Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A candle, a book and a phone?

I've never been much of a bather. As in, a bath-taker.

You know, a random bath here and there.

But that's it.

But, with pregnancy--I've really found myself enjoying a warm* bath, more often then not-to you know, relax a little. My aching bod surely could use it after a long, hard days work teaching the future leaders of America.

It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.

So, lately-I'll run a little hot water (okay, warm'ish), and soak my lower half for, oh...20-30 minutes, trying to ease the stress on my lower back, or the pain of nerves that are being pinched by a certain little baby's position, or to just relax my feet or crampy legs.

It feels like a little slice of heaven.

Tonight, in 'de bath-I thought of a few things...

1. It's always important for me to light a candle. Why? I'm not quite sure. I think something about a candle signals to my always-bouncing-around mind that it's time to calm down. I'd have to say that a soothing scent helps too.

2. I need to bring in a good read of some sort. Lately, for me it's been my pregnancy book or my New Testament in a Year Bible. Both I always enjoy particularly in the tub. Sometimes, I don't even read at all-but I like to have them there as options.

3. Always have my phone**.

Whhhhattt you say?

Yes. Its absolutely necessary. I don't want to hear any "you'll get electrocuted" hogwash (although, I'm sure its true...but, I'm careffullll, I swearrr!).

I like to stay connected...and I like to catch up on facebook, twitter, words with friends and other fun things, too.

It's relaxing. To me, anyway.

Oh, and tonight I thought of reason number 39408 why it's good to have your cell phone with you in the bathroom while you're taking a bath:

When you get hugely pregnant, and getting your wet-self out of a tub seems impossible-you can always call your husband to come help. him.***

PS: For the record, bath's don't serve as the place for me to get clean-I still shower. I'm not that skilled to be able to wash my hair while being almost as big as the tub itself. Plus, I'm not sure how 'clean' I'd actually feel after that. But for the relaxing factor? Baths do the trick.

*I do not take scolding hot baths...I'm completely aware this can be dangerous, etc. Trust me, I know alllll the rules.

**Having your phone is also a benefit when you think of taking random photos while in the bathtub. Like pictured.

***For the record I did NOT call Declan to come help me out of the tub this evening. I swear. However, the thought did cross my mind that the day will probably come soon when I may need him, and I will have my cell phone there just in case he can't hear my pathetic call from the bathroom (hello, 3 story townhouse!). It's gotten progressively more difficult to get myself out as the weeks go on. This pregnancy thing is so glamorous, isn't it? :)


  1. Girl I took 2 (ok sometimes 3) bath's a day when I was preggers!! My back hurt constantly and it was the only thing that helped, I got a lot of massages too, but nothing helped as much as a bath.

  2. I love baths!! I take one almost every night!!

  3. I love this post! Good for you getting in some relaxing "you" time! I always have my phone within reach in the tub as well, it is my time to catch up the world!

  4. I enjoy the same type baths...but I have ALWAYS been a bath person. And just think...the phone will come in handy too when you realize you need help to shave the legs you can no longer reach :)

  5. oooh i love taking baths! reading this makes me want to go sit in a bathtub right now... haha

  6. Sounds heavenly! If I didn't have this weird thing about baths I totally would take one! Glad it was a nice relaxing time! :)

  7. I love all of your disclaimers lol.

  8. I've always loved baths, not for cleaning purposes, but for relaxing. I wish I was in one right now!

  9. I seriously had to laugh, because you are a girl after my own heart….I love a wonderful bath every now and then, and I have to have exactly all that in there with me as well :)

  10. hahaha! this is great! I would so have to call brent to help me!!

  11. I took a bath when I was about 8 months or so, maybe closer to 9 and I didn't have my phone with me. I COULD.NOT. get myself out of the tub. I tried several things and it just wasn't happening. I was stuck enjoying my bath for almost 2 hours until my hubby came home to find me crying stuck in the tub. lol True story.

  12. I bring the phone, too! There's just too many things it does that I MAY need!

  13. Oooo That is the best way to take baths, with a candle and a book! I don't take my cell phone in, but I'm also not high tech and don't have internet. So really, all I would be able to do is text.... That can get boring though.

    I'm very jealous you have all that fun stuff on your phone! I may have to upgrade... someday :-)

  14. I didn't take a bath the whole time that I was pregnant because I was afraid I'd get stuck in the tub!

    That, and I was too lazy to clean the tub to then take a bath.

  15. Ummm... I had to have my husband come get me out of the bath (more than once), after he deployed, I avoided that tub haha.

    Also, have you tried a birthing ball for your back? It opens your spinal sections up, my lamaze teacher suggested it for people experiencing back pain or back labor even, and I wanted to pass the thought along!!


  16. I love taking baths. I usually bring my phone too... however one time while filling up the bathtub I put my phone on the edge of the tub and walked away... well, when I came back the phone was IN THE WATER!!! I had left it on vibrate and the phone vibrated right into the water and DIED! SAD!

  17. I just dedicated an entry to baths last night...we've got relaxation on the mind, but you for better reasons. :)

    I'm the same...candles, phone, book, I'm set. :) Glad you got some relaxation time.

  18. I am the same way with baths, I only use them for relaxation purposes.

    BTW, when I read the first line of your post I thought you meant you no longer bathe. Of course after reading I discovered what you were referring to. Here in MO we say bath for bath and shower, I know it's confusing.

    I'm just happy to hear you shower too! LOL ;)

  19. same three things i ALWAYS have when soaking in the tub....and i've texted my husband on several occasions for a wine refill ;)

  20. I have a bath once a week. I take in a magazine and a can of Cherry Coke and I spend a blissful hour in peace and quiet. Wouldn't trade it for all the gold in Fort Knox!