Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Funny Kid Comment of the about NOT so funny.

I overheard it.

It usually starts in the springtime...but this year, with all the snow that's pushing spring off, I guess it was bound to start.

The girl drama.

The caddy-ness.

The bickering.

I heard this:

Sassy Girl #1: "Stop talking about ______ behind her BACK!"

Sassy Girl #2: "I'm allowed to talk about her!! Besides, she talks about me all the time. The only thing I said was that I DON'T LIKE HER!"

This kind of talk went on for a few more seconds...

[fyi: miss no-named girl was standing RIGHT there. ouch.]

Both sassy girls were eye-rollin', oh-no-she-dinnnt'ing, and bobbing their head around so hard that the verdict is still out on whether they're properly attached or not.


The girl drama is ridiculous.

During all this I was working on some things at my desk (I used to never sit at my desk...but with pregnancy...its true, I sit sometimes-I admit).

I let out a huge freaking sigh because mainly, I realized it was time to step in.

It's like the buzzer went off and it was my turn to step in the ring, although I feared...f0r my life. Because honestly, who wants to step into that kind of drama?

No one. Not-a-one.

Not even a teacher...whose job is to put out fires on a daily basis.

So I let out a quick, "Excuse me ladies, that is completely unnecessary, and you know rudeness is not tolerated here."

I was really hoping this would do the trick.

But, it didn't help.

Not one bit.

The head bobbin' and the snap-snap-snappin' kept on happening. The girls would walk by each other and purposely brush shoulders with the other just to tick the other one off.

I could have cut the tension with a knife.

I managed to talk to each of them separate for a few minutes, and both of them seemed to have their 'reasons' for disliking the other so much. But GOOD grief 4th grade girls...chill the heck out.

You are not only scaring me of raising a little girl, but you're gonna send this peace-making teacher into early labor with all that bickering.

I realized with this situation today that I'm much better at handling the other simple little discipline know, talking too loud/not raising hands/misusing materials to name a few--- but these drama-fied ones? Notsomuch.

So on that note:

Dear baby girl,

Please, oh please do not turn out like these caddy little girls. I cannot handle that. I will have no clue what to do.

Your already-scared-about-adolescence mother.


Happy Wednesday!


  1. Ah yes, those good 'ol days in school. I don't miss them AT ALL.

    Good for you for stepping in. They need to learn and who better than a teacher.

  2. Oh how I fear those days when my daughter becomes a teenager. I have a four year old DRAMA Queen who gives me a run for my money daily--BUT it is totally worth it!

    You will be a GREAT mom---I am sure of it :)

  3. I hope it gets better :) And I am sure your sweet little girl will not be that catty! Girls can really mean can't they? I had forgotten all about that early teenage angst stage. I think that maybe they don't even realize why they are doing it. And again, I'm sure you sweet little one won't be that bad :)

    I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!


  4. I gotta give you major props. There is no way I could handle some 4th grade girls with major attitude without wanting to smack them silly. My hats off to you girl.

  5. hah! this story made me laugh. all girls go through some sort of caddy-ness stage. lord knows we certainly did!

  6. I deathly afraid of raising a girl too...maybe that's why I'm hoping for a boy! Haha!

    We were at a yogurt shop a fews weeks ago and a group of high school kids came. It looks like they had been to a Valentine's Dance or something because they were dressed up, though I use that phrase lightly. The girls dresses we so short and tight and they all had on heels higher than a hooker would wear. I took one look and just shook my head, looked down at my stomach and said...If you ever left the house looking like a steet walker, I will kill you!

  7. Oh my this terrifies me too! I still have scars from middle school and high school girl drama and I'm 27 years old. I remember my mom telling me that these things won't matter in the long run and that "they're just jealous" but it does nothing to stop the pain. I just don't know how I'll handle it either!

    P.S. I can't believe these are 4th graders you're talking about. I thought it would at least be 6th grade and up!

  8. i applaud you for teaching...crazy girls like this are why i could NEVER do it.

    and why i wouldn't go back to middle school for all the money in the world!

  9. Girls are so ridiculous. I always said girls are easier (to raise/discipline/play with) until about 6 or 7 and then boys are easier for the rest of their lives... Haha :)

  10. Oh my - the drama! Let's hope our little girls are the "nice" girls!

  11. aww, I am sure your precious one will not be like that. She has suc good role models (You and Declan) she won't need to be like them. (: Thigns will be sut fine.!

  12. Let me reassure you, I don't think you were like these little girls, so I don't think your daughter will be. As far as discipline in the classroom, I have never had my own class, I went through the program and subed for two years and there are no jobs! But, if it was my class I would possibly have a class meeting and discuss that this class is a family. Sometimes you don't like everyone in your family but you have to be nice and respectful to the people in your family. But it is one of those things that happens this time of year and there isn't too much that can be done.

  13. People wondered why I was always better friends with the boys in school and this is exactly why I hated girl drama.

  14. :) You will be fine. Although I was relieved to have a boy. Boys are harder (i think..) when they are younger..They are louder, messier, and more energetic. BUT I think girls are MUCH harder when they get older. I remember how much drama I experienced in high school. I think as long as you build her confidence as she is younger, she'll be strong enough to brush these girls off! Always offer her a listening ear, hugs, and positive words! I think you already sound like a great mommy! You'll be wonderful!

  15. love this. especially your note to your daughter.

  16. p.s. left you something on my page. check it out.

  17. Oh my goodness!!! lol

    I work with the afterschool program and we get hit just as bad with the drama!!!

    Its worse for us because it always JUST SO HAPPENS that the moms of the fighting drama girls pick up their kids at the same time and then you get mama-drama mixed into the NOT fun

  18. Oh's sad how early girls start with the cattiness. It's horrible enough when it's confined to those middle school years, but 4th graders?! Good job for stepping in there and saying that it won't be tolerated.

  19. haha, wow.... I cannot believe the drama starts in 4th grade! I thought that was more 7th grade stuff... Anyway, if you're baby girl is anything like you, she'll be just as sweet as can be... I can't see her causing any trouble! :-)

  20. I am in the SAAAAME boat there with you! I found a note the other day that said "_____ is the ugliest girl in the unavers" (Yes, it was spelt that way) GOOD LUCK! Just know others are suffering with you! haha

  21. I am years away from having kids and I worry about that. I can't stand mean girls! I look at girls of any age and they can all be so mean. Even pre-schoolers will laugh at each other!

  22. UGH. I teach 4th and this is all too common.

    I've been having girl drama since the fall. It came early this year. :(

  23. First time leaving a comment on here. I LOVE your blog and am so excited for you and your little family! Can't wait 'til your little girl gets here :) Btw, this post is too funny!

  24. I know exactly what you mean! That's why I love teaching younger kids that don't have the same kind of drama. Even my first and second graders are so caddy, though! Ugh!

  25. And THAT is exactly why I am petrified to have a girl.

  26. The girls are the worst! I am shocked at just how young it starts anymore!

  27. Um,were you in my classroom today? Because I swear my 10th-graders pull the same craziness. Sigh. It. Drives. Me. Crazy!

  28. We experience this each week with 14 girls (ranging in age from 3rd grade through 6th grade). Each competition they perform brilliantly and then the drama begins. So and so said something about my front tuck, so and so farted, so and get the picture. Talk about long car trips home with the girls! I never remember this drama when I was that young.
    Good luck with it all and I'm sure your little one won't end up being a caddy girl.

  29. Do NOT teach middle school, ever! that's what their whole lives are about!