Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fail. Well, almost.

We had our first parenting fail.


I wouldn't go that far.

It was a fail-in-the-making.

However, we saved ourselves.

But, its big, people.

Really big.

We almost caused potential confusion to our unborn daughter.

This is in regards to this post.

We thought we were so good in thinking ahead for our daughter by purchasing her potential little new friend. We wanted her to become attached. We wanted our baby to love her. We even bought a backup. For heavens sake.

But, we thought it was a horse.

And to be perfectly honest, until I received a comment from this lovely friend of mine yesterday stating that she would have guessed it was a GIRAFFE...I hadn't thought twice about the fact that






In fact, I thought about it throughout the day constantly (before I could get home and check that little bugger out).

I sent Declan an email at work and laughed about the fact that indeed, it was very possible that stuffed animal we referred to as "horsey" may not actually be that.

Before I ran waddled up the steps last night to check out if this thing was indeed a giraffe-Declan and I had decided:

1. If it had nubs on it's head...duh... it's definitely a giraffe.
[but we both sworeeee it did NOT have nubs b/c we would have surely remembered that, right?]


2. Since we both remembered it did not have nubs, we thought it could have been one of those hybrid animals, you know...the kind where you get to choose whichever is your favorite in the moment. Uh know what I mean.

But then I approached those cute little pink twin ladies who were sitting on the soon-to-be changing table...

and I realized......she clearly has nubs.

Therefore, she's OBVIOUSLY a giraffe.

Therefore, we obviously were.not.thinking.

Therefore, I am glad I have pregnancy brain to blame.
(Declan, what you got to blame, babe?)


So, now...I'd like to re-introduce to you....

"Gia" the Giraffe.

[Declan's so clever, eh?]
We're sorry for the identity crises we gave you...

and the potential confusion we almost caused our daughter.

ps: Yes, if you're scratching your head, I did indeed just write an entire post about a stuffed animal. I know, I know...just leave now...if this is any sign of what is to come, we're doomed. The next thing you know I'll be blogging about the consistency of my babys poop.



  1. LOL..... that's hysterical!

    I can see where you guys thought it could be a horse.

    I'm just imagining the emails/conversations between the two of you, trying to decide what it was, lol.

  2. Oh wow! It IS a giraffe! It looked like a horsey to me as well.

  3. Haha. Too funny! Well either way, it's adorable!

  4. Hahah! I see the confusion...I am sure your daughter wouldn't care either way so it can be whatever you want it to be! It sure is cute :)

  5. oh that is so funny! Well at least you found that out now instead of one day in the future your little girl comes home from school and has to explain to mom and dad that her toy is really a giraffe...not a horse. Great story though

  6. Haha. That is so funny! At least your figured it out now :-) It does sort of look like a horse though so I can see how you got it mixed up lol. Gia the giraffe sounds good though.

  7. LOL too funny! Horsey or giraffe, I'm sure baby B will love it! :)

  8. haha - love it. I will go a head and say, it still looks like a horse to me. I don't know my animals obviously. Maybe it was my parents who failed :)

  9. you know, i kinda thought it was giraffy from the photo. (they DO have rather large necks).

    but i wasnt going to say anything. :)

  10. ok now that is funny. i'm glad it's a giraffe and not a horse, cause giraffe's are so much cooler. and gia? really? thanks dec. now every time i look at my nieces little giraffe i get to be reminded of the most awful bachelor season yet. ;)

  11. Haha! This is great! I totally took your word for it and thought meh I'm sure you would know what animal it was! haha :-) Darn Pregnancy Brain! O well, it's still o so very adorable!

  12. You're too cute! Love the giraffe/horesy. Good thing you avoided a disasterius identity crisis for poor Gia. hehe Love your blog, btw!

  13. I personally think that her name should be Gina. But you know. Whatever. ;)

  14. Haha, at first I just went with it. You said it was a horse, so hey, it was a horse. But now I do see it really is a giraffe. Giraffe can be so darn cute though, so no worries.!

