Friday, March 19, 2010

It caught up with me.

Apparently, pregnancy "caught up with me"-per my nurse at the OB.

It all started last night.

I had pressure beyond belief in my 'area'. Like, whoa. It was so bad, that while Declan and I were trying to catch up on American Idol from the week (we're oh so behind, and honestly? I'm bored with the season already, so whatev) I literally moaned and groaned and cried big tears over the pain.

Not to mention my lower back literally felt like it was going to break in two...and my legs were cramping up a storm.

Now, don't get me wrong--I've had my share of pelvic pressure and such the last few weeks, but this...this was different. I have a decent pain tolerance too, but ow, seriously. OW.

I despised my 3 story townhouse last night and all those steps.

Declan had to "escort" me to bed (aka: push my bum from behind to give me some extra 'umph'). In bed, there was no comfortable position.

I woke up at 1:45am and had a desert-dry mouth. I could hardly talk. I muttered something to a sleepy Declan, "Need. water. bad." He muttered something back, like, "Me. get. water. for. you" (okay we don't really talk like cave-men, get it.) Then I said something back like, "With ice and straw please!" (I know...picky at 1:45am after being in a dead sleep. High maintenance I guess.)

I chugged it down, and still just felt so miserable. Miserable is really the only word for it. I had leg cramping from my thighs on down, a back that felt like it was about to snap, and this pain down under that ohmygosh was NOT fun.

Therefore, I was up. Completely, 100% awake. For about 3 hours. Thank God for my iPhone in times like these, when I can update my facebook status, tweet or read tweets, and play games. Also-I googled. I know better then to google, but some of my searches included "33 weeks pregnant and pain in my 'hoo-ha'". The things I found I did not like. That is why I hate google, and usually stay away from pregnancy-googling for fear it will turn me into a crazy monster.

I finally fell asleep a few hours later, only to wake up again at 7:30am. I grunted like a man when I got out of bed, but I did it. I got up, dressed and ready for my work day all while feeling less then normal to say the least.

I called my OB nurse just to explain what was going on, (not to mention, my hands decided to swell on me today, and I have a ring-sore-therefore, they're removed now. Enter in the "unwed mother" look.) and I told her all of these things.

I mentioned the big tears I cried.

I mentioned the pain and that I've felt pretty great up until yesterday. I mentioned the increase in BH contractions. I mentioned the suddenness of all of it.

I awaited some really great diagnosis for my issues.

But basically, all she could tell me was that pregnancy just "finally caught up with me."


Side notes:

-I've never DONE this before, so it is SO hard to know what is "normal" and what is "not". I try not to complain, I really do.
-I went down to the nurse and I have completely perfect blood pressure. No issues there.
-The doctor is going to call me if she thinks any of what I told the nurse seems abnormal. She's pretty sure it is normal.
-The pain is a lot less then it was last night.


On those notes...

at least its Friday...


  1. Oh no. That sounds awful. I'll take my few aches and pains over that anyday! I do wake up with this undying need for water I've started keep a glass on my nightstand. Some mornings I wake up and it's empty and don't even remember drinking it...creepy.

    Hope pregnancy is done catching up with you! Happy Friday!

  2. Sorry you're not feeling well! Hope you feel better soon!

    Don't worry about the "unwed mother look" -- it happens to everyone! :)

  3. Welcome to pregnancy! ;)

    Trust me, all is normal. Take it easy; especially with all those steps. Drink a lot of water and lay on your side for the BH. Tylenol will help the achy legs at night.

    p.s. Step away from Google.

  4. first off..."33 weeks pregnant and pain in my 'hoo-ha'" is arguable the GREATEST google search ever. i love it.

    second...i totally make the hubs get my water every night before bed...i call him the water fairy.

    hope your weekend is full of NO hoo-ha pain =)

  5. O no! Talk about no fun! Hopefully you get a relaxing weekend to enjoy though! Also, on a creeper side note, I tried to add you on facebook, but then felt like even more of a creeper when I couldn't find you. haha I know you can't find me, because I've hidden myself from everyone, for fear of creepers (apparently like myself), so maybe you've done the same.... In other words, I'm trying to find you my dear friend Katie!

    P.S. I loved the fact that you needed ice AND a straw at 1:45am. What a great hubby Declan is that he actually got you exactly that! :-)

  6. Ugh, sorry babe! Hopefully you can just take it easy this weekend and everything will lessen.

  7. You poor thing :-( I hope the pain goes away soon!

    Try to have a good weekend!

  8. I'm sorry you feel terrible! My biggest advice is to put your feet up and take it easy this weekend {and I know, I know...people told me that and I totally rolled my eyes because there was *so* much to do}. But seriously...put in a good movie and snuggle with the hubby on the couch!

  9. A. You are being REAL with us! :) Thats what a blog is all about. You need a place to vent! We're big girls a lot of us have been through this... and we feel your pain!

    B. I AM an un-wed mother. I know the "looks"

    C. Sending you BIIIGGGG hugs! Glad you're feeling a little better! Keep the spirits up!

    D. Thank God for good guys who bring good girls water with ice and a straw! :)

  10. Sorry you aren't feeling good! Hopefully you can relax some this weekend!

  11. I don't blame you for checking with the you said you have never done this are you supposed to know what is normal?!

    Hopefully the pain wears off and you are able to get comfortable and get some rest this weekend!

  12. Aw chicka-dee! i hope that things start feeling better. A friend of mine wore her wedding and engagement rings on a necklace untill her swelling went down after both her boys came out. you could make it into a cute charm necklace and add some baby type stuff to it. lol

  13. Oh sweetie I'm sorry! But it will all be worth it in the long run, when you hold that sweet little baby girl!!

  14. This sounds like not so much fun at all! I'm so glad you are putting this out there.. please keep the honest posts coming.. how else will I know that I'm normal when I get that far along??

  15. That happened to me at 34 weeks too. But I was actually in preterm labor. So put your feet up and drink lots of water (with a straw and ice of course) and if the pain comes back, go get it checked out!!!

  16. aww i'm sorry hun!! I hope you get some relaxation and comfort this weekend!!!

  17. Sorry to hear this! I called yesterday for the results of my glucose test because I hadn't heard anything after taking it on Monday. The nurse said everything was great and ended it with, "I think that is the first positive news I have given you, right?" Take it easy and use this as an excuse to allow others to take care of you!

  18. Oh katie, I'm so sorry your feeling this way... Pregnancy sure has a mind of it's own :/

  19. Oh hun! I started tearing up reading this! I'm so sorry you're in pain! OW! And I happened to be awake at that hour last night, so never be afraid to text/call if need be. I'll talk to you!

  20. Aw. I'm so sorry you're in so much pain. I can't imagine. We take comfort for granted - but when you're pregnant - no choice in the matter! :( I hope you find some comfort ASAP...

    and yes, thank GOD for the iPhone in times like these...hehe

  21. Poor thing. This sounds absolutely terrible. I hope things ease up on you. You are in my prayers

  22. Sorry about all the pain . . hopefully it goes away and you can enjoy the last days of being pregnant!

  23. I am so sorry you were in such pain! I had to chuckle a bit... My SIL just had my nephew last week. But, she had the "perfect" pregnancy. Or, at least she didn't complain about anything! I, will NEVER have that! I will be in pain the entire time. So, I only was chuckling at myself knowing that what you were experiencing must have been awful! UGH!

  24. Well I hope it doesn't catch up to much more! I hope you feel better soon and can get some rest!

  25. I feel your pain... literally. Today my back hurts for the first time and I have so much pressure in my belly it's crazy. We've only got a little time left though, we can do it! :)