Tuesday, February 24, 2009

When Daddy gets home...

Because of my lovely job as a teacher, I am always home by 4 in the afternoon. I get home, let Mac out, and I do whatever needs to be done-whether it prepare dinner, clean up, laundry, master's work, watch Oprah, check email, etc...

Mac hangs out with me, playing around with chew toys and bones.

Every night though, around a certain time...we wait for Mac's Daddy (haha, Mac Daddy!), and my hubby to get home so we can start the evening festivities of dinner, catch-up time, tv time, and play with Mac time. He is normally sitting on the couch behind me on his "perch"....we hear the sound of the key in the door...and it opens. Mac perks up, gets SUPER excited because OH my gosh, daddy is home (who always plays tug-o-war with him)! He doesn't run down the steps to greet him, no. He runs to the top of the steps and every-single-day he crouches down, gets really low....and Declan creeps up to meet him. Mac immediately rolls to his back for a belly scratch. Every-single-day. It is so cute. I can imagine the excitement of "daddy coming home" only gets better when it's your children waiting for him. But, for now...this has me tickled.

So yesterday, I ran over to catch the moment...

Monday, February 23, 2009

I swear

I was driving to school the other day...
a friday actually...
and i go a new back way
I turned and looked to my left.
I took a double take...
There was a field full of white...geese? ducks? swans?!?!
What the heck were these birds?
Why were there so many?
I stopped on the road (but looked behind me one coming!)
and got out my iPhone
Had i been thinking i would have grabbed my digital camera
where there is a zoom
instead, now you have to just believe me
that those little white things are hundreds of...
I swear.

Friday, February 20, 2009


I usually don't like the movie theater too much. I'd rather watch from the comfort of my home and enjoy it while cuddled up in a blankie with my hubby. However, lately I have seen some really amazing movies in the theater. I feel so strongly about them (wow, that sounds weird), that I tend to tell almost everyone I see to, "GO SEE THIS MOVIE!"

So, here are my three new favs out at the moment.

Slum-dog Millionaire:
The story of a poor, orphaned boy in India who gets on the show "Who wants to be a Millionaire" and wins the 20 million rupees (this is in the previews!). He gets questioned as to how he knows this, and his life is literally a devine line-up of events that give him the knowledge to win the show. Amazing, awesome, and still in the theaters since November! If that tells ya something...

He's just not that into You:
Plain funny, for the ordinary girl (or guy) to watch and enjoy, and laugh and say, "Yea, that totally happened to me before". A really great movie, although there were some tough spots and things to watch regarding affairs. I don't like watching that on screen.

Gran Torino:
Ahhhhhhhh! I LOVED THIS. If you can handle some crude language because of the culture of the story-line (and gangs), it is DEFINITELY worth it. Clint Eastwood tears this one up. He finds an unexpected friendship with a culture of people he hated. W-O-W is all I have to say.


May I add, that two of the three of those movies are ones I would normally not ever want to see. I am not that type of flick watcher. I tend to go for the girlie movies almost 99% of the time. But, if I even loved Slum-Dog and Gran Torino, you will too.

Do yourself a favor, see them. At some point in your life...even if its when they come out on DVD. Although, thats too long in my opinion ;)

Happy weekend.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Here's to you, friends.

I was challenged by Lyryn's blog to write to the closest people in your life about why you love them. So, here it goes.

You know me so well, and I love you for that. I love that you always love the things about me that I don't usually makes me feel loved in all the right ways. I love your passion for life and living, and being with me in an honest and caring relationship. I love that you're my best friend, and have been for more then 7 years.

Susan: You are the worlds best sister, and I mean that. I love spending time with you doing random adventures and shopping trips. You have a heart of gold and you let the Lord guide you through your life in such a beautiful and eloquent way. I envy that in you. I love you to pieces.

Mom and Dad: I know I always have your support, and that brings so much peace. I love, love, love having dinner with you and catching up with life. You have given me such a great upbringing that has made me the person I am today. I love being your daughter and having such great role models.

Lyryn: My other sister...You have such amazing talents. I am so proud of you for exploring them on a deeper level. You are such a strong woman, and such a loving mother to Jayden. You're a soul searcher. I love that about you. We didn't need a marriage to make us sisters :)

Kesh: I love you, Jim and the girls so much. I have really enjoyed getting our little families together (mine consisting of Mac-boy) for play dates. I cherish the time I spend with you all. You have a natural mothering and I hope that someday I can be like that. You are raising the sweetest little ladies, and I'm so proud to be in their lives, too.

