Thursday, April 15, 2010

My long, long day.

The sun is shining so bright today.

The weather is going to be 70 degrees.

It's crisp.

It's not too hot, not too cool.

It's perfect.

I want to be home. I want to be enjoying it. I want to be "mommy" and not "Mrs. B" anymore. I've hit my breaking point. If all things go as planned I will be here for another 2 weeks and 1 day. [Seem like I'm counting?]

I was hoping to make it another full week before getting to my "I just wanna be home with my baby!" point. But, that didn't happen.

I have 11 more school-days to check off the calendar.

And the worst part is...

that today...

on this very beautiful, sunny, p.e.r.f.e.c.t. spring day....

I'll be stuck at school.

From 8am-8pm, for parent conferences.

Not only that, but during my only 'break' of the day (where I can legitimately get off campus for an hour), I have to go to my 37 week OB appointment, that's 30 minutes away from school. Talk about running around like a crazy woman.

After that appointment, while I'll be tempted to drive home, cuddle up with my husband and watch some DVR'ed shows we're oh so behind on--I have to drive back to school for two more hours of conferences.


Doesn't anyone know just how preggie I am?

Just 'sayin.


PS: I wanted to do a Thankful Thursday post...but things got crazy on me. I am OH so thankful. Really, truly. There are so many good things about to come, and I'm bursting at the seams with love.

Happy Thursday!


  1. I am seriously impressed at how much you are still doing at 37 weeks but look after yourself ok girlie?!

  2. I'm sorry hun:( It's liable to drive anyone stir-crazy, that schedule. Especially when you just want to relax as a soon-to-be momma!

  3. Good luck with all the parent teacher conferences!! 70 degree weather is my all time favorite weather, although it is hard to get anything done!

  4. You do have a lot to be thankful for so it's cool if you skip out on the post every now and then - I hope you have a good day sweet girl!


  5. How many late nights do you guys have every year? Seems like a bunch, poor thing. :( Parent-teacher conferences at 37 weeks should be illegal!!

  6. You poor honey! I hope the day goes fast and you are able to get home to the hubs and your dvr'd shoes!

    Can't wait til you get to be mommy!

  7. I'm tired just reading your to-do list for the day! Hang in there!

  8. You're too cute!! I hope conferences went well - and I really hope that the 11 days of school just fly by. It's CLOSE to single digits. ;)

  9. Boooo to parent teacher conferences at 37 weeks!

    I'm sorry Katie. I remember that point, and I cried every night. I was so uncomfortable and just wanted to meet my girl. I wish that I had words of advice to make it better, but I don't...I just understand.

  10. I'm sorry you have such a long day! I will be praying for you! I hope these next few weeks FLY by for you! It's coming up fast and you are doing so awesome!!

  11. That's an insanely long day for anyone, let alone a pregnant lady! Thinking of you!

  12. Conferences. Are. The. Worst! We just had ours last week. I can't imagine having to do them as preggo as you are. I was super irritated because I had a total of 9 parents come in a 4 hour period. Boring!

  13. wow 11 more days?? geez, I feel like you just announced your pregnancy! you must really be excited now! you'll be a great mommy, happy thursday!

  14. Hang in there girl! You'll get to cuddle with your sweet baby girl in no time!

  15. Yuck! That is the worst part of conferences...staying late! Especially when you probably don't actually meet with any parents!

  16. Aw, I hope you were able to get outside some today.

  17. Uh! I hate busy schedules and things to do after just want to go home and relax...I hope you have a fantastic weekend!