Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Got it all together?

I have to tell you something.

I'm not sure if somehow I've made this unclear-and I'm all about honesty. So, I must get this out in the open.

I don't 'have it all together'.

Not even one bit.

I'm sorry if I've made it seem that way. I never meant to fudge the truth or make you believe something that's not exactly 100% true.

After a few of you lovely ladies asked me yesterday how I handle work, school, marriage, pregnancy, etc...and manage to [dreaded words] "keep it all together"--I started feeling guilty.

I most definitely do not have it all together. I so wish I did. But, not me.

Part of that probably has to do with the fact that I'm NOT a Type "A" personality by any means. I don't keep to-do lists. I don't stay on top of things as well as I should. I don't always put my 100% effort into everything at all times.

The truth is--I'm mediocre in most areas.

I'm mediocre as a homemaker. Honestly? My home doesn't get deep-cleaned (or cleaned!) as often as it should. When it does-it ONLY (I repeat, ONLY) happens because I have an awesome husband who does 75% of it while I waddle around and do the other 25% in the same amount of time. [What? I'm slower these days.] During the week...there is mail strewn on counters, thank-you cards piled on the kitchen table, the pillows on the couch are out of place, and there are doggie toys all over the floor. Like a lot of you...I'm also exhausted when I get home from work-and yes, I do just sit down a lot of the times after work and do n.o.t.h.i.n.g. Also, I have days where I don't cook a darn thing for dinner because I lack the energy, or the creativity to be able to whip together something cute and equally delicious. I lack those skills. Big time. Sometimes, I just wait until Declan comes home (2 hours after I get home), and make him ask him to grill a simple hot dog or hamburger for dinner. I try to stay on top of a few things daily-mainly, the dishes and keeping the counters relatively clean. That's about as far as it goes. Pathetic? Maybe. But, I'm being honest.

I'm not the best "student". You all know that I'm normally taking a grad class here or there. Luckily, in this moment, I'm not (hallelujah!). The truth is, when I take them--I don't put my full effort into them, either. I do what I can to make it work into my busy lifestyle. I hand things in on time, but is it always my best work? Absolutely not. Do I get decent grades? Yes, but that's probably because the teachers are too busy themselves to nit-pick over my work. Honestly? Another area where I don't give it my "all", nor do I keep it all together. Again....mediocre.

I could always be a better teacher. There is always room to improve as an educator--and that's just part of being a teacher. Constantly growing, constantly learning-constantly improving on your lessons to make learning better for the students. The truth is, I'm a pretty decent teacher-but there is always room for improvement. I feel that with the pregnancy I've not been up to par on where I should be, but luckily, I don't think the students notice. It's more of a personal thing. Feeling bad for being more irritable, feeling guilty about sitting to rest my swollen feet now and again, and feeling bad about lacking the energy and excitement that I should have on an everyday basis, and I don't.

...the list could go on and on.

I guess it's easy to appear as if you have things all together. Honestly, that wasn't my intent. The point in all this is to say that I'm just an average-wife, an average-teacher, an average-student, and an average-pregnant woman.

I do things little bits at a time to get things done.

I always take time to rest.

I leave dirty dishes in the sink at times.

I leave mail unopened for days.

I don't fold our TV blankets everynight before going to bed.

Heck, I don't even make our bed everyday.

I leave my makeup out on my sink instead of moving it afootaway to where it belongs.

The list goes on and on...

but, you should get the point by now.

Happy Tuesday!


Please note: That was by no means a pity party. I need and want zero pity. I just like being honest, and the honest truth is-I'm not the best at most things. My life is a daily balancing act (like yours), but I often fail. Miserably. I think its important to know we all have struggles, we all get tired, we all are busy and we can't always be perfect in all areas, and thats okay.


  1. I admire you for being so honest... I think a lot of times people get caught up in "only showing their best side" on blogs... we're all real people with faults! I feel like I need to do a similar post soon!

  2. I've always wanted to take a cooking class to learn that much needed wifely skills. I wish I was able to look at random ingredients and just throw them together and actually have it be edible when finished.

  3. Oh man, do I relate. There's such pressure to exemplify all that is womanhood, isn't there? And yet. It's impossible. Luckily, we all have God's grace and a good sense of humor! Our non-perfections kind of just make us who we are! And yours make me love you all the more, neverfear!

  4. O gosh! You and I and the grad classes should get together! haha... I know I don't put forth my best effort in my classes, and I really should.... It just gets tiring and there isn't a lot of time in the day! So I'm right there with you sister! No need to worry.

    We both put our pants on one leg at a time, but we're still pretty amazing... :-) I like to think so anyway! Have a great Tuesday!