Kristin: I have the world's best mother in law. You have always been incredibly interested in my life and the path it takes. I love talking to you and just hanging out. You have the ability to make anyone laugh (even yourself!) and I really enjoy that about you. You're just so full of life. You and Attila are the best.

My little Wit: I miss you when you aren't around. I love that we've gotten closer in the last few years. When we were younger, we could have killed each other ;) I think you have become such an awesome guy. I am really, genuinely proud of who you are and have chosen to be. Don't ever forget who you are. I love you buddy.

Tara: I am so glad that Brent found you. I have a lot of sisters already, but you were a great addition :) I love that you are so encouraging and friendly. You have a bright, sweet spirit and I appreciate that about you.

Jennie: You are my far-away-friend, but my close-to-heart friend. It's amazing to me how we can be hours apart but I always feel so connected to you. You care enough about me to call and ask about the things in my life, and vice versa. You have shown me what real friendship is, and I'm not sure you realized you did. You are so amazing, and I am honored to stand with you on your wedding day this summer.

Friday, February 13, 2009

True Beauty

Does anyone watch that show? I know it may seem like a waste of your life, but believe it or not I do find it somewhat entertaining, and so does my husband. It's part of our Monday night line-up, and for some reason we love it. We sit and laugh at the awfulness of the inner beauty of these 'beauties', and often end up in shock because of the things they say and do. It does cause me to reflect, too. Wow, I need to be more beautiful on the inside (although, why didn't I score the outer beauty like those people?!?)

Today was Valentines Day at school. Since tomorrow is a Saturday all the festivities and celebrations were today, naturally. That being said, internally I had hoped Declan would send me flowers today, because everyone knows half the fun is getting them delivered to your workplace, even though it's not truly Valentines Day. I had not dropped ANY hints about this at all, hoping he would just figure it out telepathically or something.

I had received an email at school about mid-way through the morning from my sister-in-law, Lyryn and she had told me her hubby had just delivered flowers to work for her. I was happy for her, but then my ugly inside came out. In my head I started to think, Man...she's lucky. Why hadn't my husband pulled through on the flower thing? So instead of keeping that to myself I sent my husband a short little email....

Lyryn just got flowers at work today!!! Jesse knows how this works." (regarding the 'send to work' thing)

Send. (The worst button everrrr....the point of no return.....)

I knew I shouldn't have said anything. But I had done it. I was that horrible significant other...ugly on the inside, only caring about myself. Ick. I hate this person. I can't believe I sent that to 'rub' it in his face that he had forgotten....
Or so I thought.

He gently wrote me an email telling me to check the office at the school I teach at after lunch (because I
teach in two buildings).

It hurt. Not only had I ruined a beautiful thing my husband had done for me all by himself, with no poking or prodding, or me telling him to send them friday instead of saturday...I felt like a jerk. The biggest jerk ever.

I didn't have true beauty on the inside. I was that girl. I'm lucky enough to have someone and I acted like this. Ew. I was even disgusted with myself.

My husband is sweet, so he graciously accepted my apology. But, this was a lesson for me today. I have a
lot to work on.

I'm not truly beautiful (yet)....but these flowers sure as heck are.

Happy Valentines Day.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


What is it about a good compliment that can keep you flying high all day long despite the circumstances? Seriously. It's true.

I woke up this morning right away, knowing it was going to suck (I thought). First of all, it was my morning to get the pup and take him out (yes, we take turns). Secondly, I woke up a little bit late, maybe like 10 minutes-but gosh, it throws a wrench my routine when I do that. When I went down to get the pup the scent that was wafting from the door would have (or should have) set alarms off. My thoughts were, do I have to open this door, or can I run and hide? Because, I was one of those mornings. He had an accident in his cage and in fact, it was the kind that would have appeared he'd been backed up for days and someone sneaked him a laxative last night. When I lifted the blanket off his cage, I was waiting for the creepy horror music to kick in, it didn't. It should have. UGH!!! How disgusting. It was caked in his paws. He didn't have to go now because of course, he just went in his cage. I walked up to the kitchen and screamed up to the bedroom for Declan. I was already late, and now this! I needed help. He was really sweet about coming down and even helped me bathe him. (Nothin' like an early morning bath, stinkin' dog....literally.) I was grateful to my hubby for being so helpful. On my way out to the car this morning I also spilled my smoothie all over my coach purse....and on my iPhone. Dang it! It was THAT kind of morning. I strolled in the school doors 3 minutes late. Wonderful.

