Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Put this in my pregnancy journal.

All of the following are things I want to remember from this beautiful and crazy phase of life called pregnancy.


Some of my recent pregnancy struggles:

-putting on any shoes other then ones that slip on easy--if I DO put on any shoes that tie, then I have to hold my breath, and that's not cool, just necessary.

-putting on socks (good thing I HATE socks)

-painting my toenails (I even asked Declan how good he thought he'd be at painting them...I love him, and think he's talented, but am willing to bet his nail-painting skills aren't the greatest.)

-taking a brisk walk without feeling like my hips are gonna break off by the end of it, or like this baby is gonna fall out of me. (I loooove I won't stop. But, gah!)

-getting out of the bathtub on my own (I can do it...I'm just struggling. If Declan is around, he gives me a hand.)

-getting out of bed requires more strategic planning these days. Again, if the husband is around, I sometimes have him lend me a hand. It helps. (A pulley-system above my bed would be awesome! haha.)

-having a full wardrobe full of clothes to choose from...since most things just don't stretch this far anymore.


Some things that I don't prefer to hear while pregnant:

-"Wow. You look big. But you have so far to go!" (um, thanks.)

-"You still have plenty of time to get stretchmarks" (Trust me, I know this and don't need you reminding me of that!)

-"You'll gain SO much weight in the last few weeks...just wait!" (Really? Because I've also heard the opposite and that you can have a stand-still on weight.)

-"You're drawing attention to your belly by wearing that hot pink shirt." (SERIOUSLY? Rude. Rude. Rude. When you are 32/33 weeks pregnant, everything draws attention to your belly.)

[I must say, I've had a hand-full of crazy comments--but, I've been lucky in that I've had many really wonderful compliments too!]


Some things that make a pregnant woman (aka: ME) FLOAT on air:

-"I've heard that pregnant women glow...but I never really saw it before until you. You truly glow!" (seriously, my heart melted...this is coming from a woman at work I have literally spoken 3 words to e.v.e.r!)

-"Pregnancy just works for you." (My swollen feet thank you...)

-"Wow! You're so tiny for 32 weeks!" (Amazing how one person can think you're huge, and another think you're small. Perceptions...)

-"You're all out front! I was all over when I was pregnant."

-"You dress so cute even being pregnant." (Well, I try. I don't think that wearing moo-moo's is permitted anytime, not even while pregnant.)

-"You're gonna get your pre-pregnancy body back in no time!" (Okay, whether I liked my pre-baby body or not, that still is a great compliment. I can only hope it comes true.)

Some hysterical comments from my students:

-"Hey Mrs. B--did you have your baby this weekend?" (I look down, check out my tummy and say, "What do you think?!? and WHY would I be here??")

-"WOW. Did you know your stomach is growing??"

-"How's your baby? I love her little feet. I've seen her little feet before, and they're so cute!" (Weird, I know. But, this little 1st grader sweeears she saw the baby's feet back when I was 23 weeks pregnant. She did not. It was the buttons on my pants.)

-"What does a baby kick feel like? Is she kicking RIGHT now?" (TMI kids...)

-"Holy COW, you have POPPED!" (Just last week a 4th grader told me this--um...definitely popped a looong time ago, sweetie.)

-"She's gonna be the best artist because you're a good artist."

-"When is the baby coming out again?" (I just love the way they ask this.)

Happy Tuesday....


  1. People's perceptions crack me up. The comments don't stop after the baby either....just in case you were wondering. ;)

    People always have something to say.

  2. I bet it's like all the ridiculous questions/comments people ask when they find out you're getting married x 100.

    Love the cute comments!

  3. Hilarious and pregnancy DOES work for you!!

  4. Wait, who said: "You still have plenty of time to get stretchmarks."


    Again, why is that nice/helpful/comforting in any sense of the words?

  5. Wow - I would really love to know what made people think it's their place to say things like that!?!

    I would just concentrate on all of the flattering comments, you look great so I know there are plenty to go around.

    It's your belly and you can flaunt it in hot pink if you want to.. I know I will be :)

  6. I gained a lot of weight my last few weeks, but I honestly think it was just because I was on bedrest. You'll be fine. And that comment about her feet...I. Love. It.

    Oh...and if you DO talk Declan into painting your toes, please vlog it, or at least take a photo!

  7. Aw your students are super cute.....I think all Pregnant women look so cute no matter if thier big or not I just love how happy they look and how thier face just lights up talking about it..

  8. i LOVE that a 1st grader thinks the button on your pants are the baby's feet!! gah kids are so cute.

    and whoever said the shirt "drew attention to your belly"? i'd have drawn attention to my hand..and then popped them one for having NO manners!!

  9. I am glad you are remembering the good comments as well. They are teh best! I am still suprised how people will tell me horror stories about things that happen to their babies. I am only 8 weeks and nervous so TMI for me for sure. Makes ya wonder about people sometimes. You're getting so close!

  10. I love the comments from the little kids...they are too funny!

    It's amazing how rude some people can be and the sad part is they probably have no clue they are doing it, they think that behavior is normal! You look great and after all this you are going to have a beautiful baby girl so all the rudeness really means nothing!

