Monday, March 15, 2010

Giveaway Winner and a Not-Me! Monday!

And the WINNER of the awesome hand-held dust vac is....
Robin: Email me at with your shipping address and I'll get that sent out to you right away! Congratulations and hope you can put it to good use!

Thank you to all 77 of you who entered. If I was Oprah, I would give all 77 of you one of those bad boys. Heck, I'd give you all a car.


Moving on...

Not-Me! Monday!
(To join in the fun-check out MckMama's blog...)

I did not realize this weekend that I make a very bad single person with Declan being away for business. I did not realize that having all the house/dog responsibilities at 32 weeks pregnant (for one measily weekend) would be so exhausting. Not me...I'm much more independent then that.

I did not summon my sister to keep me company all weekend, literally, from sun-up to sun-down (practically). I did not thoroughly enjoy her company because I do not function well alone.

I did not manage to somehow complete all my grad-work Friday night and I was NOT excited to finally be d.o.n.e [at least until after baby-just one class away!], and also relieved to do no more stinky schoolwork.

I did not save all the things I told Declan I'd do around the house until almost midnight Saturday night. I was not up putting away laundry (the ever-growing piles were insaneee), blow-drying Mac after a bath, and doing miscellaneous housework. I was not trying to maintain my 'good house wife' persona-which I times.

I did not walk around the mall Saturday with my sisters
and fall in love with all the adorable summer tops in Charlotte Russe right now. I did not feel completely un-fashionable and HUGE realizing that none of those cute tank tops would be 'cute' on me. I did not long for a post-baby shopping trip and endless funds to do so.


Happy Monday!


  1. Congrats on being done with your classes for a while, and I must say, you've GOTTA be better than me at the housewife stuff. I am TERRIBLE. If it makes you feel better, you'll be back to your pre-baby belly long before me. I'm already coveting everyone's flat tummies in my workout classes!

  2. Love your blog :) Congratulations on your little beans!

  3. I think there should be "After Baby Showers" where mom gets spoiled with gifts! Because you know you need new clothes after baby!

  4. Glad classes are ending for you. Enjoy these last weeks as two. ;)

  5. I agree with Sarah what a wonderful idea!!! :)

    I'm sure you look beautiful pregnant, and i'm sure there were plenty women saying "Oh my gosh! I wish I looked THAT good pregnant!"

  6. Yay for being done with classes!

    And I seriously can't get over that we were both alone this weekend. I wish I'd planned this better! I'd have made a trip!

  7. Congrats on finishing your classes for now!

    And you're freakin' adorable so I'm pretty sure whatever you put on would be cute!