I thought things would settle down a little, but not really. I had to make copies for my first class so naturally I went to the copy machine. To my delightful surprise (not!) the machine was in about a million little parts and a techie dude was working on it. I ran (but not really, because running isn't allowed in school) to the other side of the building to use that copier. Luckily, it worked. I went back to my room and realized I had forgot something and had to go back to the office. Agh! My prep time was dwindling down...minutes until showtime. I was power walking back to my room to start the day, I hear my name...and it was my principals voice.

I stopped dead in my tracks and turned around. Unintentionally thinking, bring it on because this morning can't really get worse.

He said, "I just wanted to let you know that I gave you a great plug to (insert name/asst. superintendant!!!!). I told her all about how you're using math skills in your classroom and how you're integrating curriculums from the classroom teachers. I couldn't be any happier with your performance, and wanted you to know you're doing a fantastic job."

I instantly said, "Wow, thank you...I really appreciate that. Thank you so much."

That was that and off we both went. It was so nice. It was exactly what I needed in the midst of my chaotic morning. The timing was right, it was all right, and w.o.w. what a compliment. It was a nice, unexpected part to my morning...and it left me feeling pretty good for the rest of the day.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Funny Kid Comment of the Day

I was teaching a 2nd grade class after lunch today, and they were diligently working on their projects. One student raised his hand and told me he needed help making a tree branch for his bird to perch on. I helped him a little bit with the branch, and then he said to me-"I don't know how to do the bird either". So, I showed him how to make a bird. Apparently, he didn't like my bird much because he responded..

"That looks like a platypus!!"

It was hard to hold back the laughter, because dude, this kid just made fun of my artistic abilities! I said jokingly, "Oh a platypus, huh! Well, well....I'll fix it then." I did. We all laughed as a class over it, the humor during that moment was pretty undeniable. A few minutes later (after we had discussed that his new nickname would be Platypus from now on) I drew a bird again on a bigger piece of paper. I said, "Here is my bird. Show me what a platypus looks like." He drew it. I have to say...I sort of see the resemblance. It may not seem as amusing written out as it actually was, but truly a comical point in my day. He wanted to take this paper home to show his parents and tell them the whole story. I snagged a picture with my phone, and off it went.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Just because...

Posting this just because I can. I love being an aunt. Here is Aunt Katie and Kylie.

Oh, and everyone...I hope you have a great week. I know for me, this will be one heck of a week packed with meetings and such. Oh, and no snow in the forecast either :-/ My weekend, however, was fabulous! I will post on the festivities at some point in my life. Perhaps this week if time allows. Ciao for now.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

One Word.

1. Where is your cell phone? pocket
2. Your significant other? Declan
3 Your hair? unwashed
4. Your mother? compassionate
5. Your father? business
6. Your favorite thing? hubby
7. Your dream last night? unimportant
8. Your favorite drink? smoothie
9. Your dream/goal? mother
10. The room you're in? living
11. Your fear ? infertility
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? home
13. Where were you last night? casino :-)
14 What you're not? skinny
15. Muffins? Cupcakes?? cupcake (i must add this...home-made only!)
16. One of your wish list items? car (for declan. Ahhh! I suck at this!)
17. Where you grew up? Downingtown
18. The last thing you did? Clean
19. What are you wearing? jeans
20. Your TV? Toshiba
21. Your pets? Mac
22. Your computer? MacBook
23. Your life? Happy
24. Your mood? Relief
25. Missing someone? Greg
26. Your car? Escape
27. Something you're not wearing? shoes
28. Favorite Store? Charlotte
29.Your summer? Amazing
30. Favorite color? Changes
31. When is the last time you laughed? Earlier
32. Last time you cried? hmmm
33. Who will/would re-post this? bloggers
34. FOUR PLACES I GO OVER AND OVER : School, Wal-Mart, Parents, Home
35.Four People who E-MAIL ME: Dec, Kristin, Katy, Facebook
36. (4) FAVORITE FOODS: Fajitas, Salads, Chicken, Spaghetti
37. (4) places I would rather be right now: Cookout, Bahamas, Cruise, Backyard

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

One of those days/Funny Kid Comment of the Day

I had one of those mornings where nothing I put on I liked, or felt good in. Instead, I went to school looking like poo. By poo, I mean, somehow I pulled together this lame outfit that was basically all brown (ugh!), threw a scarf in there for some color, but overall-with the look of poo. May I also add, my hair was rather flat today. I hate that. I sort of got past it, like always.

