Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Funny Kid Comment of the Day: The "how freaking cute" version.

Sometimes they say outrageous things.

Sometimes they say things that shock the living daylights out of me, in a not so good way. [Like that time 1st graders were singing, "We will, we will, FOCK you", and thought it was appropriate because they changed the usual "u" to an "o". Sigh. 1st Grade, people.]

Sometimes they say things that are ridiculously funny, and almost have me and my tub-o-belly on the floor rolling. [But I usually maintain composure.]

But, some Thursday, they had me and my hormones in a pile of moosh.

They were so cute.
So sweet.
So thoughtful.
Just plain adorable.
I could have eaten them up. [And thats not a pregnancy joke.]

And although I really do enjoy my job on most days... alot of the time the 'cuteness' of kids wears out real fast when you're with them

But this--this, got me.

Let me set the scene:

It was about 12:15 and my 2nd grade class came rolling in. I think that every week my belly is shocking them a bit, because, keeps-getting-bigger.

So one boy pipes up: Hey Mrs. B, when's your baby coming again?

Me: Probably about when my belly gets about out to here! [using my hand as an imaginary belly-size]

Student 1: Ohh I can't wait to teach her lots of new things!

[My heart is beginning to melt.]

Student 2:
Yea, like I want to teach her how to draw a football!

Student 3: I want to teach her to READ!

Student 4: She'll be such a good artist because she comes from your tummy and you're a great art teacher.

[Big old pile of slop on the floor by now...]

Some time goes by...we start class and begin to work on our projects.

Student 1 again: I think I'll teach her to sing.

Me: Are you good at singing, buddy?

Student 1: No. Actually I'm not. But...! I'm great at walking. How about I teach her that?


Seriously? Sweet, adorable, and even a twist of humor at the end.

I'm pretty sure that if I ever brought my little baby girl into school she'll be torn apart at the limbs, by the kids, all wanting a little piece of her, to, you know..."teach" her things.

On second thought, maybe we shouldn't visit :)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. That is adorable. I can't wait to tell my "kids" that I am pregnant, too. :)

    And for the record, at least THREE other girls have commented saying that they have had the same thing happen to their computers from blogs!!! And see, I am still commenting on yours. I have priorities. ;)

  2. LOL, how cute. I love these stories from your class.

  3. How sweet. It kinda has me a little sentimental and I don't even know them. I'm sure it's those little things that make what you do worth it!

  4. oh, so sweet! It is stories like that, that make me really miss teaching.

  5. So cute!!! I would have loved to hear that !!!

  6. how sweet! that's what teaching should be like...sweet kids w/sweet hearts!

  7. so cute!! It's stories like this one that make me want to be around kids more often :)

  8. Yeah...that is just adorable! Im not gonna lie little things like that make me think I could have 20 of those munchkins...but then...then, I come home and all the buttons are pulled off my remote and my 5 year old says...
    "My teacher said I need to play with numbers" and I think to myself...he went for the REMOTE? Not the fridge magnets or the flash cards, or the dice....the REMOTE NUMBERS...

    Well anyways, if my son was in your class he would be teaching your little bundle how to pull those puppies off in 2 seconds flat!

  9. Seriously that is so adorable! It makes me want to be a teacher haha!

  10. Awww! Although I shudder at the thought of what my high-schoolers would want to teach my future baby!

  11. Aww! Too cute! It makes you love them just a bit more doesn't it? Until they drive you crazy again... haha

  12. too precious :) I love when you share these little stories!

  13. "How freaking cute" is right! Glad they were being sweet at least :)

    And we find out next Monday (Feb 1) what we are having! yay!

  14. Aww melt my heart too! Kids are just so awesome :) It does make you think about how sweet it will be when you have another one and your baby girl can teach him/her things. Awwww

  15. Very sweet! Let's hope my high schoolers are just as clever lol!!

  16. Hey, just FYI, I am up to FIVE people who said my virus issue has happened to them too...;) LOL. Just gotta give you trouble.

  17. Thanks for sharing that story, so incredibly cute! I got your email for the swap and already bought one thing last night!

  18. Soo sweet. I love these stories of your little cuties in class. :)

  19. Oh my gosh, so cute! I love your classroom stories. :)

  20. That's soooooo sweet!

    One of my favorite parts of subbing (which I did pretty full-time for 4 1/2 years) was the funny/cute/sweet things those kids say.

  21. Precious! :) That's what I miss about working with "older" kids, the conversations you get to have, and the cute/funny/ridiculous things they say. You don't get too much of that from a 1.5 year old and a 6 month old... Haha :)

  22. Haha, that's cute. :) Good at that's something that will come in handy!

  23. Kids can definitely be sweet sometimes, but I know exactly what you mean about the cuteness wearing off! ;)

  24. LOL!!!!! Oh man, can I just have one of THOSE kids rather than having my own? SO CUTE!!!

  25. Oh, just melt my heart. How incredibly sweet!!!!!! :)