Thursday, February 4, 2010

All eyes on the pregnant lady!

I decided to put Thankful Thursday's off for a week, simply because I think yesterday's post pretty much summed most of it up. Besides, I've got something else on my mind today. Random pregnancy things. Go FIGURE. None of you are surprised.


I've noticed that people are generally nervous for pregnant women, and I totally get that...I do. Everyone is worried about the baby, and worried about your well being. It's a time when people will tell you it's okay to sit back, relax, put your feet up and watch tv for hours...because, "you need to rest, its good for the baby and for you." They will tell you its okay to forsake house chores, cooking dinner, and doing 'strenuous' tasks, because, "you're pregnant!"

While I know all these things are true at times, I totally struggle with it, for two reasons.

1. I can't just NOT do these things.

2. Who the heck else is gonna do it?

For instance...

I have two art shows coming up at school, so I've been busy in the hallway trying to get the 1st graders art hung. It's a big job, I'm not gonna lie--and a LOT of prep work.

So, while I'm out there, stapling away, standing on benches to reach to the utmost points of the bulletin boards, and rolling masking tape like its my job (well, I guess it IS my job)...other teachers come walking by....

and I hear....

"Oh MY! You be careful my dear. Take it EASY!"

"Oh sweetie, you really need some help with that."

"Promise me you'll be careful! We'd hate to see something happen to you!"

"You shouldn't reach too much while pregnant, hun...careful of all that reaching!"
[Seriously? I actually never heard 'reaching' was bad...but...meh...what do I know?!]

"Are you sure you should be doing that??"


Okay, okay...I GET it. People get worried about the general well-being of a pregnant lady. I GET IT. But, what I don't get is that if I DON'T do it, who the heck will?! I mean, obviously I'm being careful, taking my time, being mindful of my balance as much as possible--but honestly!? Don't tell me I shouldn't be doing something unless A.) you're going to help...or B.) you've got another solution for how-the-heck this is gonna get done! Also, I'm truly not handicapped. I get that I should not overdo it, and I try my best to spread out the work-load of big tasks.

Am I nuts? I could be. I totally could be.

It almost ruffles my feathers a bit.

Okay, I'm done now.


On another note, still pregnancy related....

Yesterday it snowed here a bit, so I wore my ugg-like boots. No, I don't own a real pair because honestly...I'm just not a boot girl. But, on days where its a bit slushy or snowy they come in handy.

So on the way out of school yesterday, I was walking next to a co-worker. THAT co-worker actually (the one who normally is filled with lots of nasty things to say about me). There was a tiny bit of water on the ground, and my stupid boots have hardly any traction on them...and DOWN I went. Straight on my knees, on the hard school floors.

There was a lady walking behind me, and some of my good co-worker friends down the hall. The co-worker next to me extended a hand, and caused a bit of a scene-along with the lady behind me.

"Oh my WORD, are you OKAY!??!?!?!"

Of course by this point, everyone turned and saw that there was a pregnant.chick.on.the.ground. People naturally FREAK OUT about this. I know that firsthand, now. I got up with a tiny assistance from someone, was actually FINE...just had slightly sore knees.

But, good heavens.

It was kind of embarassing. But? I guess it would have been more embarassing had I fallen and not been pregnant, because everyone knows its funny when anyone else falls....

but it is NOT funny when a pregnant chick takes a dive.

So? At least no one laughed at me.

But-of course I laughed at myself.


What an interesting week this has been. Could it be please?

Icing my knees, and drinking decaf coffee,


  1. LOL! Oh hun! You're right about the falling! Only funny when you only endanger yourself.

    I will say this, though. We had a teacher put herself into labor at school last year.

    Her message? "Never teach high school nine months pregnant."

    Amen, sister, I say.

  2. I am not a boot girl either. i had to learn to love them with these nasty Chicago winters.

    Hope your knee feels better. I am so clumsy with anything slippery!

  3. haha so clearly I have NO idea what it's like to be pregnant, but I am that person that gets nervous for pregnant women haha.

    When Vince's cousin was pregnant I drove her around a lot (we worked together) and I used to get SO nervous thinking about what if we were in an accident!?! She actually said a lot of people wouldn't drive her places simply because they were so nervous about it! haha

  4. Ouch about the fall! It was so nasty and icey here for days and I almost fell numerous times (like every time I took the dogs out to do their business!) Not fun! Oh and how right you are, it's only funny when a non-pregnant person falls!

