Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The watch that saved Christmas

I thought I was being casual, as we were sitting on the couch watching the Food Network Challenge Sunday evening (don't laugh, we're cool like that). I started fumbling with Declan's watch on his know, nonchalantly.

What was I actually doing, you ask?

Honestly? I was trying to get a feel for the size and thickness of his watch, you see if the one I had gotten him for Christmas would meet his watch needs.

[Little side note about Christmas giving between Declan and I: A few years ago we decided on a new tradition. Since we have large families on both sides that we buy for every year, which tends to be a lot of money...we knew we needed to cut back somewhere. Declan and I tend to make a big deal about birthdays and our anniversary, so, "cutting back" on eachother is really no big deal. We started the tradition of "Anything that can fit in a stocking" and under
(or around, hehe) the price of $100 for everything. So, the great part about all of this is...we end up with really neat things to open, and lots of them-because, the goal is to fill the stocking. It's become an enjoyable tradition for us.]

But then...he did it. He crossed that invisible line and instead of keeping his cute little mouth shut, he said it. Loud and clear. There was no denying it.

"Babe! Did you get me a watch for Christmas!!??"

The look of panic/"oh crap, you found out!" came upon my face immediately.

I couldn't come up with something clever fast enough.

So, I stared at the TV and said, "No...."

But then I blurted out: "Yes. I did! It's a pretty nice watch. I think you'll like it. I hope you'll like it...."

I mean...I didn't even try to lie. Err, I did try, but it was too obvious. Why else would I be fumbling with his watch anyway while glancing over trying to sneak a peek to see if I'd made the right choice. The dumb, non-investigator side of me really showed in that moment.

I pleaded to him to let me show him the watch.

Because, what if he didn't like it...and what if it's too late to return it after Christmas and what if, what if, what if...?!

I finally just ran upstairs and came down with the cute little Fossil Happy Holly-day's box.

"Here you go. Merry Christmas." I muttered.

While he was opening it, I knew it wasn't right. The face of it was too small. The clasp was all wrong. Dang it, dang it, dang it. Watch buying FAIL. Right there.

When he got the watch out and gave it a good was, indeed, just overall too small. The clasp has that little extra safety thing on it, which he hates because it requires longer fingernails, which he just doesn't have much of.

He was so nice about it, though. [But honestly? When is he not nice?] He didn't want me to feel bad about the watch-buying fail. He told me how much it means to him that I picked it out and wanted to get him a new, nice looking watch.

I threw myself a little pity party and moaned about how sucky I am at picking out watches. He felt guilty for even blurting out the whole "did you get me a watch" thing in the first place.

But, you know what?

I'm glad he did.

Because I couldn't lie.

Which now causes him to have to avoid a big Christmas day lie. (Aka: "Oh babe! I just love it!" While I make him prance around in it all day and we're out $70 on something he loathes.)

In the keeps us all happy and free of lies. Right?

So, the watch will be returned this afternoon...and will go back into that glass cabinet for another sorry wife trying to pick out the not so perfect watch for her man.

Her man will be unhappy on Christmas day.

Mine will not.

Because, two completely
non-watch related gifts were ordered online in it's place today, that hopefully, cannot.go.wrong.


  1. My husband keeps guessing his gift, too, but I'm lying lying lying because I know he'll like it, and I'm just so mad he ruined the surprise!

  2. Girl, you got to fail before you win??? right??? haha!!! :)

  3. You are too funny.

    I don't even have any gifts ordered or purchased for Justin (we also do the stocking thing)'s going to be a mad scramble after I get paid!

  4. I have got to post about B and his ruining-my-gift-idea every single holiday. Glad everything worked out with your gifts!

  5. Haha - Oh geez. A) Bret won't guess at his gifts because he loves surprises B) I cannot keep them secret though because I want him to know as soon as I buy something. I suck at Christmas.

  6. Haha, at least you figured it out before the big day! I always figure out what people are getting me for any holiday, and I don't try! I hate knowing, but somehow I figure it out! But I usually don't tell anyone that I know. I know what my parents got me this year. They got it all on their own, I didn't tell them that I wanted it, but as soon as I knew that they got me something, I instantly knew what it was!

  7. Michael guessed one time on me as well. I was upset mostly because it was the only thing I was giving him. I wanted to surprise him! Looks like it worked out in your case though. It's so nervewracking to pick out something when your not sure!

    PS sorry about the duck pic lol.

  8. My husband is the same way - so particular! I always have to check his Amazon wish list to make sure I'm getting just the right thing.

    But now you know he won't have to lie to you on Christmas morning! That's the worst.

  9. Hahahaha, love that story!! Boys! :)

  10. hahah, I too bought my hubby a watch, but one that he picked out months ago and never bought for himself!! Watches are hard to buy for men. :)

  11. hahah im the worst gift giver bc im usually too excited and give the secrets away. i hate secrets.

  12. Can I just tell you that over the weekend I FINALLY had an idea of what to buy my hubby (he is HORRIBLE at letting me know). I went and bought it on Friday night all excited because it was the perfect gift. But, when we went to Macy's to do other shopping he saw the what I got him (an air pop popcorn maker) and wanted to buy it. I tried to talk him out of it, but he wasn't having it so I had to tell him I had already gotten him one for Christmas. Grrrrr. At least I know that I picked out a good gift!

  13. Lol awwww how sweet! Its the thought that counts =) I am the worst @ keeping presents secrets! I always end up blurting it out! haha & I SUCK at lying =D