that too one day and just say a little prayer for people that are going through that -- I'm sure it sucks!!

    wishing you the best through the rest of your pregnancy!!

  13. These will undoubtedly come in handy someday when I find myself pregnant. :) I will keep them all stored in the back of my mind and try not to freak out over everything. I also agree with some other commenters... I'm not even close to pregnant and I still crave naps; they're just too much fun to pass up. :)

  14. SO glad the yucky-tired-all-the-time-need-a-nap feeling is going to go away soon! (Hopefully! Ha!)

    Your little belly absolutely does look like it has popped! So cute! :)

    Oh and trust me, I eat the tuna when I feel like it (usually)! Ha! Once it hit the "craving" status, and I realized it was something that didn't make me puke, I was all about the tuna sandwiches! I can only get the tuna I like at costco, so I fully intend to stock up while we are in Oregon at Christmas! ;)

  15. i puked the entire time. all day and night. never ended. until after olivia was born. =(
    i ate pineapples non-stop either raw or right from the can if i couldn't buy a fresh one. anything else made me sick.

    natalie was an easier pregnancy. although i craved frosty's and steak with her. and ate accordingly. lol

    i love your bloggity blogs! and the bump is getting too freaking cute!

  16. So this nursery you have plans in mind? I love hearing nursery stuff.

    #8. Hot dogs won't kill you either. My dr. even said i could eat sushi from good places only, and boy did i, AND i complained about my headaches and she told me to "drink more coffee - 2 cups a day".

    Pretty sure you could agree from my blog my son is super healthy and happy! Enjoy that dr. pepper!

  17. This was so funny! What can I say... I relate to many. :)

  18. All very good things to know! And your bump is super cute- you're taller and longer so you don't look 7 months prego already... I say lucky you!

    Thanks for the fun link over to your blog and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

    s (& j)

  19. I totally agree! I'm 17 weeks now and my husband and I swear that my belly has doubled it's size in the last week. My drink of choice is Diet Pepsi, LOVE IT!

  20. I have a lot more catching up to do, but I love this post. You look great!

  21. just linked over from yhl -

    first, congrats on the new baby!
    second, i love that you wrote that you love reality tv in your intro. i maybe like it a little (in a MAJOR way) and constantly get flack my hubs...

    can't wait to read more!

  22. Love all the belly pics. I hated being pregnant. I wasn't cute. I was swollen and fat and had horrific heartburn for both pregnancies. Some people love it and have the easiest time with it. I hope you get over this morning sickness soon!