Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A few things, and one big, important thing. **Updated with Haiti INFO!**

-Having Monday off is always lovely. However, feeling non-stop busy during that day isn't quite as fun. I prefer a laid back, no place to go type of day-but that's just me.

-I made a meal last night for a friend from church who had a baby 2 weeks ago. Her little girl melted my heart, and got me even more excited (seriously, even MORE?) for my little girls arrival. I just love the infant stage.

-The warmer weather around here (in the 40's) has seriously felt like spring to my warped mind. I went out without a jacket all day today, and even though I had a lot to do--I had a little bounce in my step. Fearfully, I'll admit, this winter is nowhere even close to over yet.

-I think we are done watching the Bachelor already. We spoiled it for ourselves...and if the spoilers are right (and they were last season), then we sort of want nothing to do with this season. I'll admit to probably fast forwarding through it at some point to catch the highlights. [Heck, I can't stay completely out of the loop.]

Now for the important thing.

My little, not-so-little brother works for Invisible Children as a Graphic Design Intern. So, right now he's living in California, in a house, with a bunch of other interns.

WELL---Chase Bank is giving away 1 million dollars to a charity that gets the highest amount of votes. Invisible Children is in 2nd place right now...and they have some amazing programs they'd love to see go in effect with the use of that money.

*UPDATE: Part of that money ($100k to be exact) is now going to HAITI!! Do your part with a simple vote!*

Would you do me a favor and watch the video below?

It's short and sweet and gives you a glimpse into the good they are doing for Africa and what they'd do with the money if they win. Also? It takes NO time to vote (via facebook)--so wait for the link at the end of the video.

If you can't view the video (b/c they've been having some issues), go here to vote: Vote Now!

Spread the word.


  1. It says the video has been removed by user, but I'm going to vote now. Good luck to them!

  2. It felt like Spring in our neck of the woods as well, and I had to keep telling myself...the cold weather will return. And it :(
    At least we got to enjoy it for a bit.

  3. I know what you mean. I like a laid-back day better than a busy one myself!

    Watching the video!

  4. Invisible Children! You'll have to ask him if he knows Amy Vait :) She's a roadie again this season and we are totally related! Ha! Wouldn't that be weird!?!

    We are sitting in the 50's today with humidity that is out of control! Definitely feels like spring here too!

  5. Darn you! Your hint about if the Bachelor spoilers are right you don't want to watch have been worried. *Sigh* I really may go cheat and look now...

  6. Good luck to your bro! I will play my part :)

  7. I am enjoying this warmer weather right now too! I haven't worn a jacket the past two days and I love it!

    Also about the bachelor.. i haven't read the spoilers yet (but i'm sure I will give in soon), but I still just can't get into it this season and I am normally obsessed! I taped last nights episode and will probably fast forward through it to see if it's getting any better..

    and lastly, I can't watch the video at work but I will when I get home tonight!

  8. Great video! I just voted and posted to my wall :)

  9. Done! What a great organization Invisible Children is!
    Good Luck!

  10. Sadly, I found some spoilers on what happens this season of the bachelor so now it's not as entertaining.

  11. I love Invisible Children. This has always been my favorite charity. I hope they win but I do not have a facebook.

    Wish I could help, and hope for the best.!

  12. Voted! Love the idea!

    I read the spoilers too, and I am not happy about them, but I love me some Bachelor. Can't tear me away!

  13. Going to vote in a moment!

    A) I SO hear you on the 40 degree weather. It's practically bathing suit season out here in Idaho now! LOL!

    B) I read the spoilers too. WTH? Although I will say, she sort of won me over a little last night.

    Nighty night!