Friday, April 23, 2010

38 weeks and a great big SIGH.

I really don't like to talk numbers or nitty gritty specifics on my blog. In any way, shape or form, honestly.

But, today...I'm feeling slightly down.

I need to write about it.

Hence, this post.

I've been honest about everything pregnancy-related. So why hold back now?

Yesterday I went to the doctor for my almost-38-week appointment. I was really hoping for some change since last week. At my 37 week appointment I was 70% effaced, not dilated yet, but the baby was "very" head down. The doctor even told me she didn't think I'd be one of those "overdue" pregnant women. Which is awesome.

Yesterday, an entire week later...I find out there's been no change.

I know this is why internal checks can be so horrible. They give you a false sense of hope, even as much as you tell yourself it won't.

Because at this point (38 weeks), everyone just wants to be a mom. We want progress. SOMETHING to hold onto that proves this baby is going to make it's way out and not live inside you f.o.r.e.v.e.r.

The doctor did tell me, though, that the baby is "wedged" in the pelvis and not floating...which is a great thing. She's in the right spot rearing to go....and just needs everything else to happen so she can come out and meet her parents.

Come on body, get a move on!

The saddest words I think I heard at the appointment was when the doctor said to me, "I think I'll probably see you next week at your appointment."

I cringed.

I did.

A whole other week of waiting. A whole other week of sore feet. A whole other week of swelling. A whole other week of teaching. A whole 'nother week of not holding her.

So, in my efforts to see all things in a positive light lately....I've compiled yet another a list of why this could be good.

-Next week is my official 'last' week of school anyway. It's probably better I finish it out on nice clean note as planned.

::scratching my head trying to come up with more reasons::

-I've said since the beginning that I'd like her to come between April 30th-May 8th. Although, that all seems SO far away. Even now.

(Okay, this list is sucking...)

-I'll have more time to drive myself crazy "nest" and get things ready for the little chica.

(Uhh...pretty much everything is done.)

-She could have her birthday on a Mexican Holiday (Cinco de Mayo), and well, how fitting for her mexican-food-loving-mama?

(Does it seem like I'm digging for reasons now...? Because. I. TOTALLY. am.)

-Another week (or more) to blame pregnancy for things. My mood, my hunger, my need for ice cream. Whatever it may be.

(...and another week to gain more friggin' weight!)

well, that didn't go so good.

Since my list didn't go as least I can think of one really good thing right now.

It's Friday.


Don't worry...I didn't forget.
Me in all my glory swelling.

ps: I do realize that dilation and effacement doesn't necessarily tell much because some women dilate 0-10 in a day with no warning (like my mom), or finish the effacing during actual labor, etc. But, withthatsaid, it still didn't help to give me much hope. Although, things could be worse with no progress, eh? The bright side....the bright side...


  1. Aww Katie, I'm sorry! I hope something gets moving and gets her outta there before TOO long!

    Even though you claim to be swelling, you look AMAZING! seriously! If I make it to 38 weeks I hope I still look as good as you!!!

    And, as my mom said to me the other day, "Enjoy these moments because this is the last time you'll ever get her all to yourself and the last time you'll be able to enjoy those kicks and wiggles!" I know you're over it but it's true! Enjoy!

  2. Aww Miss Katie.... I'm so sorry you aren't getting your way with this one! Maybe she'll be a stubborn little girl? :-) You do look fabulous, seriously, if anyone makes pregnancy look good, it's totally you! I hope you have some progress for next week, so you can keep your sanity! :-) Thinking of you!!

  3. Good luck doll face! It'll happen on its own time (which you alread know!) My son was stuborn as well... and he still is.. but guess what?Thats not a bad quality.. When he wants something he goes for it full force. He works extra hard to learn things, and when he's made up his mind thats all the thinks about. I Think he'll make a good future lawyer or doctor! :)

    Maybe your little girl will be too :)_

  4. I'm tellin' you what, those last couple weeks are the longest, and then all the sudden... She's here!! So worth the wait :-)

    Have you talked to your DR about induction? Both my girls were induced; Lucy at 39 wks, Penny at 37 wks. I thought it was great. I know people say that induction sucks, but I loved it. They came quick without any problems and I knew when they were going to be here. That made things a lot less stressful :-)

    Its not for everyone... But it worked out for me!

    Good luck! You'll do great!

  5. This really is such a sweet post because you are just an anxious mamma wanting to hold her sweet little girl! She will be here!!! And once she is here, you will probably look back so fondly to the days she was still in your belly. Cherish these last days! SO excited for you!

  6. There's always a bright side! At least you're not kneeling in the bathroom in agony, trying to figure out what's coming out of your body because you didn't know you were pregnant! (Okay, so that probably didn't help at all, did it?)

  7. Aw Katie you always look so cute in your pics!I hope she comes into the world soon...I know what you mean about feeling like she is going to live inside you forever but I think I will be one of the only mums praying to get to 40 weeks so that my husband gets back in time! I start my weekly check ups from now so I will do the exact same as you no doubt and cling onto any info I get!

  8.'re so cute! I just love reading your blog. You are seriously ADORABLE! I'm super excited for you to meet your little girl. If it's any help, my birthday is May 7th and I absolutely love it! It's a great birthday......Here's hoping you'll see more positives!

    Thanks again for making my day with your blog!

  9. I could have written this post myself. Actually, I think this was totally the theme of my blog from January 1st-January 8th.

    I know there is SO much to get done, but seriously try to get some rest this weekend mamma!

  10. omg, that first pic of you is just too cute!!

    how about focusing on the fact that at least it's april...not july. imagine being that pregnant and super hot? no. fun.

  11. You always have the cutest belly pics. And your bathroom is the same "slimer green" (as my husband used to say) that our old bathroom was! I miss it now that I'm surrounded by nothing but taupe!

