Monday, January 18, 2010

Your love never fails

*post written sunday night.

So, last week I was going through a lot of different emotions. I can mainly thank hormones (thank you hormones!) for intensifying the emotions. But, they were, and are, truly indeed real feelings. Most of which I've been struggling with has to do with things down the line that I simply cannot control. Just so you know, and aren't thinking I'm clinically insane or something (which, well, you never know, haha)-basically this has all been about "when the baby comes" talk and about me going back to teaching versus my innate desire to stay home. That's that, really--and all I care to discuss here for the time being.

But, with all that said, it's just been an internal battle and it's been manifesting in lots of tears (hi, again, hormones!). What I've realized this week thanks to wonderful people in my life is that I don't have to carry that burden alone, or put it all on my shoulders. I have a very loving God who wants me to lay my burdens down and let Him take them on for me. My life and the direction it goes, indeed is in His plans anyway-- right?

I like to pretend like I can handle it all on my own, but the reality is--that's why I hit those breaking points like I did this past week. I can't do it myself.

I've realized I try to control too many situations--its the natural teacher preparedness in me. It's not bad to be prepared, but this is a test of just how much I can trust and wait, and be patient. My mom always said to me growing up, "You know, God is a God of the last minute!"--and even though I hated when she said that, I found it true in so many things in my life. Finding a teaching job after college being a very prime example. It landed in my lap 3 weeks into the school year...when I had lost all hope. Last minute, indeed.

So last night I was taking a bath (my poor, achey back) and reading my devotional (you know, the one for "busy moms" ((I don't yet count, but still)), that has a 5 minute read of the New Testament in it)--

and guess what the verse for the day was?

January 16th:
"Come to me all of you who are weary and carry heavy burden, for I will give you rest."

Matthew 11:28

Like, umm...are you kidding me?!

Who rigged this book to match my life so perfectly?

In that moment, I felt peace.

I felt confirmation.

I felt that the timing was right.

I believed with all of me that HE knows the desires of my heart, and that they're pure.


Then at church this morning, we started singing a song that really spoke to me a few months ago when I was struggling with grief from the miscarriage. It has a very, very, very simple chorus line that says, "You make all things work together for my good", and "Your love never fails."

When I had lost what felt like all hope when our first baby didn't make it--I clung onto that bit of the song for weeeeeeks. I sang it over and over in my head. Tears streamed down my face when they would sing it in Church. But surely enough, His LOVE never fails and I'm so blessed to be carrying a healthy little girl, today.

This morning, as we sung that song-I clung to the words again with teary eyes.

I know He'll make all things work together for my good. Because? His love never fails.

I don't need to worry.


If you'd like to hear the song, I'm adding the video below. I love, love, love it and it's so catchy. It seriously lifts my spirits. Wait for the chorus's worth it.

Have a beautiful Monday!


  1. I love that song!

    I have several go-to verses and songs that have helped me give it to God when I needed to most in my life, and trust in Him with what I need to! They are all such blessings!

    Glad you're finding solace and rest in the Lord!

    I know sometimes, for me at least, it's not easy to release control and lay my burdens on Him, but when we do, it's such a blessing!

    Praying for you!

  2. What a difficult decision. I can only imagine how it is on your mind every day. And that is a wonderful song. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed it.

  3. I am going to go with God. He rigged that book of versus for you, just FYI ;)

    I am praying for you love.


  4. great song! I hope you find the peace that you are looking for and that God lays on your heart His plan for you and your precious baby!

  5. What an awesome song! Thank you for sharing. My husband is the worship pastor at our church and I will be showing him this one. So happy to hear how God is working in your life:-) He is amazing and knows what we need when we need it. Praying for you!

  6. Thank you so much for this post. I definitely needed to be reminded that things will come on their own time and work out when He is ready. I too, am a teacher and over plan my life. Lately it's been difficult for me to let this go, especially since I don't know what direction to take.
    Thanks again!

  7. I hope that this week is better for you! Thanks for sharing the song :) It is very uplifting and catchy! Happy Monday! xo, KA

  8. Praying for you, Katie! I'm glad you are finding comfort in the Lord, that's the best place to find it. He DOES know the desires of your heart...

    Great song!

  9. I love that verse in Matthew--my SIL wrote a song based on that verse, and I always find myself singing it in my head as I'm falling asleep

  10. Great song. It spoke to me, and of course, made me cry too. Thanks, girlie.

  11. Great post and song!!! Just look at what you've been blessed with already...God knows your hearts in his peace and timing... ~Much love...

  12. I think that inner battle is totally normal! I'm glad that you've been able to hand it over to God and let it go. :-)

  13. Hey there Kaite! I just wanted to ask you if I had signed up for the vday swap? I tried to a couple of times but my name is still not on there! :(

    By the way I LOVE that song! It's amazing!

  14. Every thing happens for a reason. I think the verse and the song came to you when you needed it.

  15. It is so hard to give our burdens to Him. But if you think about, if my life was made up my plans...oh Lord help me. His plan is ALWAYS better.


    ps- love the song...thank you for this today :)

  16. Wow. Katie, you are going to be a great Mom! This song is great and sometimes, as hard as it is, we do just have to trust that He will help us through it. God never gives us more than we can handle and He won't bring us to it if we can't get through it! :-) Keep your head up girl, pretty soon you'll have that little girl wrapped up in your arms and Nothing.Else.Will.Matter!