Friday, January 1, 2010

Friday Bits

-Ringing in the new year with some of your favorite people, relaxed, in jeans, surrounded by finger foods, playing games and laughing IS the best. I'm not all about the dressing up thing, going to NYC and having to pee my pants, or standing in the cold. Sounds miserable to me, actually.

-We de-Christmas'ed the house today, and it I loved having my house decorated...but for some reason, after Christmas it just feels like clutter. Odd? Anyway. I like having things back to normal. I'll look forward to decorating in 11 months.

-We're calling this year the year of the baby. I can't believe I'm going to be a mom. It's weird and wonderful at the same time.

-I've been having car trouble. I once loved my Ford Escape, but it's turned into such a clunker over time. I'm ready to say bye-bye. I just can't picture putting my little girl in that car and feeling safe. So, we're keeping our eye out for something a little newer (but not "new"), still SUV'ish, but with a bigger trunk/safety features. Wish us luck :)

-I'm addicted to an app on the iPhone called "Words With Friends". You can play scrabble with anyone from all over (if you have an iPhone or iTouch). I currently have over 10 games going at a time (hahaha)-but yet, I still have time to blog. Kidding. It's more of a leisurely play-as-you-have-time type of thing. Get in touch if you want my username.

-We're currently dog-sitting Mac's cousin, Chase. Mac loves having a friend here to play with at all times. It's not bad at all, actually-it just so happens with all the melted snow, makes muddy grass, and extra muddy paws. It makes taking them out (and bringing them in/cleaning paws) so much more work.

-I'm not ready to start school Monday. But, in a way...I am. Because I'm THAT much closer to being on maternity leave into summer vacation, which I'm so excited about.

-I still have days when I don't feel pregnant at all.

-We've become obsessed with Mexican Train Dominoes. If you haven't played this must.

-Tomorrow is still only Saturday and that makes me smile.

2010 is starting off great.


  1. Mexican Train is so much fun! We love it because the kids can play too and they are actually both pretty good!
    My husband just bought another used car and got a fantastic deal on it. I know he found it on the web, so I'll ask him how he went about finding it and let you know.
    I couldn't wait to de-Christmas the house. It does indeed feel like clutter once Christmas has passed. I usually only last til the 27th and then it MUST come down or else I go batty.

  2. I need to try this app. Sounds fun.

    Both D and I's family's love Mexican train. So fun!

    Happy New Year Momma!

  3. we love playing mexican train! it's so so fun!

    we're de-christmasing this week. it feels so weird taking everything down but i agree, i feel much better when it's down.

  4. If we were closer I would so say we have to get together to play Mexican Train! I LOVE that game... my family loves to get together to play it!!

    Happy New Year!!!

  5. Year of the baby... love it! :) And oh so jealous about the iphone. I was just talking today about how much I wanted one, but wouldn't switch to AT&T. Boo.
    Happy New Year!

  6. it DOES feel like clutter after xmas!! I thought it was just me. So tell us more about mexican train dominos??!

  7. I love, love, LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my Honda CR-V. It's the older model, an 03, and I love it so much that I don't even want a new car. I feel totally safe with L in it. Just a thought. B's 4Runner is pretty kick-bootie too though. Good luck finding something perfect for your precious cargo.

  8. I'm smiling that tomorrow is Saturday too!

  9. "year of the baby"=haha.. Cute. :) And yeah.. I'm not even preggo and didn't want to hit up the bar scene this year. A party at a friend's house was just perfect! Happy New Year!!!!

  10. Happy New Year!

    I'm loving the "Year of the Baby" term!

  11. FYI, my hubby used to find our last two "new" cars. You can type in your zip code to look for vehicles closest to you and then you can search by year, make, model, mileage, etc.

  12. hey lady!! i just sent you an email about your frame order!

  13. 2010 is going to be such a GREAT year for ya'll. I LOVE Mexican Train!!!! :)

  14. It was great ringing in the New Year with you guys!!! We totally should have played Mexican Train! Kev and I love that game! Happy Year of the baby :-)