Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Prayer Answered

Well, I got my prayer answered from my last post. I woke up to a winter (icy) wonderland this morning at 7am and even overslept the phone call I was so anticipating that came at 5:04am. Luckily, the automated thingy majig left a voicemail:

School is Closed for Today

Hip, hip, hooray! Fireworks are going off, kids are shrieking all over the state(s) with glee that they can play in the icy muck all day instead of sit at desks and learn....teachers are smiling from ear to ear because god knows the next few months are long and hard, and (GASP) there are hardly ANY days off! So, it was a much needed break for all. Although we will be taking a day off of our Easter Break now because of this day, and right now, in this moment I'm all like phssshhhh who cares. However, talk to me in April as I'm sure to be upset about it then.

The scene around the house today is this:

Finally, the dishes are done in the kitchen. The whole unload of the dishwasher (which I hate so much, who seconds this?) happened and then the re-load. My car-less driveway (oh yea, Declan decided to drive mine to work today, leaving me stranded!) has been shoveled by yours truly. Let me just say, wow....that was a workout. The 3 inches of snow covered with a layer of ice really made for some HEAVY lifting. Ow. My back will thank me later. A half eaten pancake sits beside me. Why did I make that calorie infested thing anyway? The kitchen smells like Dunkin Donuts coffee...and I am sipping away...quite possibly one of my favorite parts of the day thus far. My pillows are straightened on my couch, and my blankets are folded nicely. WHY does this make me feel good for some reason? I am so weird. A neat couch makes me feel alright. Our bed is made. I have a mental thing about that long as I'm at work that day, I really don't care if the bed is made. When I'm home, it better be made or else I'll go insane. Wow, somehow typing that just made me feel even more insane. The dog. OH that little mongruel. He has entered his terrible-two's. But thank HEAVENS he is sleeping on top of the couch at the moment, or, gazing out the window so intently that he's not moving at all. More on the terrible two's thing later...but we will be looking into some puppy obedience classes, I guarantee it. Oh, that dreaded laundry. It has been started, and one load has been washed, and one is in the dryer. The dryer just buzzed, which means the folding frenzy begins. My favorite (note: sarcasm). Does anyone else dread laundry as much as me? Maybe I am just not cut out for this domestic diva deliciousness. I must not be. I dread house chores, but feel so amazing when they're done. And as for me? Well, I am just a disheveled mess, and I'm sure I scared my neighbors with my super sweet outfit that I shoveled in this morning.

Cheers to snow days.

Look for some updates later on my art blog.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I want to write so bad. I have so many things I want to write about. I have a lot of updates for my art blog. Yet, I feel like my time is inching away from me. This afternoon after school has turned into a shopping for presents day, an unexpected bath time for Mac (thanks for pooping all over yourself buddy), one of those days where dishes are all over and totally out of control...not to mention trying to stay on top of my class, bake brownies for Young Married group tonight...and the list goes on and on. All I can seriously ask and pray for right now is a snow day tomorrow. The mounds of laundry that we literally forgot (no, seriously) to do this weekend NEEDS_TO_GET_DONE....I need to edit a video for class...clean up my those stinkin' dishes...BLOG for heavens sake...and just feel on top of things again. I hate that 3 feet under feeling I am currently experiencing.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Funny Kid Comment of the Day

My last class...1st grade. I had just done a very cute little snowman lesson with a red glitter heart with the kids (a favor for the music teacher)...and I was sitting by the drying rack putting their runny gluey snowmen on. I was sitting because my drying rack starts at the floor and goes up, but it hurts my back to bend that low 6 million times a day. I was actually on my roll-ey chair, so I was right at the kids eye level as they were turning in their projects.

One girl who tends to always have a liking for me, giving hugs and shouting my name in the hallway (way too often and sometimes out of line) came up to put her snowmen on the rack. She looked me square in the eye and said, "I really like your face....and your earrings."

I said, "My face?" (thinking she didn't mean to say that)

She replied, "Yea. It's nice to look at. Do you wear makeup? It looks to me like you put that stuff that comes in an orange bottle with that spikey stick in it on your eyebrows (as she's pointing to her eyelashes)."

I said, "
Oh yes....Mascara. It goes on your eyelashes. I wear it."

She goes, "I've gotta get me some of that stuff."

so cute.

Monday, January 19, 2009


My 2 year old niece, Kyra has this really sweet little connection with her Uncle Declan, or as Kyra puts it..."Duck". When he walks into a room, all eyes (at least Kyra's eyes) are on him. She grins from ear to ear and waits for Uncle Declan to tickle her, or chase her around...or heck, just give her the "eyes". Declan has been known to charm the ladies now and again. During the NFC Championship game yesterday, the whole family watched at Jim and Kesh's house. When Uncle Declan went to the bathroom, Kyra stood there, puzzled...and said, "Where's Duck?" While the game was being played, and Uncle Declan was watching intently, Kyra decided to jump on his back, or lean there for a while and hang out while he was watching. Every now and again he would pick her up and spin her around getting giggles and druel on the back of neck (fun, fun!). Kyra loved it, and it's plain to see that she really does like her Uncle "DUCK".

