Friday, February 5, 2010

Bumpity bump bump-Twenty SEVEN. Wowza.

Yesterday I got dressed for work, and jumped out of the closet shouting to Declan, "Look!! I don't even look pregnant from the front in this shirt!!" He hesitantly said something to the affect of, "Uhh, sure babes. Whatever you say." [He knows better then to combat a pregnant woman-you know, at least out-right.] Its not that I don't want to look pregnant, but for some reason, I think it's fun to trick myself into believing this at times. I came home after school and took a frontal picture of myself in the same outfit. However, I have a feeling I didn't quite pass as not-being-preggo. See for yourself. Besides, as soon as I turn to the side, all hope was gone.

And yea, from these pictures, I DO NOT think I fooled anyone. Even from the "front". Psshh...Whatever.

Photobucket Photobucket

How far along? 27 weeks (say WHAT?!)

Total weight gain: I'm gonna guess 6-7...but I don't know for sure. Appointment next week! I'm down to every two weeks already for OB appt's...crazy. I know.

Maternity clothes? yerrrrp....but not many maternity tops yet.

Sleep: Not so pleasant actually. Waking up throughout the night...sleeping so "hard" that I'm in a lot of pain in the morning. Sleeping with the pregnancy pillow helps, but I also keep pulling some muscle in my upper back. I just feel so hugely enormous when getting in and out of bed, and totally uncomfortable. Peeing now about once a night.

Cravings: Random things. This week, I ate "Take 5's" about three times. It's crazy because I haven't wanted chocolate at all until I saw those. I also really want my sis-in-love's chocolate chip banana bread, its delicious. I still enjoy my cereal at night as a snack. Still loving veggies, still loving me some oranges!

Best moment this week: Listening to her heartbeat for an hour and half straight at the L&D ward (see, there were some perks to that trip!), and hearing her flip around and kick. Also, feelings big, huge kicks and flips. Declan felt something big last night and swore it was her arm or elbow sliding across my belly, and it probably was!

Movement: Oh my gosh...after our little scare, she's been CRAZY active. Literally, almost all day long I'm feeling major movement. Two nights ago she even kept me up when I really wanted to sleep. I'm not sure when she's sleeping to be honest!

Gender: sugar and spice and everything nice

Labor Signs: Err...not "labor" signs...but contractions? Too many for my liking.

Belly Button in or out? Finally, its starting to get flat, in fact that you can now see the bottom hole of my belly piercing. Kind of weird, considering I've never really seen that part before. Ahh...pregnancy is so glamorous ;)

What I miss: Sleeping comfortably, and honestly? Bending over! I mean, I can still bend over-but it's pretty painful and definitely feels like something is IN the way. Gee, go figure.

Weekly Wisdom: If you feel nervous about something pregnancy-wise, call the doctor. Don't feel stupid, because honestly...better safe then sorry. We are dealing with a life, here. Right?

Milestones: ENTERING 3rd TRIMESTER....Holy CizzzOW

Favorite Moments: Usually they revolve around Declan being excited over the baby...there is nothing like seeing your husband so thrilled over baby movements, nursery decor and being a daddy to a little girl.

Alright...27 week photo time.

Are you ready...?

Are you sure...?

Are you really sure...?

Because--it's SO there.

Undeniable baby belly.

Happy [Finally] Friday!

PS: Expect a post tomorrow--I don't typically post on Saturdays, but--we are getting a foot of snow and I'll be stuck inside. I also have a wee little story to tell you about my Wal-Mart experience last night. You don't wanna miss it. Or, maybe you do...if you loathe the place as much as me.


  1. Third! I remember when you first posted you were preggos. Time is flying!!

  2. I love the bump! You are so tiny and all baby. I'm also glad everything is ok from your trip to L&D. Stay warm!

  3. You look great! I also just wanted to tell you how much fun I had shopping for the valentines day swapl! Thanks for putting that together!

  4. Oh Katie, I love love love your preg belly. You are too darn cute!!! I get tears in my eyes when I see your pictures because you deserve this little girl so are going to be such a fantastic mommy!

  5. You look so amazing!!! Love that bump of yours!!

  6. Ahh!! There is definitely a baby in that belly! :-) Too cute! You look great and you always have such cute outfits! Enjoy the snow!

  7. You do still have a waist from the front, which rocks.

    You only get up once a night to use the bathroom? I'm SO jealous. I was up nine times last night. Nine. Between 11pm and 8am. Ugh.

  8. Awwwww, the belly is precious!!! You look fabulous! :) And can’t wait for the Wal-Mart story, totally don’t go into that place unless my life depends on it, ha!

  9. YAYAYYA Third trimester!! It won't be long now til you meet your little lady :)

  10. Oh my goodness, I love your belly! I want to rub it! :)

  11. I don't even know you but I am so thrilled and excited for you guys ;) You are adorable too!

  12. You look fabulous! Yay for the 3rd trimester!!! :)

  13. Soooo cute! I went and saw friends' newborn last night and brought dinner. I held her for over an hour to give them a break. She asked if I was ready for June and I said no. I enjoy this stage of being pregnant!

  14. I like your shirt! At least you felt like you didn't look pregnant!

  15. You look fabulous! Can't wait to hear the Walmart story...I HATE that place!

  16. i make a mean chocolate chip banana bread, too! and i've sworn off walmart forever.

  17. I just showed my mom this cute pic of your baby bump and she said you look great!! My mom gained 80 lbs with me (her first pregnancy) so she is VERY jealous of you:o) Here comes the snow, hope you and Declan have a great weekend!

  18. The baby's a bakin'! ;) You're getting there girly!!!

    Your blog is so cute, who designed it??

  19. Well, you are gorgeous! But you're definitely no pregnant! Not fooling anyone! You've got a baby girl in that belly!

  20. YAY 3rd tri!! I can't wait to say that on Sunday :) And you look FAB!! Loving the obvious (but still cute) baby belly!!

  21. Love the bump! Yay for the 3rd tri--you're on the downhill stretch!

  22. You look great in your pics! :)
    The time sure is flying!

    And yes, I do live in PA. Not digging the snowstorm at ALL! :\

    Your belly is still so uber cute :)

    Also, I am now currently craving your SIL's choc chip banana bread and I 1. Never have even had it and 2. Am not even preggo.

    It just sounds delish!

  24. haha I was cracking up at the beginning because I think Erik and I had that same conversation at some point in my pregnacy!

  25. You look so great! 3rd trimester! Getting closer! I was cracking up in the first paragraph, I think Erik and I had that EXACT same coversation at one point in my pregnancy :)