Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I haven't had a lot of (yet), "I've gotta have this or I'm gonna die" moments yet with food while being "with child" (this term cracks me up, not sure why). Although, there was this one time--when I was 16 weeks pregnant or so, and someone was talking about an egg, cheese and sausage breakfast sandwich. I couldn't get the darn sandwich off my mind, and I wasn't going to be happy until I got it. I won't go into details, but, I did indeed get me a breakfast sandwich--and it

But, other then that--I just want certain foods in spurts.

Okay, okay--they could be technical "cravings", but let's just put it this way-I wouldn't commit any crimes to get to them. Capiche?

So, for my own personal record and for fun--here are some things I just couldn't get enough of.


4-8 weeks
-Mostly nothing sat well at this point or looked remotely "good" to me. I did, however, always find comfort (my entire pregnancy so far, actually) in having a toasted bagel with cream cheese a few times a week. This started the phase of picking at my food like a bird, and basically not eating too much. I do, however remember liking home-grown tomatoes, sliced up with salt and pepper on them.

-Drank lots and lots of water, like, basically that's all I wanted.

-Oh, and thus started the phase of eating lots of, gummi bears, sour patch kids, lemonheads, starbursts, etc (pretty much anything gummy, fruity, sour...and I hear this is a total GIRL thing, haha).

8-12 weeks
-Enter the "I feel so sick how about I barf 4-6 times a day" phase. I didn't eat much. I tried, but seeing it later just sucked, big time.

-Even though I hated it, I munched on crackers throughout the day (usually Ritz), and the thought of Ginger Ale made me sick, so I opted for flavored Seltzer Water instead.

-Plain water now made me want to spew my guts--so seltzer took it's place.

-Enter a bowl of cereal at night.

-Still eating candy, but feeling the 'effects' of it later. (okay, TMI--but, candy is the 2nd worse thing to throw up. Just sayin'.)

-Starting an obsession with fruits and vegetables like whoa. Cucumbers, carrots, celery (enter #1 worse thing to throw up) and then pineapple. Ohhh pineapple, how I loved thee.

-Lemonade, from Chick fil A.

12-16 weeks
-Shouldn't I feel better yet?? Nope, apparently not.

-Still eating fruits and veggies raw. Now adding green pepper to the mix. Odd, I never liked them before.

-Soft pretzels, the kind you pop in the microwave. Super Pretzel to be exact. I'd eat two for lunch everyday for a 2-week period.

-Hated Mexican food (when its normally my favorite!)

-Hated Panera for a while (when I normally love this, too!)

-Still loving a bagel with cream cheese.

-Subway. Ohhh, Subway I love you. But, please only put half the meat on my sub and double the veggies. (Seriously, you should see the looks they give me, still...!)

-A little bit of candy here and there....dying off a bit.

16 weeks to Present
-Need a cherry coke a day to survive. I don't even drink the whole thing, but just a few sips makes me "feel" energized. Although, I totally crash later.

-Subway, still.

-Oh ORANGES--we're obsessed with eachother.

-Water, water, water. It doesn't make me feel sick anymore! (Starting at week 19 or so)

-Bagel still makes me feel good.

-Smoothies made from home. I add yogurt, OJ, frozen fruits of choice, half banana and sometimes a little whipped cream on top. OH, heavens. I love them.

-Salad. Specifically a place where you can make your own salad (even though they technically tell you "no" due to bacteria...pshhh whatever).


See? Nothing too weird right? I've not been into chocolate whatsoever or the things you'd mainly categorize as "junk food" with the exception of my gummi candy phase. I don't like ice cream, only wanted Dairy queen once, and it wasn't that good. Only like pizza every ONCE in a while, but mainly prefer the crust. Oh, but I like Italian Ice at night as a snack...either lemon or strawberry flavored.

So, I'm normal. I think. I like to think I'm normal, anyway.

To be clear, I did eat more then those things on most occassions...promise.


Tell me your odd cravings...or maybe, not so odd....

Oh, and Happy Wednesday!
[and Happy Birthday to my mother-in-law, Kristin!]