I was lining up my 1st graders near the end of the day-and I was at the door with them waiting for their teacher to pick them up. One sweet little toothless boy says, "Mrs. B, you're really pretty you know." I said, "Thank you so much, that was so nice of you." He giggled a little and had an embarrassed look on his face, and the girl in front of him turned around to him and said, "Do you like her?" His face got so red, traffic could have stopped. It was the cutest thing. Needless to say, I think I know who my secret-admirer will be on Valentines Day ;-)

That little compliment, although from a 6 year old, was needed today-he didn't care about my poo-like outfit, or how flat my hair was. This little guy will make a lady very happy one day.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Giving with no strings attached

On Friday night I had a conversation with God about some things. You see, Declan has a car...a bit of a junky one. He is fine with it and he has a super short drive--but we have been thinking about the day it bites the dust and we can go out and get the good on gas sedan that could be our weekend date car. However, money is always a reason that we don't just go out tomorrow and pick out our favorite Mazda3 (yes, we love them), and drive home in style. So, the conversation I was talking about...

So, I told God that I knew he would only allow Declans car to die when it was the right time, and that when his car died, it would be our sign from Him-"Go get it, my children", and that it would be cool with him. Or, something like that.

Saturday morning came around and I had just got out of the shower, Declan was already showered and (I thought) out the door to work. Next thing you know, he comes up and opens up the door scaring the crap out of me (I thought he was GONE!), and exclaiming-"My car won't start!" I instantly blurted out, "You're kidding, right?" Because only a few minutes earlier he had begged to take my SUV into work. I told him no because of course I would need it for my Saturday errands. So, I thought this whole 'car not starting' thing was a gimmick to get me to let him take my car. He then said, "Do you really think I'd run up all this way (3 flights of stairs) just to play a joke?"

It was then that I knew it wasn't a joke. He ended up taking my getaway car into work and we'd deal with the whole car thing later.

A flash of the night before and my conversation with God came into my mind instantly. "Lord, are you SERIOUS? This is so not funny!"

Declan came home from work and we started talking about all the possibilities with the car. We know what would be affordable to us, but somehow we'd have to get his car someplace to be fixed, so we could at least trade it in for pennies...right? We thought about all the options. Nothing was really seeming to be the right thing to do, so we just decided we'd wait to see what was wrong with the car and get it towed Monday morning. We went on with our weekend as normal.

Today we went to church and were asked to go out to lunch after with some friends. It was a nice surprise as Declan and I were just planning on grabbing a quick bite alone and going home for an afternoon of 'to-do's'. At the end of our lunch we were just sitting around talking with our friends Chrissy and Phil. I started to tell Chris about the car situation (because we tend to discuss cars and finances, and things of this nature often), and she laughed as I told her the story about my conversation with God. Phil chimes in, "I bet it's the battery". Without even flinching, he says to his wife, "Hun, I know it's not really part of the plan today, but could we go over there so I could help Declan get his car working?" Without any hesitation, his 9 month preggo wife (due ANY DAY, literally) said, "Absolutely!"

Phil went home and got his tools and the two of them came over to our house together. The guys went out to work on the car, and Praise God the weather was so much warmer today. As Phil put it, "You couldn't have picked a better day for your car to break down!" While our men worked outside on the car, we chatted on the couch for a while. Chrissy sat on her waterproof blanket pad because her mom has got her worried her water will break on someone's good furniture. I assured her I didn't really care, and it would have made a good story if it had happened! But, no such luck. Baby still remains inside, cuddly and cozy.

It turned out that Declans car was a $46.00 battery fix. Without the help of our friends who changed their plans at the drop of a hat, we would have spent way too much time and effort to get the car fixed, or looking for a new one.

I'm not sure if my conversation with God was just a coincidence in timing, or what. A new car for Declan is in the plans, but maybe not as soon as tomorrow. We always keep our eye open for a deal, but right now we are happy and blessed to have two working cars at all. I do know that I am grateful for friends who give with no strings attached, just simply because they care. There aren't many people like that, and it challenged me today to be more like that.