Friday, December 18, 2009

This is a two-post kind of day... :)

But, for very, very good reason.

It's gender-reveal day!
*I hope. I hope. I hope baby cooperates!*

So, seriously...I had a hard time sleeping last night because I'm just so excited. In fact, I dreamed many-a-weird gender reveal dreams last night. All three of them had the same gender result...the one I've been guessing all along. All three of them were revealed in really odd ways (like, my old pastor announcing it to the mall--and the result was on the back of a piece of juicy fruit gum. For real.)

I'm just so excited...I love seeing the baby in there dancing around, happy as can be. I love, love, love the "reality" of the ultrasound.

It's really happening.

It's in there.

It's "alive!".

It's not just a fruit reference in some baby book.

I love it.

So, this post is just a reminder to say a quick prayer, think good thoughts, and cross your fingers and toes around 1pm EST that the little one isn't so modest this afternoon and flashes the goods our way.

Oh, and OF course I'll be sharing the news with you all. How could I not? You've been a huge support to me through all this.


So, expect a post sometime this afternoon/evening to find out if we're team Edward, or Team Jacob ....oops....I mean, Team Pink or Team Blue.

I can't wait to find out if my all-along motherly intuition was right. [Or, if I'll have my first motherly intuation FAIL. haha.]

Until later....


  1. Can't wait to hear the good pink or blue news!!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. hahah love the reveal dreams. cant wait to find out!

  3. Good luck this afternoon! Can't wait to hear!

  4. Good luck, fingers crossed. I voted girl in the poll!!

  5. Oh so much fun...looking forward to the great news!!!

  6. Aunt Lyryn is team pink! Can't wait to hear love!!!

  7. Aunt Lyryn is team pink! Can't wait to hear love!!!

  8. Sooooo excited for you, Katie!! You are going to be such a wonderful mommy...I can't wait to "meet" your little one!

    P.S. I'm guessing boy.

  9. Best of Luck!! Can't wait to hear!

  10. Here's hoping your mother's intuition is better than mine, lol!

  11. Good luck!! :) I can't wait to hear all of the exciting news!

  12. I can't wait for you to share the news!! I voted girl in the poll!

  13. woohoo!!! This is fun!
    It's 2:47 EST .... wonder if ya know?!

    I had some crazy dreams before I found out with both boys...always entertaining!

  14. Good luck! I say it's a girl - but I'm typically wrong with this kind of stuff.

  15. Can't wait to hear the news! Hope your intuition is the first of many that is spot on! :)

  16. I keep checking back waiting for the update! So excited!

  17. I keep checking to find out the pink or blue news! Can't wait :)