  15. Haha, love it! I actually had this same problem with something I bought for my niece when she was born! I named it George the Giraffe, and my dad is convinced it's a horse. Oh well, it's a giraffe now! :)

  16. =))

    oh, well, giraffe, horse, whatever:))

    I like the name though. Gia!

  17. haha thats too funny! and i love the name Gia, it will make you think of the bachelor everytime you look at it now haha :)

  18. Haha I thought it looked like a giraffe in the last picture but figured it didn't really matter. I'm so sorry, I know everything matters BIG TIME when it comes to baby. Hopefully the fact that Gia is pink won't cause confusion! :)

  19. I seriously think I need one of these giraffes!

  20. Well, you had me fooled! Though, at a closer look, it's definitely a giraffe, my friend!

    But don't worry...I'll still read your posts about baby poops! I'm not going anywhere!

  21. I think she'll be ok! Our poor little niece will think her dog is a pony because I have always referred to her as a pony since she's so big (and easy to ride.) She'll also think the neighbor's pitbull is a pig because we have nicknamed her "pig" on account of her snorting and general stoutness. Hey, we live in the city so why not bring the farm home?

  22. That's hysterical! I was going to comment that it was actually a giraffe too, but decided that if you thought it was a horse, more power to ya. ;)

  23. That is great :) Good Luck, and I promise, that by the time she would have figured it out, you would have too :) I wish that my parenting fails had been blunders such as that one!

  24. Honestly, I couldn't tell what it was in your last post, so I took your word for it on the horse thing. Now I feel as though I've been duped!


    Either way...Giraffe,'s still adorable and your little girl will love it!

  25. Oh.To.Funny!!!

    I am just now getting caught up on posts!! :)

  26. haha seriously I've almost blogged about Emma's poop several times in the last few weeks. We went through a good couple weeks of trouble and that was the big issue in my life at the time. I had to think hard about other things to blog about for the sake of all my readers!! When you get to that point with your little lady, feel free to send an email and we can talk poop consistency!

  27. This is hysterical! I could imagine what was going through both of your minds as you exchanged emails trying to remember what you bought for your daughter! I can only imagine the laughter this will bring when your daughter is old enough to understand. Oh, and PS, it looks like a horse to me.

  28. LOL! What a save. That could have been traumatic!

  29. Oh my goodness gracious! Glad y'all avoided that crisis! You are too funny :) I'm sure she'll love it no matter what it is and honestly she may end up calling it something that it isn't.

    My neice referred to everything as a "baa-baa" because sheep are her favorite animal...but she would call stuffed bears, bunnies, whales, etc. "baa baas" for months and months. It was strange. Now she knows the difference, which is good because she is almost 4.

    You are going to be a great Mom.
    I hope you have a blessed evening!

  30. it COULD be a horse! i mean it has a mane... maybe it's a horsraffe? haha like brangelina?

  31. LOL!
    Gia is my sister's nickname! I will tell her that she is definitely a giraffe--she's tall and skinny too! haha!

    I'm glad you realized it was a giraffe! LOL. Funny post! Will make me laugh all week-long! :)

  32. LOL! Girl, I have no idea what it is...but it sure is cute! Why couldn't it be a horse??

  33. I certainly thought giraffe when I saw it, but who am I to judge?!? haha!

    And don't worry. There will be a time soon enough (we're there now) where all water-birds (ducks, geese, swans, pelicans, etc.) will be DUCKS and, at least for a little while, most rhinos, hippos and other large animals will be either cows or bears. They can only take in so many things at once. :)

    Also, don't be surprised if your sweet little baby picks a TOTALLY DIFFERENT LOVEY than this sweet giraffe you painstakingly got her two of. :) Ours did. No back-up. Flying without a net (and terrified about it). haha!

  34. That's funny! If that's the biggest mistake you make in parenting you're doing good! I didn't think anything of it not being a horse. Apparently I wasn't looking real close either!

  35. hahahaha... I didn't even pick up on that either!! But it is DEFINITELY a giraffe now that you mention it! That is too funny... you will definitely need to share this story with your little one when they get older!