    Hope your little miss shows her pretty little face soon!!

  12. I say complain as much as you want :) I'll still be here! You're carrying a sweet little life for goodness sake! You definitly deserve it!

    I hope she comes soon! and you are still gorgeous than ever Katie!! xo

  13. Play the Wii, have sex, and eat spicy food. Can't hurt....

  14. They say you labor like your mom did. So if your mom went from 0-10 in a day then you are more likely to follow that trend. Just a little encouragement for you. :)

  15. You are too cute! I love that last pic with your :0 face!

    Complain ALL you want! You deserve to!

  16. Come on Baby Girl! Get a move on ... your Mama wants to meet you!

    You look gorgeous!

  17. she could be born on May day and be the embodiment of all things spring--beautiful, fresh, lovely, and loved by all. :)
    i haven't had any babies, but i'm equating the "just want to be a mom" statement to how i felt before i got married. we had eight months of planning, and by the sixth or so, i didn't care anymore i just wanted to be *married*. lol (i know this is a huge difference & in no way want to belittle your experience, so i hope you don't take it that way.) :)

  18. Try your best to enjoy this time that you have her all to yourself! She will come when the time is right!

  19. Try your best to enjoy this time that you have her all to yourself! She will come when the time is right!

  20. Totally feel your pain. I remember trying so hard not to get my hopes up for those last few appointments but feeling so disappointed when the same thing happened to me. It's easy to tell yourself that you know dilation and effacement mean not too much, but harder to believe it! I was 1.5cm dilated and 50% effaced from 37 weeks but then stopped making progress until I went into actual labor (and even then when we first got to the hospital, I hadn't changed much) Praying for peace and patience and a swift delivery for you!!

  21. Oh, you are SOOOO CUTE (hello? That last pic?) it kills me.

    Literally. I'm dead. *thud*

  22. I know just how u feel! I am ready for some progress too girl!!!! :D We are due around the same time, so here's to hoping we both deliver early :D

  23. You still look great for 38 weeks! I think you may be like your Mom and go really fast in one day.

    Look at it this way too, I have the pleasure of knowing my body is getting ready and still no baby. I could dialate all I want but still be over due. Who knows, this baby stuff is crazy, so hang in there!

  24. Hmmmm.....Twin, I think I've heard this story before! :)

    Keep your chin up. People keep telling me the numbers mean nothing as far as when you will go into labor.

    Just keep walking! And blogging, of course :)

  25. Awww hang in there girl! I love the picture all the way to the left that you posted today. It cracks me up :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

  26. I was in almost the same situation at 39 weeks, virtually no progress at the appointment and I went into labor that night. You never know.

    One thing to ad to your list. Babies are actually still doing some growing and developing inthise last few weeks. In fact, that's when their sucking reflex matures. Some of the earlier ones have a hard time nursing

  27. Oh sweetie-I hope she comes soon!

  28. Hon, I am doing my best to pray that baby the heck out of you as quick as I can!

    Hang in there!

  29. I'm sorry to hear that you're in a lot of discomfort. Hopefully she'll make her appearance this week! I don't know if I've said it before on here but everytime I see a picture of you I think you look so much like Kelly Clarkson!

  30. Oh, do I understand. I was just like that with my first. I remember it being Halloween (right at 38 weeks), and I was teaching, and my students were all excited and all I could think about was the fact that I KNEW I'd be pregnant forever.

    She was born two days before her due date. And I was so glad.

    I can commiserate. Each day is forever at the end of pregnancy. :)

    (And BTW. I didn't dialate past 2cm until after 25 hours of labor. And when I did dialate? I went from 2 to 10 in 15 mins. That was fun.)

  31. Awe, you are the cutest prego lady.! So happy for you.!!

  32. OMG you look soooo great Katie!!! ANY DAY NOW!!!

  33. I know you must be frustrated! However, our bodies are crazy and sometimes things just happen and happy quickly. I am sure you have heard all the "my friend" stories..but here is another one.

    I saw a friend of mine at the mall about 3 weeks before her due date and asked her if there was any progress. She said no and the dr. doesn't think it will be any time soon. However, that baby had other plans. She gave birth three days later.

    Think positive..she will be here when the time is right :)

  34. You're adorable!! I always love your belly pics, girl! And you're almost there!!! I know it's got to be hard.. actually.. I dont know, but I've heard from my friends so I know you're not alone.... But, you'll have her in your arms soon enough and I cant WAIT to admire her from the bloggidy world!! XOXO! :)

  35. This is interesting cause I totally get you. If you remember, I too went for my 38 wk check up hoping for some change especially since I'd been feeling pain for three. I even got my mom hyped up lol. Doc checks me, I'm mentally crossing my fingers and doc simply says, "No dilation, hard cervix...BUT she's lower" (just not low enough). Uhhhhh I was ready to cry lol. I wanted him to tell me to rush to the hospital. He also told me that he could possibly see me the following week in his office but he also said or at the hospital! It's crazy how us moms-to-be feel because part of us want the baby in there just a lil longer to get everything situated yet deep down we want baby NOW! Like you, I didn't mind having her on my due date since it was on Easter...which was cool BUT I was so ready to meet her.

    My point is..LOL.... don't focus too much on what the doc told you...look at doc says NO change....fri - I'm having baby!!! I went from 0 dilation to 5 in a matter of hours. I bet my doc was totlaly shocked to deliver my baby not even 48hrs later. So don't drive yourself crazy my friend with the're body or even better GOD has the final word and He will make it happen wether it's tonight, this sat, next fri or the following mon. Just continue to listen to your body, try to rest as much as you can cause sleep goes out the window once you have her lol. And maybe...just maybe you'll have a crazy story like mine to share;D