Monday, February 1, 2010

Not Me! Monday! The "my poor aching body" version.

We have not put off doing a full-deep-clean of the house since...ohh...over a month ago. We most certainly are much more concerned about dust, dirt and grime then that.

We did not decide that Sunday...Sunday would be the day to tackle the nooks and crannies and all those evil little germs with those ugly little faces (think cleaning commercials).

I did not want to just lay around all day and actually relax. Because, it is SUNDAY after all...the day of rest, right?

We did not decide to ease into the day by eating breakfast at our favorite local place. I did not struggle on the decision between pancakes and eggs. I did not end up with the unhealthier of the two choices. Not me. I'm being entirely healthy this pregnancy. [McDonalds Fries, anyone?!]

We did not then go to WalMart for a few odds and ends of cleaning supplies that were much needed for the task ahead. We did not end up spending $38.00 just to torture ourselves even more with what was to come. We did not get home and realized we bought the WRONG mop-heads. Fail.

I did not clean all three bathrooms so incredibly slowly that it may have possibly taken me over 2.5 hours. My husband did not clean the kitchen (and I mean CLEEEEEAN the kitchen), vacuum every square foot of the house and stairs (ohhh stairs! hello! 3 story townhome!), dust, and manage to do all the laundry during that same time.

I did not feel a bit like my body is betraying me and why.the.heck.can't.I.move.faster?!

[To my defense: the bathrooms are amazzzzing, I even re-caulked some areas of the tile in the tubs, and did manage to do a few other odds and ends, including cleaning the foyer floor, putting away laundry and putting clean sheets on the bed. I'm not thatttttt slow.]

I did not moan and groan and "ohhh my back" every time I passed Declan so he realized what a toll this was taking on my poor.aching.bod.

I did not make him carry my bucket of cleaning supplies up the steps, then up again, and then down to the garage. I'm not that weak, people.

I did not declare to Declan that "this might be the last time I clean before the baby comes!" because I honestly can't imagine doing this with an even bigger belly, and an even more sore back.

I most certainly did not require a little after-cleaning massage of the lower back by a sweet man, and say that I never wanted to bend over again.

..and I definitely am not sitting in a very clean and sparkly house right now, enjoying it--yet feeling oh-so-sore all over. I'm too young to be achey all over from a few hours of deep cleaning, I mean, come on.

What did you *not* do this weekend? To join in the fun, link up with MckMama's blog.

Happy Monday! (or as happy as a Monday can be!)


  1. I just have to tell you thank you for all the things you write about pregnacy!! I just found out on Friday that I am pregnat and I am freaking out a little because I am back in college (I am 28) and I am trying to finish my teaching degree and we were hoping it would happen just after I finished school.. But reading all that you write is helping me thank you very much!!

  2. Haha! I shouldn't laugh but you sound like me. And it's only going to get achier from here. :)

    We live in a 3 story townhouse, with the laundry in the basement and the bedrooms on the top floor. My poor husband has been carrying baskets of laundry up and down the stairs for months. I just cannot manage it anymore.

    And the other day my six year old vacuumed for me. You're not the only one! It's the prerogative of pregnancy...aches and pains and grumbling about them. We really do hurt.

  3. Yeah the bathrooms were not my friend this weekend! And I didn't make Jesse carry my bucket of cleaning stuff up/down the stairs either! It's always nice to have a clean house to enjoy! I just wish the clean lasted longer!

  4. Ok.... You have 3 bathrooms?!?! I am so jealous! Yes, after reading this entire post, I could not help but focus on the 3 bathrooms part! Man alive! haha We have 1 and it is sooooooooo not enough! Hope your back is feeling better! :-)

  5. Poor girlie. B won't let me carry the laundry up and down the steps anymore. He swears a laundry basket full of clothes weighs more than 25 pounds, which is my max weight allowed by my doc. I kind of doubt it, but I am certainly NOT going to argue!!! :) Enjoy your clean house!!

  6. Poor thing!! But I say enjoy all the "but I'm carrying your child" perks while you can get them. Shoot after 10 yrs I'm thinking of getting back on that wagon LOL.

    Good for you for using a Sunday to be productive, cause I didn't. Unless you count drooling over Denzel Washington...yeah we'll go with that!

  7. Wow! No wonder you're so sore! I'd be sore after doing all that work and I'm not even pregnant! Get some rest!

  8. Ah man I couldn't even imagine I hate cleaning much less cleaning if I was prego Nonono...I couldn't do it......


  9. I clean every week but something got into me yesterday, too! I washed the sheets and then decided to wash/bleach the mattress pad as well. Oh, and since it was a warm 28 degrees, the down comforter got Febrezed and sat outside for a while to smell even better. I even washed my robe!

    However, my body is screaming at me today, especially my hip.

  10. Three bathrooms, holy moly! That would be great except for the whole cleaning them part lol.

    BTW don't feel bad my back hurts too when we have one of those cleaning sprees and I am not preggers. You totally deserved that backrub!

    Hope you are enjoying your sparkling clean home right now.

  11. Way to go on the deep cleaning! I need to get around to doing that...UH!

  12. Ugh, I need to deep clean my house. :( Maybe this weekend...

    I hate cleaning, but I love the way the house smells/feels/looks after a big cleaning :)

  13. You re-caulked the tub? That has to count as a get-out-of-jail-free card! Whine away!

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