Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thankful Thursday: A little bit o' this...

I am thankful for reconnecting with old friends. When you really think there is just no way they'd be in your life again, its amazing when paths cross again.

I'm thankful that you can be encouraging to people without ever realizing it.

I'm thankful for the extra few sneak peeks we've gotten of the baby. I'm thankful that he or she is already practicing modest ways. [Dear Lord, help me raise a teenager. The end.]

I'm very thankful for my job. Although I find myself unhappy at times in this current place--I actually have a good paying job, that allows me to get my Masters degree for free.

I'm so thankful that many of you out there struggling with infertility are getting your beautiful positive pregnancy tests and have a little bean growing inside of you! That makes me squeel with excitement.

I'm so thankful that food is not so much the devil anymore. I kind of like it...

I'm thankful that I haven't packed on major poundage yet, and just pray in advance that somehow, someway...I can ease on the weight, gracefully. Is that even possible?

I'm thankful for my new aluminum water bottle, for whom is responsible for me drinking more agua these days. [I have a really weird habit..or whatever...but I *need* to drink my water out of something fun, cute, etc...or else I kind of despise water.]

I'm thankful for those little pop-in-the-microwave soft pretzels, for without them, I wouldn't have eaten lunch at all this week. [Is that even considered lunch?]

I'm thankful for my husband who makes me laugh and smile, and for moments that I catch him in perma-smiles over the baby and the thought of being a Dad. He always asks if I think he'll make a good Dad-and the answer is "OF COURSE". If you know him, you wouldn't think any less. But, its so sweet none-the-less.

I'm thankful for the new readers I've gotten lately. If you care to make yourself known, I'd love to know more about you. So go ahead and leave me a comment telling me how you landed here, in this odd, odd place.

I'm thankful for the sun coming out today. I was SO.OVER. the rain.

...and selfishly...I'm SO thankful tomorrow is FRIDAY!


  1. Hi! New reader here. My name's Tara. My blog is The Life of a Newlywife. I am a follower of Almost There and was checking out people's ornaments that they got on Justine's ornament swap. Read a few of your posts that way and became a follower! Congrats on the pregnancy.

  2. What a great list Katie - So sweet that your hubs is so in love with yalls baby :) Yes, he will make an AMAZING daddy!

  3. I'm thankful that I just stuffed a very large brownie in my face or else I'd have to run out and get some of those pretzels ASAP! Gotta love pregnancy cravings right. :)

  4. Those soft pretzels are my favorite! They have a few grams of protein...and if you eat them with cheese, even a few more. Soooo, they are healthy. At least that's what I tell myself!!

    I am going to do a Thankful Thursday post later but it'll have to be later because I'm waiting on something and I don't want to jinx myself!

    And the fact that some of your friends are getting positive tests is super exciting. Maybe you are contagious and this will be my month! ;)

  5. What a lovely post! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Hi! I'm another new reader. I found your blog through Justine's blog. I was reading all the others that posted about their ornaments. The link to my blog is in my profile. I hope you get to find out what you're having soon! My cousin isn't going to find out and it's killing me! I'm going to her in depth sonogram tomorrow and I hope to see something!

  7. ooohm cute agua = TERVIS. TUMBLER. they come in monograms!!!

  8. I have been totally addicted to soft pretzels with that nasty cheese from Target this entire pregnancy :)

    I just keep telling myself that if I'm craving it, I must be lacking in some vitamin or mineral that can only be found in that crazy neon cheese, lol ;)

  9. I love the list! Are you finally morning sickness free??

    BTW- your tips that you gave me really helped. I'm sure you know what I'm referencing!

    You may have just changed my life.

    I'm a new reader, and made my way over from Meredith's blog. I don't remember when, or why, I clicked over here, but I've been reading for about a week or two. Congrats on the baby!

  11. Hey! I've actually been blog stalking you for about a month now (SHH!). I don't think I've ever commented but here I am now...I'm so excited for you with a baby on the way and all!