Monday, January 4, 2010

Not-Me Mondays! I'm totally whining version.

I most definitely did not eat breakfast, lunch and dinner IN on Sunday. I was not proud of myself for spending no money out especially on a weekend. [Honestly, this is a rarity. Sad, and pathetic.]

I did not lay around most of Sunday afternoon wallowing in self-pity that the vacation was over and I had to ::wahhhhhhhhhhhhh:: go back to school. I certainly would not do that.

Being so bummed about break being over, I did not convince myself that I was sad for other reasons I just couldn't pin-point what it was. I did not cry for no reason. I did not blame hormones. I did not hug my husband while soaking his shirt for no.good.reason.
(What the heck?)

I definitely did not just throw in a frozen pizza for dinner, but then add a size of carrots and dip making myself feel better about the dinner choice. I certainly eat very well balanced at ALL times when pregnant. Uh huh.

I did not have a very upset and miserable hubby when the Eagles lost pathetically to the Cowgirls yesterday. We both did not need cheering up, so we definitely did not sit around at 9pm and play a few rounds of Mexican Train Dominoes while watching reruns of the Kardashians.
I did not beat him so far. [I did! I did! I totally did!]

We did not decide to let our dog sleep with us again after about a week of him being in his crate. We were not both rudely awakened by the horrible smell of fresh poop wafting from the bottom of our ::gasp:: bed. I did not ALMOST kill my dog this morning. I was not ticked, furious, annoyed, and just plain old "what the heck?!" about it. [In all fairness, he did try to wake me. I ignored him. He also is sick, again. Lovelyyyy.]

I did not make Declan clean it up.
[If you had these gag reflexes due to pregnancy, you would too!]

I did not wake up and dread this day before it even started.

I'm not that pathetic.

Okay, I am.

(To join in the not-me fun, Check out McMama's blog.)


  1. Oh, I am SO with you on not wanting to go to work and also with the crying all the time for no reason!

  2. At least the Eagles are still better then the Bears. It was not a fun football season in our household.

    I agree with you on the gag reflexes. I may or may not have plugged my nose once or twice when I walked our dog too!

  3. I'm sending you a virtual hug because I am in your shoes. Just wait till you have a sick baby at home that you don't want to leave. :(

  4. haha, adding a side of vegetables to ANY meal makes it well-rounded in my book! last night, all i wanted was an entire bowl of homemade french fries (hubs used the deep fryer). for real. and thought to myself, hm, i really should eat some veggies and grabbed some carrot and celery sticks!!! :) im right there withya sista!

  5. I ABSOLUTELY did not want to go back to school today! I felt sick yesterday just thinking about it!

  6. Awww sorry about the pup being sucks when they have accidents, but it's hard to mad at them when they don't feel good.

  7. Our pup is a bed sleeper and 99% of the time is awesome, but 3 times she has peed on the bed and I wanted to kill her!! I totally understand!!

    I was so depressed last night in thoughts of going back to work!

  8. I'm amazed at the fact that your husband tolerated watching the Kardashians. I loooove that show, but AJ would have his teeth pulled than watch shows like that. :-) My other favorite? Kendra: Here Comes Baby.

  9. Oh, I've been there: The dog pooped on the bed in the middle of the night scenario, I mean.

    And I still made the hubs clean it up. And I wasn't pregnant. I'm just mean like that, and I already have a bad gag reflex.

    Hope things get better!

  10. Little eagles should just get out of the way.

  11. Love the baby bump!!! Seriously you look adorable. I just read for awhile and I am so excited to hear you are having a little princess. Can't wait to hear about all the adorable things you find on etsy. Happy 2010 to you, your hubby, and pup!

  12. I hear you. I wallowed all afternoon yesterday, dreading going back to the real world! My class was wild today!

  13. Hi there, new reader here! What a fun blog you have! I don't know what it is about reading about a stranger's life, but I think your perspective on life it just too funny!

    I'm Lindsay,a fellow artist-type, popping in from Hawaii, where I live with my awesome hubster. And I gotta tell you--I'm a "throw some carrot sticks in there and call it a well-rounded meal" kind of girl myself. :)

    My blog is "From the Aisle to Aloha" ( if you wanna stop in and say hello!

  14. poo. Frozen pizza, dominoes, and reruns on E! network sounds like my perfect night! LOL