Monday, March 22, 2010

Beautiful turned Yucky

The weekend weather-wise was absolutely gorgeous. We spent our Friday night out with friends eating pizza, taking walks and eating waterice. Saturday, we got a bunch of errands done together-just Declan and I. We even outfitted the baby closet with an extra rod, a rack at the bottom, and installed some baskets for miscellaneous goods like socks/leggings, etc. We felt super efficient. Saturday night, Declan went out to the lake with a buddy of his to start off the fishing season. I headed off to my parents for a cookout and a relaxing night around the firepit.

When I came home that night, I curled up into Declans lap and cried. I'll blame hormones for the intensity. The emotions were real. I was crying over the unknown. Things I have no control over. He never ceases to make me feel "at home" and comfortable. Its one of the safest places I know to be.

I fell asleep on his lap while watching TV that night...and then a few hours later we went up to bed.

Off into dreamland we both went.

But then, at 1:45am I hear something that woke me up. I looked up, and in the midst of our dark room I saw light beaming from all around the bathroom door.

Declan was sick.

Like, really, really sick.

Stomach-virus sick.

I jumped up SO STINKING FAST (which doesnt happen these days...but I internally panicked when I knew something was wrong) and peeked through the door. I said quickly, "Do you want me or would you rather be alone...?" [Everyone has their preference.] He quickly muttered something along the lines of being alone. I ran back to my bedside table and grabbed my water to give it to him.

He crawled back into bed and I rubbed his back. He mentioned that he really thought it was a once and done thing. I felt relieved.

That proved false within about 30 minutes.

Over, and over and over again. Up every 15-30 minutes for about 6-7 hours.

Pure torture.

My poor husband was seriously sick.

My heart broke.

You see, I don't deal with a sick husband very often. The man hasn't taken a sick day from his job in over 2.5 years (and that's how long he's worked there!).

Obviously, the stomach flu got the best of him.

Seeing him so sick got the best of me.

At one point, I realized he was taking a long time--and so I peeked into the bathroom. I heard the shower running. He just needed the hot water to relax and run over his tired, achey body (at that point). I sat on the ground outside the shower and just cried. Big, big, tears. I hated seeing him so sick. It broke my heart. Just earlier that evening I was on his lap, feeling protected and comforted by my husband, and now, here he is--with the flu getting the best of him. It sucked.

I realized that I will be that mother who cries everytime her child gets a cold. Yea, that will be me.

In the midst of all that went on that very.stinking.looong.night, one time Declan said--"You know what I was thinking...? If you went into labor right now it would be terrible. I'd be useless." I thought it was sweet that with everything else he was feeling at that moment, that's where his mind went. He also mentioned multiple times, "I can't believe you did this everyday for 4 months?" (in regards to baby-puke-fest).

The next day (Sunday), some relief seemed to come. However, the fever, body aches and chills lingered all day for him. He didn't really move off the couch, and even joked he might have "bed sores" when he got up.

He was really concerned about me getting this bug with being pregnant and all. I was equally concerned.

It was gorgeous out yesterday too--so I had all the windows open, a nice breeze was going through the house ridding the germs (I hope!), and I kept a pretty good distance. By the time we went to bed, his fever had broke.

While our weekend wasn't a total wash because of the sickness that plagued my normally healthy husband, it definitely wasn't ideal.

Better now then when I'm 39 or 40 weeks pregnant, right?

Here's to hoping your homes are healthy right now---and say a little prayer that I can steer clear from that nasty bug.

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh no!! I hop he is feeling better. At least you had good weather, we had snow!

  2. Ohhh no! Thats horrible. He seems like an incredible guy. Hope he is feeling better, and that you stay healthy!

  3. That doesnt sound fun, I hope he is feeling better now, the stomach flu is no fun at all. Other then the flu it sounds like you had an ok weekend.

    I was always very emotional when I was pregnant and still am now.

  4. Oh, and B had the achy-congested-feverish flu when I was in labor! He slept almost the whole time and I did just fine completely alone. You would too. :)

  5. The part about you crying outside the shower made me cry because I am the same way when B is sick. I guess that is one good thing about L's asthma. For a good year, I FREAKED out every time he got sick. Cried at runny noses. And puking. Oh, the puking. And now, I've learned to take it, and other things, in stride. It's pretty amazing. I pray for the same for you. Not an asthmatic kid ;) but an increase in strength from your baby!

  6. O yuck! That doesn't sound fun at all! Here's praying you don't get that awful bug and you stay healthy and happy! :-)

  7. Yuck, that sounds awful! I'm glad he's finally feeling better, that is NO fun. Saying a prayer you stay healthy!

  8. I'm praying for you and Declan! I'm glad he's already feeling a little better! :) Have a wonderful Monday!

  9. Oh yikes! I hope Declan is feeling better! And yes...stay away from that bug! Praying for good health!

  10. Oh no! I hope Declan feels better soon!

  11. don't you just hate it when your protector and safety net is sick and you feel helpless. It's the worst feeling in the world. I'm glad your hubs is feeling better and I pray you don't get sick.

  12. Poor thing! I hope he's feeling better today!!!

  13. oh man! It's good that he's feeling better! And I can totally relate..I hate hate hate seeing my husband sick. He's usually sooo healthy and never gets sick so when he does I feel so bad for him!!

    I'm praying that you don't get the bug :(

  14. That is terrible. My heart broke for you both. You are such a kind caring person, a real role model. You are going to the be the best mother to your lovely daughter. She is so privileged to have you and Declan as parents. You are always in my prayers. Stay healthy girlie.

  15. That is no fun at all. I'm glad he is feeling better and I'll be sending positive thoughts your way that you don't get sick.

  16. poor husband. and poor you. there's no worse feeling than being useless. i hope he feels better soon!

  17. Poor Declan! I hope by now he's feeling better! Isn't it just terrible when our men get sick? I know when Drew's REALLY sick, not just randomly whining, I go into full Nurse-Desiree mode because the only thing in the world I want is for him to get better.

    Saying a little prayer for you both! I mean, the THREE of you! :-)

  18. Oh geez, that is terrible! I hope your hubby is better now and that you don't catch that nasty bug! You really are going to be a great mother :-) You're just so caring. It's nice to see that.

    I hope you have a flu-free week! :-)

  19. Lifting you up in prayer that you stay well! Poor guy! I'm glad the fever is broke!

    And don't worry! I cry every time I get sick and Patrick gets sick! I'm useless!

  20. Oh that's rough, I'm sorry your husband got so sick. Hope he's getting better now!

  21. Aw I hope your hubby gets feeling better...

  22. yuck yuck yuck. Both C and I got this at the same time last year. And C is a big baby when he's sick. But I felt completely useless. I'm pretty sure we both cried at some point. LOL.

  23. Oh no! That's horrible-I'm glad he's feeling better and I hope you stay well!