(Although, it was really hard to get her to look at the camera and show some enthusiasm!)

Window Gazer

My puppy loves to gaze out the window. In fact, I should actually say he likes to gaze out the door. In our house our kitchen and living room are on the 2nd floor, and the kitchen is where we have a glass sliding door. This is Mac's favorite spot. It's a nice clear, high up view for him to look out...currently no deck is working out to his advantage, as that would be an obstruction to his viewing pleasure. In fact, as I'm typing this at the kitchen table, he is right here behind me staring out the window...just gazing. I have vertical blinds on this door and he just loves to rummage his little head right through them and find the best spot to look. It is so darn cute to see his little bottom sticking out from the vertical blinds, and his nose plastered against the glass. You see, our neighborhood is in construction mode, and even as I type, the snow is falling, and right behind our house a team of 15 some people are working away-in fact, today...they are putting up siding on the homes behind us. So, this is something extra fun for Mac to watch as the men get on these very wiggly looking platforms and nail the siding up. I snapped a few pictures today while he was being oh so darling. You will see that my sweetie is freshly groomed, and I have Petsmart to thank for that.And strictly for your viewing pleasure, not related to this is a picture of his face. I love when you can see their eyes again! Oh groomer, I thank thee.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

30 credits to go

Two days ago I started another new phase in my life...a phase I had wished I was done with in 2007, but knew that was impossible with my career. I'm a student again. Didn't I go to college so I could be the teacher? But, thanks to all the new teachers have to be students...for the rest of our career. Actually, I shouldn't complain. There is something to be said about continually learning. Life is a process of continually learning. As much as I was dreading starting my Masters degree...I have to say, I don't think it will be that bad. In fact, I'm determined to look at it as a blessing, and a new challenge. First of all, my classes are online. I get to receive my degree from the comfort of my couch, how awesome! Secondly, it's kind of fun to be back onto deadlines and due dates. I've always handled all that pretty I'm not afraid of the tasks. Third, I am so incredibly blessed to be able to achieve my degree for free. My district is one of those that reimburses 100%. So, for the next two years I'll be working on this, and although I'm sure it will be a nuisance at times...overall, I'm more excited about it then I was two days ago. I'm officially a student again.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Funny Kid Comment of the Day

I wore this necklace today:

I had just lined up a 2nd grade class and was standing at the door. The girl who was the line leader was right under my nose. I looked down at her and she said, "I like your necklace!"

I said "Thank you!"

and she goes (and here's the kicker)....

"Those are some BIG BALLS!"

I said, "Yep, they are big balls." I chuckled inside. They left, and I ran to the library (next door) to tell my co-workers...and we laughed out loud, and it was good.

The best part is, they really don't flinch when they say things like that and none of the others do either, but our adult minds definitely do. Ahh, the innocence of a kid.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


When I was a kid, I remember hearing my teachers talk about full moons. They’d say something like, “Must be a full moon tonight!”. I probably thought to my young, na├»ve self that they were just interested in the solar system, and things of that nature. But, in the last few years, I've learned- it is teacher code. It is teacher code for hold your hats, they are out of control, loud-as-ever, crazy as can be, and your room will look like a tornado when they leave kind of day. It has truly been that kind of day. Last night, on the way out of the car after being out…I saw the bright, bold, round as ever moon. I said to Declan, “Oh man…full moon, tomorrow should be just awesome” (with all sorts of sarcasm). Well, it is most definitely true. Full moon's bring out the beasts…I mean, wolves...errr...students. They had their claws out. So did I.

I should start by saying that my morning was fairly calm, but…I’m giving the kids the benefit of the doubt that they were just sleepy. The afternoon is when my head started spinning by the pure presence of their insane energy. With each class it just seemed to get worse. I even heard one teacher in passing say, “It’s totally a full moon day”. I said, “I am feeling that too!”. The kids were all just a little ‘off’. My normally sparkly clean room was a nightmare. No “clean-ups” went very well today. I have torn paper EVERYWHERE, glue caked on tables, a messy board, and a materials table that looks like it threw up. What gives?

It was one of those days when I felt the stress up to my eyeballs. When that one girl would not shut-up and just kept throwing out commands as if she were the teacher. When it seems like they are SHOUTING at the top of their lungs in what they think is normal conversation. When I start to talk, and no one quiets down. This is not the norm, but on a full moon is, and it was. My patience had run out, just as the last class came in. They entered noisy. That irked me already.

We got started.

The noise rose.

and rose.

and rose.

