Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Let's talk sex

Sex as in gender, that is. Why does everyone's mind always go there. Come on now.

As any expecting mother (especially for the first time) would be, we are CURIOUS about gender of the little bean growing within. It seems to be a topic of conversation every way I turn. They say mothers have an intuition, and sometimes I'm sure that's true. At this point, I really don't. I find myself day dreaming about the excitement of a little girl and clouding my vision I see hair bows, fluffy skirts, pony tails, and every shade of nail polish coceivable. Two minutes later, I dream about my possible little boy, my little man...the potential of me being the only female in the house with 'my boys' (mac included), and I get tickled.

Right now, in this moment...I truly and honestly don't mind whether we're blessed with a little princess or a little dude. We are one of those couples who wants to find out the sex (for all of you who can wait...don't judge! tehehe). I just honestly could not bare the thought of waiting all those weeks. Besides, I'm a teacher...we like to be prepared. :)

So, I won't be left guessing for long--another two and a half months or so. Right now I'll just busy myself with the gender prediction tests online, the way...out of the THREE I've done, all have said BOY. I'll analyze every craving. I'll read about the old wives tales. But, in the end...we'll be beside-ourselves-happy with whatever, or should I say whomever it is we get.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Well, here's the story...mainly because, well...I don't want to forget it!

It was June 4th...and I had one day until school let out for summer! That, alone was a wonderful feeling. I had thought it was definitely possible I could have also been pregnant, but had convinced myself to wait to test until the 5th, the day my period was due. I always had this theory that it's better to just let your period show then to test and see a negative result and get myself upset. Declan had already told me he'd get up with me the morning of the 5th, no matter how early, and support me. He's a sweetie like that.

Now, inside, I was feeling slightly hesitant about this. Only because I didn't want him to see me upset if the result was negative. For a guy, often they just think, "Well, there's always another month." Whereas, for the's much more emotional. A month feels like an eternity.

I was at school that day and had gotten an email about a family in our district who was in need. They had needed three twin beds, and one full bed for kids in the family to sleep on, or else the county was going to come in and take the kids away. The parents are good people, who just suffered financially. In the email, they stated: "Please respond ASAP if you can assist".

Instantly, I felt the Lord say to me, Give them your bed. (We have a full mattress in our guest bedroom, which was our 'spare' room for our future nursery.)

I thought, Maybe I should email Declan and ask him first.

He clearly said, No--just give away the bed, I'm going to fill that room anyway.

I emailed them right away and offered up our spare mattress, and instantaneously a sense of peace came about me. I was no longer 'scared' to test and see a negative result...I was EXCITED because I knew it would be positive. I really felt that confirmed within me.

So, I decided to go home, at 4pm and take a test. Now, I had only just peed an hour or so before this, so, it wasn't 'concentrated' urine, nor was it 'first morning urine' or 'FMU' as it's called on pregnancy forums and such. I just went ahead and took the test.

My hands were shaking as I set it down on the counter. I had thought there was a little shadow of a line, but then made myself look away, because oh my gosh, it'd only been 10 seconds...and the test says to read after 2 minutes. So, I set the timer on my iPhone for another 60 seconds, and went about 'cleaning' up the bathroom from the mess of pregnancy test boxes and such that had somehow strewn themselves about.

Sure enough---there was a line. Oh my gosh...! There was a line!! I was squealing, jumping up and down, shouting, "I think I'm pregnant!!" No one was home, and my dog just stared at me with that slight head turn as if I was crazy.

From my research, I knew that a line is a matter how faint it's a positive. But, I felt Declan may need more convincing (which wasn't necessarily true). So, I headed out to the drugstore to get a 2pack of digital tests. Peed yet again on another test only 20 minutes later...and sure enough...clear as day-the words were there. PREGNANT.

I knew it. I had known it in my gut (and in sore crampy uterus) the past week or so, but needed this little test to prove it. I was SO excited. I had an hour until Declan got home from work, and then I'd be able to share with him the amazing news.

