Friday, March 12, 2010

Funny Kid Comment of the Day, and a surprise.

The class was Kindergarten.
Yesterday afternoon.

[while working on artwork...]

Boy 1: (talking to himself) "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!" [as in, Jerry Springer-sigh.]

Boy 2: "Oh I love Tom and Jerry!!"

Boy 1: "Oh no...this isn't Tom and Jerry. It's this show that my dad watches." [big huge SIGH again]

Boy 2: "Oh. I like Tom and Jerry. You know, with the mouse."

Boy 1: "This show I'm talking about is the one where girlfriends come on there and then beat up their boyfriends on stage."

[I'm seriously overhearing this thinking it's both a mixture of funny and e.x.t.r.e.m.e.l.y SAD]

Me to Boy 1: "I really hope you don't watch that show, it's definitely not for kids."

Boy 1: "Oh, I don't. I watch shows like spongebob and stuff."

Boy 2: "Why do they shout Jerry over and over over again?"

Boy 1: "Um...I'm not sure. I think it's cuz he's like the director or something."


On another note, a much higher note in my opinion--I came home to a surprise at my doorstep! I love packages, and honestly, never really got any until more recently. My heart gets tickled with every single one.

The lovely Taryn sent the little Miss some accessories, actually--that I just love. Honestly, this little girl is spoiled, and I kind of love it. [Well, when she's a baby she won't know how spoiled she is, so its okay, right?] She threw in a scarf that she knew I'd adore, too. She was right, because I put it on right away and wore it to dinner with Declan that night.

Thank you, sweet Taryn--you made me feel oh so loved.

Well, it's Friday. I've been wishing for Friday since, well, Monday.

Happy Friday, loves!


  1. Aw those bows are so cute...That is so sweet..

  2. Oh kids!!

    Cute package, I love getting mail!!

  3. ugh, I hate that show. Poor kid. :)

    Very cute bows!

  4. LOVE the bows!

    And I didn't even know Jerry Springer was still being aired!!

  5. Some parents just really don't care do they? So sad! That show is HORRENDOUS. And we wonder why most kids are so messed up. If that's the kind of stuff they think is normal...geez.

    Anyway, off the soap box!

    Cute bows! :) I always loved the name Taryn for a girl...but we went with Rayna instead.

  6. A dad who lets his 5 year old that watches Jerry there's someone I want to take parenting advice from!

    Love the package...your little miss is going to be one fashion diva!

  7. taryn is such a sweetheart!! what a nice little package!!

    and the story about jerry springer is just too funny!!

  8. Aw, yay for getting a package! That's always a nice surprise!

  9. It's so scary the stuff that kids are exposed to at such an early age these days. I am actually relieved to hear that your students know who Tom and Jerry are... many don't watch that anymore. I wish I got to overhear 'cute' conversations like this at my school. Instead I get the more advanced high school version that is just gross.

  10. The bows are adorable! The litle girls I nanny for wear them all the time :-)

    Hope you have a great weekend!!

  11. Oh kids... that is pretty funny.
    Today, while working at my parent's restaurant, which is pizza/arcade style, I got:
    "Hey! Um Ma'am... One of the games in there... in THERE... well it took about thirTEEN of my tokens. And... I am really not keen on that."

    The kid was like 7. Haha! I basically laughed and replied "oh really?! Well lets check it out then." and kept laughing. And of course... he was lying. I gave him 4 as a compromise anyways. Mostly because he said "keen." ha!

  12. Awwwww... <3

    I'm so glad you like them, sweetie! I can't wait to "meet" Little Miss.

    And the scarf is so perfectly you! I was more than happy to send it to you! :)

  13. cute bows! I own that scarf too, and I wear it ALL the time!

  14. Awww what a sweet package, unlike like a poor KG who's been exposed to Jerry Springer!

  15. Gah, not kids...but parents these days!! geez! and i love the scarf!