  5. I love this post! On blogs we always talk about the good and the happy but we don't always talk about the boring things like cleaning our house or making our bed every day!

    You need to rest and keep your feet up, not much longer and you will have baby and dog stuf all over!

  6. PLEASE don't take this as an insult because it's meant as a compliment..... I've never gotten the impression that you "have it all together" or that you make yourself out to be above-average in everything you do.

    I think you are refreshingly honest about your life and pregnancy. You have a great life and have had a pretty great pregnancy, but that's not to say you don't have your bad days. Everyone does.... just not everyone shares about them. You do, which is one of the reasons I like reading your blog. At the same time, you try to look on the bright side or look for the light at the end of the tunnel.... another reason I like reading your blog.

    Keep on being you.... we like that girl :)

  7. i don't think our bed has been made in MONTHS. cuz i don't get the point when we're the only ones homes, and the only ones who see it!

    and the way i figure're probably being mediocre at lots of things, to save up for being the most kickass mama EVER!!

  8. You are so brave to put it all out there! You are incredible! I think that we are all human. YOU ARE PREGNANT for goodness sakes! Seriously! Give yourself a break and know that you are doing AMAZING!


  9. I am right there with you...especially about the teaching part. And if you EVER make your bed, you are doing better than me. I literally never, ever make mine. Honestly...the thought doesn't even cross my mind.

  10. None of us have it all together. It's refreshing to read your honesty :)

  11. I never felt like you weren't being honest, plus it is nice to focus on the positive sometimes. But you sound like me with the dinner thing, my poor husband never gets a cooked meal anymore. I need to work on that!

    BTW I was at Target yesterday and in the children's bedding aisle(not baby) there were several different owl decorations and things. They were adorable and even the same color scheme as you have. Just wanted to share. :)

  12. I love this! I am SO with you on this! I am a "mediocre" EVERYTHING too! haha, I have just accepted it and moved on. I don't mind letting the dishes or laundry pile up, having no milk or bread, even making a bag of chips my dinner for the night, because there are too many other important things to focus on that. Thanks for posting this!

  13. i see where you're going with this post but i would have to disagree. you my dear are anything but average. as your sister i can say that. :)

  14. Haha! When I said that you seemed to have it all together yesterday, I meant the nursery... :)

    While I am thoroughly impressed that you are teaching toward the end of your pregnancy (I'm a teacher, and I'm exhausted at the end of each day without growing a baby inside me), I know that you may not feel that you really have got it all in line... None of us do. :)

    But give yourself credit! You're doing a fab job!

  15. And you are not alone. :) I've came to realize that not everything is as it seems in the blogging world. I don't expect people to think I have it all together and I don't think others do either. Hello, we're all human! We can't have it all together all the time. It's almost impossible.

  16. I don't think we ever make our bed. We straighten out the blankets before we crawl in at night and that's good enough! A little mess never hurt anyone :)

  17. You do have it all together!!!

  18. I'm with you on the not being a type-A personality at all! Most of the time, I am just happy with mediocre and I don't speak the language of perfection. In fact, I got (kindly) kicked off a furniture painting project with my neighbor this week because she IS a perfectionist, and even though I've painted much more furniture than her... I am not a perfectionist. I had to laugh about it.

  19. No one is perfect girl, but I think you're doing a FABULOUS job!! I dread the day I'm pregnant and on my feet teaching all day. I give you so much credit for doing what you're doing!

    I'm totally a mediocre student too. I didn't turn in 2 assignments this quarter and am thinking of just keeping my B instead of doing 1 more for an A. I'm too tired and have state tests next week!

  20. I love this post! And, I appreciate you being so open and honest about it. :) I am the same exact way in so many things....leaving dishes in the sink, not making the bed, not putting my make-up bag away (when all I have to do is open the bottom drawer and throw it in), coming home from work and doing nothing - I just lay on the couch most of the night watching tv and playing on my laptop. LA-ZY. lol

    Don't worry, girl...we all do those things! ;)

  21. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way!

  22. Hey girl, I don't know how I wasn't following you before, cuz I've definitely been keeping up with you blog! Anyway, I'm a bona-fide follower now and I've got a link to your blog on my site. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.

  23. Good for you and admitting everything you did. It didn't make me feel pity at all! It made me feel relief that I am not the only lousy housekeeper out there. There is just so much more to do than really clean the house! Thanks for admitting it all! I am still impressed by all you do!

  24. You are honest, but I still give you credit for having less time than the average soon to be mom and still being so together. I admire you, and I truly mean that! Plus, I work part time and my house is atrocious and I'm not that great at my job and I'm terrible at keeping up with people....LOL

  25. Thanks for being so honest! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one with doggy toys littering the floor and unmade bed :)