Then I did it. That thing...that teachers used to do when the class got too loud. Yea, I went there. For the first time in my teaching career, I went old school.

I shut the lights off.


I gave them the the whole, "This is not gonna fly speech, and this is not how we act in 1st grade." (don't laugh)

Lights back on.

They shook their heads in agreement. They went to town gluing their little torn pieces of paper to their owls for the rest of the class, and I literally heard nothing. It was INSANE. I had to pinch myself a few times, but the kids were really there...being quiet, gluing away, in utter peace and quiet.

No WONDER teachers use the lights. IT works, it really works! I left the day feeling much more at peace, and for that, I'm pretty grateful.

I guess I'll never stop learning teacher-secrets.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Confession of a 23 year old gal

I love my co-workers, I really do. I work with some really funny guys...other specials teachers, like myself. Whenever they think somethings wrong with me...they ask, and normally, nothing really is wrong, I'm usually just tired, and I tell them. They have no compassion whatsoever and usually make some kind of joke like the smallest violin in the world, or cry me a river, wait till you have kids. That's always the clincher. Always.

In fact, they borderline make fun of the day I will come in and announce a pregnancy. They are always like, "You just wait!", or "Your life is OVER!" or "You've never experienced tired until you have kids!" One of the guys always says, "I just can't wait until the day you come in and tell me you're pregnant, I'm just gonna lauuuughhhh". Gee, thanks.

I truly believe I am not living in la-la land about what kind of responsibility children bring. I am a very realistic person. I did not go into marriage expecting a fairy tale, and will most definitely not go into having children thinking its all peaches and cream. In fact, what keeps me from having children right now is that I'm enjoying living this way, and so is my husband. Also, we are trying to be smart financially first. Our life is at the point where we can live more selfishly then a couple with children. It should be this way, we haven't been married for even 2 years yet. This is priceless time that I get, I should enjoy it-right?

With all this said...I have to be honest. If tomorrow I found out I was (oopsie!) pregnant, I would be happy and glowing and thrilled to death. My deepest desire is to be a mom, and although I don't ooze that to the outside world, its the truth. The other day I told Declan that I can't wait for the day when we're trying. You know...the day the little 4-week packs go in the trash....the day when I know it would be okay to get my eggo preggo. The day when he's shootin' to score. That time, I cannot wait for. I also dream about the pregnancy experience, literally..I dream about it often. Besides all the weight gain, and weirdness of your skin and beautiful is it that something is growing inside you perfectly made and a mesh of both you and the one you love the most? I think that's incredible.

So, although I may not come across as the most nurturing, can't-wait-to-be-a-mommy, compassionate and self-less kind of gal...I am admitting that at heart, it's who I am. I know my time will come and it's not now. I know that when its that time, it will be exciting. As my husband sweetly reminded me the other day, I don't need to rush. Good things come in time. I also have to remember that I do have it good, even now.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


You are the sweetest man
I am so blessed to love you
When God brought you into this world
He must have been thinking about me too :)
You are my sunshine in my day
You show me true agape love
I trust you with all my heart
and I love you with every ounce of me

Happy Birthday, Baby. Hope its awesome.

Friday, January 2, 2009

"One can't complain. I have my friends. Someone spoke to me only yesterday." - Eeyore

I am on my last official day of Christmas break...and I am in shock (I don't count the weekends...because they are a given). Where did it go? Well....I could say that I had a super eventful break, because that would definitely be a true statement. But one thing I can't say is that I got a lot of rest, or relaxation. That just ain't true, ain't true at all. I did get to spend some amazing time with my family and friends...and heck, even do a mural job! I am impressed with my packing-in-everything-over-the-break skills, at least. Here are all the events I've done, or been to...or heck, even hosted.

Christmas-eve-Eve party at my house
Christmas Eve Day gathering at my Aunt Pegs house
Christmas Eve at my in-laws, dinner, church and gift opening
Christmas Day with my family
Christmas Afternoon with my Grandparents
Rehearsal Dinner for Brent and Taras wedding (Dec. 26)/Nails earlier in that day
Brent and Taras Wedding (an all day affair, Dec 27)
Family Christmas with Declan's side (extended family...December 28)
Mural for friends baby room (December 29)
All day shopping trip to the outlets with Kesh and the girls, and Sue (December 30)
Shopping and prep for New Years Day Gathering, Brent and Tara's apartment for family dinner, and New Years Eve Party (December 31)
New Years Day Family Gathering at my house (January 1)

Today, it is January 2. I don't want to do anything. However, I will probably go out, do some errands and things I've avoided while trying to do all of the above, because I still feel behind.

By not having barely a minute of downtime during my break, I have managed to still enjoy it, soak in all the time with my family that I don't normally get...and appreciate that I actually have things to do versus not at all. Right?

So, I'll leave you with this photo, of the Eeyore Mural I did on Monday. Ta-Ta for now.