Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wish-it-didn't Wednesday

No, this is not a new blog carnival or anything like that. I just couldn't pin-point how to put all these thoughts into one post. So this is my attempt.


I wish that Motherhood Maternity didn't leave me a voicemail yesterday directly from the store I've shopped at multiple times. The voicemail was a 'courtesy' call to remind me that my due date is approaching (February 14th) and that I better "hurry" to get my nursing bra's because they're on sale [yea, some courtesy]. First of all. OUCH. Second of all. JERKS. I have updated my information and they KNOW my due date is May 8th now. Thanks for rudely reminding me I'd be due next month had that pregnancy been successful. Ugh.

I really wish the holidays didn't have to go so fast. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at home and it is SO hard to get back into the groove of working again.

I really wish that my (semi-sick) puppy didn't have to go in his cage two seconds before I got home from work yesterday.

I really also wish I didn't have such a strong gag reflex since the whole pregnancy thing.

I wish that it didn't set me off, having me standing at the sink, spewing my guts.

I wish I didn't have that thing I told you about, you know...where I tend to pee when I'm getting sick.

I wish I wasn't in my new maternity dress pants that I so much adore. [an $8 steal!]

I wish then I didn't have to waddle to the master bath, shower, and be in my PJ's with wet hair by 4:24pm. [Okay, I kind of LOVED being in my PJ's at 4:24pm...can't lie.]

I wish I didn't admit that all to the internet.

I wish Declan's birthday didn't fall on a Thursday (tomorrow). It's so not fun to work on your birthday and is the official "you're totally getting old" sign. Which, well, he's not. We're so young, but still.

I wish it didn't snow at all this morning. I think the rule of snow should be if it isn't enough to at LEAST get us a 2 hour delay, then stay the heck away.

Happy Hump-Day!


  1. Oh dear! What a day! I completely agree with your snow rule! Either come or don't come, but if it comes, make it snow day worthy!

  2. Oh man, I wish the gag reflex away for you! That sounds terrible!

  3. I think you should call that Motherhood Maternity and let them know. That's an awful mistake for them to make, especially if you updated your due date with them. Jerks.

  4. yikes, what a day!! hope things look up, at least you're closer to the weekend =)

  5. Wow. Talk about no fun! I hope today gets better for you!

  6. Oh the joys of becoming a mom! LOL...hopefully it will get better!

  7. Girl, it will be Friday soon enough!!!! :) :)

  8. At first I was like, WHAT? She's due on Feb. 14th?!?! OMG!
    I hope your day gets better and Declan has a fantastic birthday tomorrow!

  9. deep breaths. Happy Hump day love! All down hill from here!

  10. Well hopefully since tomorrow is your hubby's birthday it will be a better day for you too!

  11. Oh no! I hope tomorrow goes better! Even if you have to work, birthdays area always fun :)

  12. Sorry about that awful reminder! Jerks! I hope today gets better :)

  13. We seriously need to write a letter to Motherhood Maternity. It's so out of line and painful.

    And Happy Early Birthday to Declan!

  14. Hi there,

    I found your blog today and loved your post about maternity fashion, or lack of. I totally agree. I'm in my 34 week and I'm having such a hard time finding stuff to wear. I really like the thin belt look. It almost gives us prego babes an illusion of a waist :) Thanks!

    Take care,

  15. what an awful message reminder! how rude!! hang in there! HUGS!

  16. Ugh. I had to go through and cancel all of those baby updates last winter - I'm looking at you, Baby Center.

  17. Again, what an awful practice they have. I would have told them off, a good hormonal release. I'm so sorry you still have the gag reflex, too, I hope it goes away soon.