Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The lazy, hazy days of summer (uh..spring)

The seasons have changed around here...or so it seems. I'm afraid to even blog about how nice it's been weather-wise for fear that somehow, someway I'll jinx it, and I don't even believe in jinxing!

It's been sunny.

It's been a bit breezy.

It's been absolutely beautiful.

I love it.

We love being outside. We love enjoying gorgeous spring days. We absolutely LOVE to cook on the grill, and even eat our dinner outside at our table on our deck.

It means it's springtime.

It means the carefree days of summer are ahead.

It means longer nights (with more sunlight).

It means walks around the block.

It means long nights of sitting around, with good friends and good conversation.

Can I just add, that I love it so much-that I'm currently writing from my deck-laptop in place, ice water nearby and chubby feet propped up....soaking up the sun. I'm such a multi-tasker. [Confused? I tend to write my posts the day's currently Tuesday afternoon...and GORGEOUS!]

Not only do Declan and I love the outdoors at this time of year...but so does our Mac-boy. So much so, that I have to leave the screen door open for him (hence, doggie door coming soon) so he can come and go to play on the deck as he pleases. However, recently he's mastered the art of nudging the screen door open with his nose. Yea, we know he's smart, he gets it from his parents. However, we need to teach him to close it, too.

He's a little sun-worshipper.

So we'd like to think our soon-coming little Miss will also enjoy lazy, breezy, sunny days outside with her old folks and puppy. Heck, it's gotta run in the family.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. This is my favorite time of the year! Well without all of the rain/storms we've been getting here.... I love Spring & Fall, maybe equally because it's not too hot, not too cold and you can sit outside on the deck allll dayyyy longggg! :-)

  2. I know what you mean! I haven't washed my car in 2 weeks because everytime I do it pours the next day. So I've been avoiding it. hahaha

    Until today however because my dark car is now almost a bright yellow. lol

  3. I love the beautiful weather! There's nothing better than the sun shining on you while relaxing outside! Cute picture of the pup!!

  4. Sounds amazing! I cannot wait until the pollen clears up here so we can sit on the back porch and enjoy the sunshine! I hope you have a great and blessed day! XOXO, KA

  5. We are loving the sun around here as well. It is amazing and we had a gloomy day yesterday but the sun is out shinning today.. Can't wait for warmer weather to come our way!

  6. This post makes me jealous. We had gorgeous weather over Easter weekend but currently it's dark, dreary and pouring rain!

  7. I can.not.wait. for summer time! EEE!! we spend every day at the park these days. We honestly go before AND after naptime! I can't get enough! FUN!

  8. I love this weather too! I just hate all the pollen. ICK.

  9. I LOVE this time of year too! I came home yesterday and took my book out to read on the patio while dinner was baking in the oven! It was heavenly!

  10. i keep meaning to meantion that you should totally submit your lovely nursery to this she would love to feature you!!

  11. I lovee the weather lately.! hit 90's today.!! (: Enjoy it.!

  12. I did the same thing yesterday! We girls that get hit with snow for 5 months a year gotta soak up the snow. It is so great little miss is coming this time of year so you can get out and take walks and all that. I'm sure it will help with the hormones too ;)

  13. I wish we hadn't pretty much skipped Spring and headed straight into Summer here in Tampa. Sigh. I would love to be sitting outside right now but it's hotttttt! ah ha ha