  11. Hehe. I love all the student comments. My friend is due a few weeks before you and teaches 7th and 8th graders....when she came back from xmas break several of them asked if she had the baby. Really?? Now I get it from a 1st grader, they're too little to fully understand...but jr high? I feel sorry for america's future!

  12. How adorable. Did I tell you that Aidyn was sitting on my lap while I was reading your blog.. and it got us talking about babbies again. This is ALWAYS a big topic with Aidyn and I. I'm going to blog about it... you can read all about it. But your blog was the start! :) lmao!

  13. Hi! I'm new to your blog so thought I would say hi! I am about two weeks behind you in pregnancy right now and definitely love the comments that people make. I could hug the people that tell me I'm cute and small for being this far along whilst holding my breath and restraining myself from hitting the people who tell me about the weight I have yet to put on in the last few weeks!

  14. You are one of the cutest pregnant ladies I've ever seen! Plus, one of the sweetest. I do wish i had your style!

  15. I am right there with ya on the shoes and socks thing! My not so favorite thing too is rolling over in bed. NOT FUN.

    I tried to leave my email but couldn't figure it out so you can write me at I'm not too knowledgeable on blogger to leave it any other way. :)

  16. All great things to remember. I hated getting out of bed especially at night when you awake to pee and kind of forget your pregnant and move way to fast, that's not cool!

    Hope your feeling great.

    I love the student comments, those are something you will really want to remember those, they are priceless :)

  17. i think a pedicure is in order soon. obviously i'm away this weekend but maybe next weekend we could do it! i'm dying to get one!!!

  18. What great things for the pregnancy journal! In 2 years or so you are going to crack up at these... And smile :)

  19. I just found you blog and I love it! I started a blog mainly because of the terrible things people have said to me whilst preggo. I think I will head in a more positive direction with it, but I needed to vent and I didn't think my poor hubby could take it!

    I am a 4th grade teacher. My least-favorite comments involve people who tell me not to worry when I have been exposed to various illnesses (H1N1, Fifths disease, and chicken pox, to name a few). Really, don't worry? Like they didn't or wouldn't worry? Ugh.

    The best comments I get are from my husband, who is in love with my baby bump. It makes me feel all silly inside.

  20. Aww, so sweet! Little kids are the funniest!!

  21. I hate getting mixed reviews, especially on looks. Its like who do you believe. You, on the other hand look great. Don't listen ti anyone who tells you other wise.

    P.s. I had to go and get Swedish fish after your post the other day. (:

  22. I can totlaly relate to alot of these..especially the one abotu getting out of bed...I have to roll over, hold on to the headboard and scoot myself toward the edge only to roll right out of bed hahahaha! Of course if my hubby is there and is awake he helps me but normally I'm doing this at like 3am so yeah..I've mastered a new skill. I've also had people tell me that I'm gonna gain all this weight at the end..well thank God they were wrong..I'm only 19 days away and have actually lost 2 lbs which is normal. Sooooo maybe they shouldn't have gotten ahead of themselves. Many times..I don't think they mean to be rude I just think they assume that you're gonna have it the way they did and speak without thinking but I just smile and move on. I try to be wise with the lil bit of energy I have left:D

  23. I can totally relate to the things you missed. My mother graciously painted my toenails for me one time towards the end, and my husband bought me a pedicure my last week 'cause he knew I wanted my toes to be pretty since I was living in flip flops (the only shoes tha tfit by then). I also missed being able to shave the bottom half of my left leg. I'm right handed and my belly just woulnd't let that hand get all the way over there. :) haha!

    My favorite comment when I was pregnant? Some of my husband's high school students told me they hoped they could dress as cute as I do when they're pregnant. (That's a big deal coming from high schoolers.)

    My least favorite comments (that I got MANY times):
    1.) "Are you having twins?" (Is this a "polite" way of saying, "You're HUUUUUUGE!"?)
    2.) "You're definitely going to deliver early becuase your'e SO BIG!"

    I'm 5 feet tall. My belly had nowhere to go but out, so I was HUGE, but still people, that's just RUDE! hahaha

    It's good that you can find the positive and the humor in it all. :)

  24. haha! The things people say crack me up! Although, if someone told me I was drawing attention to my belly by wearing a bright pink shirt, I would say of course I am! I'm proud of the little babe growing in there!

  25. I just found you through some of the other blogs I read (I have seen you comment on a few of them) and thought I'd stop in and check it out. Love your blog! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. I have only had a few of the bizarre comments so far .. like "Oh, you're definitely having a boy because your face is so broken out". Um, thanks? Why because I am pregnant is it okay to point out, in a large group of people, that my face looks like a 14 year old version of itself?! Somehow, I think people have this irrational belief that pregnant women aren't self conscious about their bodies! Strange ... Anyway ... good luck! I can't wait to read more.

  26. I was shocked by the 1st grader's comment. Really weird. Reminds me of how kids can be really silly most of the times. I can totally relate with you. One thing I didn't like was during the early periods. I wore maternity bands to hide my tummy so I can still wear my pants. It did help. No wonder my friends were stunned when I stopped wearing them. Anyway, thanks for sharing your story.