Saturday, December 19, 2009

What to do when it snows....


I mean, a lot-a lot.

Like, so far well over 12 inches and more to come all night long.

Since our dinner-theater plans were canceled tonight because this preggo doesn't want to risk it and neither do all of Declan's family...we're stuck inside.

We've been. All day. [Well, I've been. Declan worked this morning, and got home safely. Thank God.]

Since Declan has been home at 2pm, he's had to shovel the driveway about 4 different times to keep on top of it. His poor, achey back. Our driveway is not HUGE, but longer then two car's length--and he's doing it himself so me and our "daughter" (haha, I LOVE THIS.) can stay healthy and warm inside.

Isn't he sweet?

So, I started making cookies...and then he came in and helped me decorate them. We had a good time, and well...the cookies are...interesting.

Skills, I tell ya.

Made quite a mess...These are Declan's two favorites. The one on the left he says is his Dad, with a leg injury..and it's bleeding. Nice, huh? The one on right is a Gingerbread Man with "pants". See? Creativity runs rampid in this household.

By the being in pictures today was not an option, considering I haven't gotten out of the clothes I woke up in this morning. This has never...ever...happened. I swear. I'm so not like that.

Now we're off to wrap presents, make presents (yea, you heard me), and enjoy this blustery weather from the windows only, that is, until Declan goes to shovel for a 5th time. :)

Stay warm!


  1. You are talented.. sweet cookie maker :)

  2. Send some of that snow my way!!

    PS I'm so excited for you to know the gender now!! Little girls are so fun to buy for!!! :)

  3. oh boy! We had 17 inches when I last measured but that was around noon and it is still snowing hard, when I was out shoveling earlier we had at least 2 feet...this kind of weather is only wonderful when you don't have to go anywhere! We had tickets to see Radio City Christmas Spectacular and Christmas with my grandparents today, needless to say that was postponed! Stay warm and CONGRATULATIONS ON THE LITTLE GIRL! That's what I had selected in the poll and I am so excited for you!!!!!!

  4. Glad you're living up the snow day!

    And tell Declan, Nice pants on that ginger breadman!

  5. I just saw the news and for my town, they said that we have 19 inches. I need to go back outside with my trusty measuring stick (can you tell that I’m bored?). I also didn’t get out of my pj’s today either.

    The cookies look delicious! I’m glad you were productive today, because I feel like I’ve done squat. I have got to start my present wrapping.

  6. I love pj days...although I rarely do that either. Love the cookies. They look deeelish!