    Seriously, if we all sat around and did nothing but eat and sleep and sit and watch tv, how NOT fun would recovery be? In a dirty house, without anything to cook for dinner!

  5. I am not pregnant obviously and never have been, but I can totally understand your frustration. And truly, I’m very glad you’re okay after that fall :)

  6. Ya know, this is totally true. I see people treat pregnant women so much differently, but then again why shouldn't they? lol It's a miracle and everyone knows it. Hope you have a great Friday and an even better weekend!

  7. Oh gosh I'm so guilty of treating the pregnant women in my life differently it's not that I don't think they can do it just usually if I can I'm going to take over because they're growing a human inside of them and it's such a precious gift I wouldn't want anything to jeopardize that. I'm so glad you're ok and yes it's even more embarrassing to fall when you're not pregnant then people fake concern while stifling laughter :P

  8. You gotta love how people treat you like you're dying when you're pregnant. I e-mailed a girl I work with about something my boss needed from her media booth. Now, the booth is on the third story of our building, but there's an elevator. You do have to walk up a flight of stairs to get to the booth after the elevator, but its not that hard. She told me to have my boss call her so he could do so I wouldn't have to walk up all the stairs. I had no idea I couldn't walk up stairs pregnant!

    That said, I do tend to milk it with my husband. On ocassion. Or frequently. I need him to heat up leftovers because, as a pregnant woman, its too taxing for me. ;o)

    Too bad none of the people who think we need to be extra careful and take it easy will come over and take care of all of our housework.

  9. I've never understood the whole "oh my gosh, take it easy, don't do this or that..." when pregnant. Our bodies are made to protect the baby. ...and although it may sound enticing to sit around and be lazy for 9 months, that's not going to help in any way when you have a newborn that needs taken care of 24/7. Keep moving and keep your body'll only help in the long run with EVERYTHING! ;)

  10. I know what you mean! I'll be pushing a HUGE patient in a Wheelchair and have people give me the "look" that screams "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" but do they volunteer to do it for me? No. haha

    So glad you went down on your knees not your belly! We had a pregnant girl wipe out in the parking lot straight down onto her belly. I felt so bad for her. I can't imagine how scary!!

  11. I hear ya, girl. As you know, I am desperate to be taken off "taking-it-easy" status and am absolutely ITCHING to get back into the gym. I was sad when I saw my bleed was still on the ultrasound, but devastated when I found out I had to continue to wait to workout. It'll all be worth it when you are running around like a crazy woman after your little lady'll be wishing for some put-your-feet-up-and-relax time! :)

  12. There is such a stigma about being pregnant. I have not been pregnant personally, but I have seen both of my sisters go through this. One of them is a nurse and people would ask if she was going to still be able to work. Really???? I get that pregnancy makes you tired, sick, wear out easier, but heck it is not a handicap.

    I think you have the right idea and are approaching it perfectly, not that you need my approval lol, but way to handle it all so gracefully!

  13. In another two months you'll start getting the "oh my, haven't you dropped that baby yet?" comments. Those are always fun, because at that (this) point you're ready to give birth and want to growl at anyone who says that.

    But yeah. We do get extra concern sometimes.

    And the reaching thing? Old wives' tale. Women used to think that if they reached too high over their heads that the umbilical cord could wrap around the baby's neck. Totally not true, but so many people still believe it.

  14. Yeah the whole reaching thing, really? It kind of made me chuckle a little bit. I actually find most of these things quite funny that people say, but then again I have never been pregnant so who knows! Glad you were okay after your little fall!

  15. Oh my, glad you are okay! That is one of my worst pregnancy fears...Falling! Especially now that it's winter in OH and winter here sucks bigtime, I'm even more terrified. I hope you feel better soon! :)

  16. I totally agree. I was at a NBA basketball game last weekend and the girl at the food counter refused to sell me a pretzel with salt on it. She told me I don't need the salt in my condition.

  17. I think I would freak out too if I saw a pregnant lady fall! I don't know why, it's just natural to worry about them.

    I'm glad your are ok! Why wont any of those teachers come on their conference and help you hang artwork?? Come on.

  18. UGH. I know people mean well but I found that so annoying when I was pregnant. Right up there with people giving you dirty looks for a morning cup of coffee!

    I know it's not the case with all pregnant women, but I felt great and very capable. Women for thousands of years have worked in the fields right up until labor - our bodies were made for this, they're not going to fall apart!!

    Or, like you said, if you don't want me to do it, then YOU do it!! :)

    Stay warm this weekend :)