It was 5:30. Declan was about to get home. Wanna know the truth? For the last two months I had known the way I wanted to tell him (which is partly why him testing with me in the morning wouldn't have worked so well). I already had made (I know...who does this?!) a little tag to attach to Mac's he could be the bearer of the news. I mean, he's one of the biggest parts of our lives right now, and it only seemed fitting. So the tag said, "Will you still love me in 9 months?" I thought it was a cute idea. Everyday, Mac greets Declan downstairs at the front door. He watches for him out the window, when he see's his car...and he runs down for scratches. Why would today be any different? Which is why I felt this idea was genius.

Well, the plan worked out as magically as I had hoped. Mac ran down, greeted Dec, as I waited at the top of the steps in anticipation. He saw the tag, bent down, read it....and yelled up the steps, "BABE!?!!"

He ran up and grabbed me, hugging me and spinning around in excitement. It was genuinely one of the happiest moments ever. He then proceeded to say, "I just knew it...something was different".

He was right. There is a little bean growing inside of me that will be our first child..that will make us mommy and daddy...that will bring us so much joy, sleepless nights, laughter, heartache, frustration, and amazing memories.

...and we are stoked.

The rumors are true....

Estimated Due Date: Valentines Day '10
I'm 6 weeks, 4 days.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I admit...

I feel a little bit like a design diva right now. I'm sitting here, and admiring my newly re-designed bookshelf. I have to thank ThisYoungHouse because it took some motivation of seeing their awesome shelving looking mighty fine, to give my drab bookshelf a makeover.

The key here...get a before picture. I didn't exactly do that. But, I did muster up a picture from when we first moved in, and you can see the shelf here:

Now, I have to admit, when I first started this project (it only took half hour, ha!) two days ago, my book shelf didn't exactly look like that. It had 'gained' a few other accessories, which included dust and random computer nic-nacs. Ugh. I am sort of glad I didn't get a before picture now that I think about it :)

First step: (after getting before picture) Clean off the shelf. Start with a fresh, open, space.

Second step: DUST! (haha...and using your hand doesn't count! although that's totally what I did)

Third step: Collect things from around the house that seem to go together. Find nice hardback books and remove the paperback's. The hardback look is chic, don't you know?

Fourth step: Start with the biggest items first. Place where you think it looks right. Remember not to be too "symmetrical" with things. Too predictable. Not interesting enough. Stack books, lean books....put a little glass object on top. (Please note: The light blue bird/candle holder on the 2nd shelf was a .97 cent find from GoodWill this week! score!)

Fifth step: Stand back, say, "dang I'm gooood"....and snap an after picture.

What do we think? Is it better than before? I think so. When my hubby got home that day I told him to "look at the shelf!!!"...and he said...."I can't notice a difference from before....sorry babe". His answer didn't quite shock me...heck, why would he take notice? He just lives here.

Monday, June 22, 2009

My week and random tidbits

As most of you know I've been absent because of my week-long-trip to Pittsburgh to help my wonderful friend, Jennie prepare for her wedding, which was this past Saturday, the 20th. She let me crash in her finished basement as a trade for helping with random last minute wedding details (haha...really, she would have let me stayed whenever! I love her.) The week was filled with lots of last-minute to-do's, dining out, getting to know new friends, an unforgettable bachelorette party, and one super fly wedding. Uh-may-ZING.

Yes, I got little sleep. Yes, I was exhausted. Yes, I missed my husband (but was awesome to see him at the wedding!). Yes, I missed Mac. Yep, I missed my home. But, I loved it, and had an awesome time. I am so grateful to have the freedom in the summer to just go without strings attached to a job. Being a teacher totally rocks.

During this week, I also finished up my two graduate classes I was working on, and managed to pull out a 93% and a 97% on the classes, and am now finished 12 credits! Woohoo! But, I couldn't celebrate too quickly, because another class started IMMEDIATELY when those ended. Just one though, just one. This class goes until August 7th, and then I'm home-free for the last 3 weeks of the summer, and can enjoy our family vacation to the Outer Banks grad-school free! That will be an awesome feeling.

