Friday, April 16, 2010

Full Term and Fully Over-Googling.

***Psssss: I'm featured here today! Hooray. Well, the nursery is anyway. Head over to to see all the details, where things were purchased, etc.


I'm so beyond thrilled it's Friday. I've been looking forward to it all week. Heck, I have only "two" more Friday's left before I'm officially not the teacher-version-of-me, and I'm the mom-version-of-me (or at least close to it).

To say I'm looking forward to that is an understatement.


It radiates from every pore in my body.

Heck, I'll word vomit all over you how excited and ready, and thrilled I am for this all to start happening.

My body is slowly progressing. In my book, any progress is good progress.

I've inundated myself with google searches.

All of which have made me more confused.

I've called almost every friend I know and talked to them about their labor experiences, what their contractions felt like, and asked them questions like "how dilated and effaced were you, and for how long??".

It's all made me even MORE confused.

More convinced that we are all SO.very.uniquely.different.

More sure that I need to shut my mouth and stop asking questions.

More sure that I need to trust my instincts and the things I feel in my own body.

Or tape my hands behind my back and stop typing questions into Google.

Because, good Lord...only HE knows when she's coming.

No one's experience is going to be exactly like mine.

So I'm done.

It's just gonna happen how it's gonna happen.

The opinions of when other people feel I'll have the baby are just that....opinions.

And, you know my theory on opinions:

They're like buttholes, and everyone has one.

So, I'm not being rude. I promise. I'm just being real. Honest. Truthful. This emotional pregnant chick (yoo-hoo! over here. Yes. ME!) doesn't want to hear, "Ohhh, I'm sure you'll be overdue! You look too good to go into labor anytime soon."

Because, while you* THINK you're giving me a compliment-you're really just ticking me off.

Have a Happy Friday! I sure need a weekend, don't I? :) haha...

*By "You", I do NOT mean any of "you"--I promise.

Now you get to see me in all my belly-sagging glory.
This is what happens at the end.



  1. Happy Happy Happy Full Term!!! :-) How super duper exciting! You are going to make a great mommy in just a few short weeks! By the way, I totally love your honesty! :-) So all of those nay-sayers can stick it where the sun don't shine! haha

  2. You do look great! And I'm excited for you just by reading about how excited you are!!

  3. Welcome to those last few weeks of pregnancy. :) I've been there (so recently!), and I'm pretty sure that every post the last 8 weeks of my pregnancy were ALL ABOUT being pregnant. Except I was heniously grumpy pregnant lady. Foul.

    I won't give any advice. Just a good luck, and hold on. They smell so good and are so soft that pretty soon you'll be reveling in those moments.

  4. When my sister was pregnant, she got the, "ooh, first babies always come early." and the next person would say, "the first baby is always late!" And to prove them all wrong, she was born on her due date. No one knows what they're talking about! :-)

    So, if you disappear from WWF for a while, I'll know that baby B finally decided to show her face!

  5. I was 2-3cm dilated and 75%effaced for WEEKS. I was also having contractions that were consistently spaced apart, and I remember being so confused about when I should go to the hospital.

    People would tell me "you'll know when the contractions are real". And I can remember rolling my eyes and thinking 'These contractions are painful. They're not comfortable. What if you're just a wuss and I have a high pain tolerance and these contractions are the real deal?'

    But let me tell you...once my water broke and I was having real CONTRACTIONS where I thought I was going to die, I realized that people weren't lying--I so knew! LOL!

  6. You look great! I feel the same way, I will listen to everyone's advice, stories and opinions but I know that there is no "set answer" to these last few weeks of pregnancy and I just need to stay away from confusion and accept that whats going to happen will happen! Congrats on being full term- you are so close now!

  7. I can't believe you're already full term!!! I can't wait for you to meet your sweet daughter!! :)

  8. Wooohoo...full term, how exciting! What a wonderful time in your life and I know you are just so excited to meet your daughter!

  9. Waiting really is the hradest friend was due on Wednesday and there's no sign of baby anytime soon! I think that's the part of pregnancy I will hate the most...the uncertainty when you're soooo ready to be done.

    Your're looking good though, she sure has dropped again, even more than last week! She's getting ready!

  10. Happy full term! She will be here before you know it, whenever she decides to make her grand entrance! :)

  11. You look great! I hope it happens for you fast and SOON!!! CONGRATULATIONS!

  12. Your link doesn't work. :(

    I am sending 38 week labor vibes your way. Play the Wii...Wii sports to be exact...I think it was tennis and bowling. It worked for me with L!

  13. Here's my butthole comment... :)

    RELAX!!!!!!! Enjoy being pregnant still, enjoy her being inside of you, enjoy a quiet house, enjoy your alone time with hubby, go shopping, go out to dinner, go to a movie...soak it all up over the next few weeks.

    ...and you will know when it's "time". If you have to google it to find out, it's not time. ;)

  14. I'm a relatively new reader and have only commented a couple of times but had to comment on this post.

    My little man is two weeks old today. He was born 3 days before his due date. At my 39 week appointment I was only 1 cm dialated and 80% effaced. My midwife said she couldn't 'stretch' it or strip my membranes. I made an appointment for a non stress test etc for the day after my due date. I hadn't lost my mucus plug and my water hadn't broken. I was convinced I would be way overdue. I went into labor a few hours later :)

    My contractions were fairly mild at first and I worked the entire next day not convinced that I was actually on labor. My contractions got stronger but is still wasn't convinced. :). Like the previous commenter said, you really will know when it's time. It's actually better if you don't realize you're in labor for a while, it'll make the time pass faster. As long as you don't live really far from the hospital, just trust your body. Like they told us in our birth class, people really do hardly ever not make it to the hospital. With first timers it's usually the opposite.

    You'll be great. And one more thing I was curious about...the pain. It really wasn't as bad as I feared. It hurt but you get breaks in between contractions and unlike most pain in life, you get am awesome reward in the end. I you can let go and give into the moment, your body will know what to do. It's really amazing. By the way, I did it without an epidural and I still say it wasn't too bad :)

  15. I hope you have a relaxing weekend! I can't believe you are already full term...May seemed so far away last fall!

  16. SOOO excited to "meet" her. You are so darn beautiful!

    Congrats mommy, you're almost there!!!! :))))

  17. hooray for full term! enjoy this last little bit. it could be any time!

  18. You crack me up! You are going to be a great mama, Katie. :)

  19. You make me laugh so hard!!!!!

    Love you.

    Love that belly.

    Love this post.

    As you can tell love is the theme of this comment!!!! :)

  20. A) You've definitely dropped! She's a comin'!

    B) "They're like buttholes, and everyone has one."


  21. lol, I just asked our teacher at birthing class the same thing multiple times - "How do you KNOW they are for real though?". I'm still nervous even though she answered me twice about it. :)

    You look great!

  22. I am enjoying your updates! It's fun to see all of my "pregnant friends" and their weekly updates.

    And really, you have the cutest nursery setup...I love it!

  23. You look awesome.!! I can not wait till you get your precious child. You are just glowing with motherly glow.!