  1. With Emma, I didn't have any cravings for chocolate or much dessert either. I ate tons of chicken noodle soup in the beginning, but my biggest craving? ICE. So weird. I LOVED crunching on ice. It turned out to be one of those "pica" cravings that can be dangerous and they say craving ice is a sign of low iron...but anyway, I was happy to at least craving something that wasn't packing on the pounds! haha oh pregnancy....

  2. On the candy comment.. two things..

    1. Fruity candy is NOT just a girl thing.. Baby Boy Storm LOVES Sour Patch Kids and lets me know after I consume them.. and

    2. I will argue that Chewy Sprees are THE WORST thing to ever come back up. :)

  3. 1. Candy is not just a girl thing.. Baby Boy Storm LOVES Sour Patch Kids..

    2. Chewy Sprees have to be the WORST candy to come back up!

  4. This is fun! It's kind of neat to be able to look back on the beginning huh? We'll can't say I have any cravings for you yet, but hopefully sometime soon!

    P.S. I couldn't even imagine throwing up celery or sour patch kids, that's just wrong!

  5. Water made me SO sick with Logan too. Not looking forward to that phase. And considering I literally carry sour candy in my purse, I am thinking maybe I am right and this is a girl!

  6. I also LOVED Cherry Coke...and I think you and I talked about this already, but also soft pretzels with the neon-orange cheese.

    I am normally a total fruits and veggies girl, but while I was preggo, I had to FORCE them down. Of course, right after I delivered, that's all I wanted...

  7. when i was preg w/#4 5 of my friends were all pregnant too. oddly enough they would talk about their cravings and then i started craving them too! finally i would beg them not to tell me b/c i would obsess w/it all day and have to drive around searching for it...
    yes i had the sour patch kids and lemon drop craving too! yummo

  8. Up until 22 weeks I was sick. Five times a day. Forced myself to eat. Bleh.

    Since then...clementine oranges, kosher dill pickles (i know, right? could I be any more of a cliche?), and everything bagels.

    With my other two I craved ice cream every day, and ended up gaining over 50lbs with each, so the lack of cravings this time isn't bothering me much.

  9. Well, no baby cravings here but I already crave crazy foods and I HAVE to have them. And I mean HAVE. PB & Jelly sandwiches with potato chips ON the sandwich is my classic one I believe...

  10. Definitely nothing too out of the ordinary. It’s funny how you can love something but then when you’re pregnant you detest it. Not that I know but you were mentioning that and it’s just funny how tastes change when you’re pregnant!

  11. I'm like you, where I wouldn't like move a mountain for anything.. yet.. but I have been in "moods" I guess you could say for certain things. I'm with you on the candy, but only Lemonheads. Yes, they are in my purse at all times. I'm getting a little sick of those though. This week (week 8) I'm noticing I'm wanting different things. I've just discoverd clementine oranges as well and I can't get enough! I'm loving spaghetti right now. Someone mentioned something today about Rocky Road Icecream and i'm thinking that would be nice... but I don't want to start that habit! And I've been thinking about bagels quite a bit.

  12. we had a lot of similar cravings!!! Especially the candy, thanks to baby girls! Everytime I walked by my kitchen I'd grab a handful of starbursts lol. I also had the cookie/OJ craving, chicken sandwiches in the very beginning. Alot of the time though, it'd be a random one time thing. One night it was a turkey sandwich. Someone was eating one on TV and I NEEDED one, I wanted a Panera Bread one but since it was after 9pm that wasn't an option so hubby and I went and got all the fixings to make big deli style sandwiches lol

  13. OK...confession: I ate an entire bag of navel oranges last week! I just love them! If it gets worse when I'm prego, I am in trouble!

  14. It is so nice to see someone else's pregnancy "diet" for mine this time around, I craved breakfast sandwiches BIG TIME at the beginning. With my last pregnancy, it was BACON. I could not get enough of the stuff, though my arteries probably could ;)

  15. oh, and I will argue that in my experience, refried beans are the.worst.thing.ever to throw up, though I'm betting sour candy probably burns something fierce!

  16. the only thing I can keep down are pancakes.

  17. I think oranges are a great craving! I'm actually craving one right now just hearing about your cravings!