Can I also mention how rad my hubby is?! While I was gone I gave him a little honey-do list. Thinking, 'yea right....this won't happen, his week is crazy busy.' I apologize now for my poor attitude, because I was proved wrong! I came home and here are the things that had been done: (some were over and above the list)

-He and his dad removed our ugly flourescent light in the kitchen and replaced it with a gorgeous double-pendant drop light. FAN-freaking-tastic!

-Dimmer switch installed in our master-bathroom....(don't you hate when the light is so bright in the morning or night that your eyes burn?! too...but I don't have that problem anymore)

-New toilet paper holder installed in our master bath (it fell out the other day, and now I like our newer one MUCH better)

-FULL kitchen's SHINY!

-Laundry DONE!

-Clean living room

-Cleaned our storage space under the stairs and put the correct thing to be stored back in there (after the basement re-do, things got a little messy back there)

-Our basement TV is mounted and it looks so sleek

My flowers had been watered all week, beds were was a great home-coming. Now, its back to reality for me, which...truly...isn't too much. Having the summer off is a wonderful thing. My plan is to stay on top of this grad-work and then do whatever I feel like doing with the rest of my time.

I want to go out treasure hunting for things for a new secret-room I am doing in my house. I want to clear out that room and start fresh. I want to meet with friends for coffee and lunch (I've already done lots of that!). I want to relax.

Cheers to summer, a good week, a great husband, and a sparkly house!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday tidbits...

-As much as I've complained about the slight boredom (I hatttte saying that word)....I have already had the chance to meet up with old friends and newer ones. I am meeting another good friend from high school today, and then tomorrow I am meeting my favorite music teacher from the school I taught at last year. She's bringing her adorable almost-1-year-old son, and I can't wait!
This is the GREAT thing about a clear(er) schedule.

-I learned how to use the Google Earth program last night for my class...and it's SO rad! I can't wait to use it for my project. PS: that 'project' is my last for this bunch of courses...! I am almost done 12 credits, woot woot :)

-Since losing my debit card I've had to use a credit card for whatever I need....and the credit card has my maiden name on's so weird. I just keep hoping no one asks for ID because I just don't have one with my former name on it. Whooops.

-I'm a teeeeny bit worried about the pre-wedding craziness in Pittsburgh. The bride has a LOT of people staying at her house, and I'm one of them. I'm afraid its going to be slightly overloading for the poor girl, and I'm not so sure how my back will feel after sleeping on an air mattress for a week. Yes, I slept one summer on an air mattress for 2.5 months straight...and it felt like heaven when I laid my head down at night....true. But, I'm back to being spoiled again and my poor wittle lower back doesn't do so well on those things....especially lately.

-On our drive home from pittsburgh, we are stopping at Falling Water, which was one of the many creations of Frank Lloyd Wright. I am so excited! My canon will be in my hand, so have no will be coming.

-Ever since the power went out two days ago for TWO minutes...the internet around here has been shotty. My extremely techie husband is even having trouble figuring out what the heck is up. However, right now ::crossing fingers:: its working just fine.

-I went through all my swimsuits the other day. WOW. I have a ton. They are all so perfect for one another, too, because they can almost ALL be mixed and matched. I am definitely a fan of the solid top, patterned bottom, or vice versa. I think I have a total of like 9 different combinations. Swwweeeet

-My tomato plants are all over a foot and half tall I had to get some bamboo poles and secure them to it so they can bare the fruit they claim they will. We planted two little strawberry plants a few months ago just to see what would happen, and sure enough...we got strawberries! We will pick one or two here and there, wash it, and enjoy the fruits of our labor. No, it will never be enough for a pie, or strawberry shortcake, was a test. It was only a test.

Now off to shower and start my day....

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's here.

Summer vacation.

It feels so weird to just be real responsibilities...900 kids are not waiting on me if I don't show up. It feels really good. But, it just started...and I'm slightly bored.

