Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thanking the Brittany's....

This past week I received the Happy 101 blogger award...[which is totally cute, I might add] from the dear Brittany's. Both Brittany Ann and Brittany at ASAP graced me with this cuteness this week.

So here I am, reporting for duty--and, well, thanking them. Thanks, girls!

Now, lucky have to listen to me tell you about 10 things that make me do the happy dance.*

1. Getting positive pregnancy tests.
I know...I know. But, honestly--the both times it happened (for the first time)...I literally JUMPED AROUND THE HOUSE for, like, hours. It makes me really, pee-your-pants happy.

2. Summer Vacation and Snow Days.
Consider me a kid...whatever. But, I literally check off the days till summer vacation, and I am super giddy about it and oh so ready for a break by that point. Also? Nothing better then an good old fashioned snow day. I love me some stay-at-home-snow.

3. Knowing I'm helping a cause.
We like to give when things come up. We like to support missionaries and short term trips. We feel blessed and honored when we can give to these things. And honestly? I'm the girl who *NEVER* says no when the cashier says, "Would you like to donate a dollar to ___"...because, IT'S A DOLLAR! You'll go spend that in 20 seconds elsewhere and trust me, you won't miss it. Even today, Charlotte Russe was doing it for St. Judes.

4. Nights at home with my husband.
We like to go out...we do. But, overall we are home-bodies. We love to cuddle up under one of our bajillion microfleece blankets, crank the heat up, and watch our tv shows together. Honestly...I just love nights like this.

5. Tackling a project
Declan and I are really big into taking care of what we have. So, even though this home we're in is hopefully not going to be our "forever home" (as we call it), we like to make it the best while we're in it. So, we are always finding things to do, re-doing rooms, painting, gardening, etc. Our theory is, be a good steward of what you have now. This way, God can entrust you with more later.

6. When a lesson turns out really, really good.
I think every teacher does a happy dance when they try a new lesson and it turns out SO good. For me, this just thrills me to no end.

7. Clothing that makes me feel good.
Pathetic, but true. I like to feel good in what I'm wearing. I love to shop for clothes, but have not shopped the way pre-marriage that I do post-marriage. Now that someone else checks out the bank statements, I triple-think everything I buy. Which, is a good thing. (I guess.)

8. Writing right here, almost every day.
Enough said.

9. My family...on both sides.
They can drive us both mad at times...but ultimately, we have the best times with them and life just would NOT be the same if we didn't have our families to share them with.

10. The babe-in-the-womb.
The prepping, the thinking, the touching the belly, the "when the baby comes" talk..all of it....truly does make me feel happy and blessed.

*In no particular order

Now lets give this baby out...(and hopefully I won't repeat..but its so hard to keep track!):

To the dear Jenna, a friend from high school who has really took to blogging (and I look forward to her posts!)

To Mrs. SassyTimes for being so cute and pregnant at 25 weeks with her 2nd little girl-and causing me to long for a body like hers.

To my college friend Katy, who just recently started blogging...and already loving reading her posts.

To the Windy City Kelley's-another new blog friend who found me, and I'm glad she did! (Shes cute and pregnant, too!)

....that's all for now :)


  1. I do that same happy dance for a successful lesson plan!

    And amen for home bodies!

  2. Yay for perfect lesson plans and snow days!

  3. Thanks for the award. You are too cute!

  4. aw thanks katie! I away this weekend so I didn't see this till now, but I will definitely be posting asap!

  5. Thanks girlie, I'll have to think of some good things for this!