I mean, don't get me wrong...I am working my tail off doing all that schoolwork I mentioned a few posts back. I even started and finished an 8 page paper today ::pats myself on the back::. I am feeling pretty good. I am only one project away from finishing 12 credits of my masters, and I only started in January. So, I can be proud of that, right?

But, I decided today that I need more friends who have off in the summer. Anyone who wants to quit their job for the months of June, July and August to hang out with me? Or, take up the teaching career??

Okay, okay...I'm semi-kidding...but only semi.

Monday, June 8, 2009

No, he's not dead...

he's just trying to keep cool in the midst of this humid June day. Apparently the kitchen floor is the coolest spot in the house.

Not-Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.


I did not hear the dog barking this morning, then realize there were 3 construction guys at my door ringing the bell. Then, I definitely did not go down there in my ugly green sweatpants, a tank top with no bra, zip up hoodie and bed head....and answer the door and 'pretend' I had been awake for hours....heck NO. I don't ever show anyone my un-made-up face.

I haven't been taking naps almost every day knowing that there are things to do around the house. I wouldn't procrastinate like that.

I definitely didn't leave my purse at my in-law's after my sister-in-laws graduation party. I NEVER leave my purse anywhere, it means too much to me...and is much too important to just walk out on. I definitely didn't get all the way home until I realized it, and then make my husband drive back and get it.

I didn't lose my debit card. It wasn't in my pocket and then mysteriously up and walk out on me. It was not a subliminal message to STOP SPENDING MONEY. I didn't have to cancel it and order another one today for $7.50...I'm too mature and responsible to just 'lose' my debit card.

I didn't have some of the most exciting news ever this week.

I didn't shove loads and loads of clothes into the closet to hide them when the construction guys came in the house for our 1-year inspection...and then they definitely didn't have to open the door to 'check it' and then see everything piled in there.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Do not worry about tomorrow....

...but I just can't help it!

School's out tomorrow (Can I get a what what!), and I frequently get that dreaded question...

"oohhhh so what are Yooouuuu doing all summer lonnng?" (Code for: J E A L O U S)

I can't help but think of all I have to do in my first week off (June 8-12th), because of my trip to Pittsburgh for a week starting June 15th.

With my two grad classes (long drawn out "ughhhhhhhhh") I have double the work load....and I'm talking WORK LOAD. The last week of those classes happen to fall the week that I am in Pittsburgh for my lovely friend Jennie's wedding. I don't want to be all like, "Oh sorry...can't get a pedicure because I have SCHOOL WORK to do". So, I am going to work like a dog (while enjoying a lunch date here and there already scheduled with 3 lovely ladies at different times) to finish all my school work for this week, next week, AND the following June 14th. Can I do it? I don't know. Can I try? I sure as heck can. Am I stressed about it?


In the midst of that week I have my full 1 year home inspection going on...and I'll need to do touch up painting and other things around the house after they trample through and fix all the nail pops and such.

(hmmm....I'm seeing a nice honey-do list written up eloquently in my head already...)

Either way, although the end of the school year should have you relaxed and carefree...I'm slightly the opposite. Root for me over the next week. I'll be sitting in a pile of grad books, with my laptop in hand, and a messy house. Follow the cord to find me.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Soon I won't hear the pitter patter (more like klunk klunk) of 28 sets of feet coming down the hallway to bombard my classroom...

Soon I won't have funny little stories to share with you about the darndest things my students say...

Soon I won't have to wash my hands every fifteen minutes to avoid getting the swine flu*...

Soon I won't have to pack my lunch every morning and rush out the door, hoping to make it to school with one minute to spare...

Soon I will not have to deal with tattle tales and he said she said that comes along with teaching...

Soon I won't have to feel the pain that some of these students are going through at home...

Soon I won't have to tell kids to clean up, only to tell them again about 5 more times until it sinks in...

Soon I can go ALL day without talking to anyone if I want...

Soon I will have careless days with no real itinerary...

Summer is coming in 4.5 soon.

and sooner then I think I'll be ready to come back because I'll miss it so much.

*please note: the swine flu did not actually hit my school, just adding it for dramatic affect.