Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The perks.

Yesterday, Declan came home from work and said, "'re ready to be done school and just have this baby, eh?" immediate response:

"You must have caught up with my blogs."

[Yes, he already "knew" all this, but of course my last 239083 blog entries reaffirmed that.]

It's true. I've kind of been complaining.

I've been whining and telling you all how very "done" I am with all of this. How ready I am to meet my baby girl. How tired, and exhausted, and OhmyGosh my feet are so dang achey

I just have to be clear about one thing, to make sure there is no confusion.

I think pregnancy is the coolest thing ever.


Despite all the crazy stuff my body endured over these last 12 months (umm...yea, I've been pregnant for a year now including the miscarriage--now can you blame me for wanting to meet my baby already?!?) I still think it's just plain amazing, in pretty much every way.

No, its not glamorous.
Yes, you lose sight of that body you once knew.
and NO, you don't feel good the entire time (well, most of us anyway).

But it's still awesome.

So, today I decided to compile my list of reasons why I find pregnancy The truth is, I'm already excited about the fact I want more children and I'll get to go through this a few more times. But shhh...let's not let that get out just yet.

Here we go...

-Your body is growing another human. Miraculous.

-You get to feel many different stages of baby movements. The little flutters, then the little popcorn kick, then those fun "cute" kicks as I call them-and then the crazy ninja moves. Watching your belly "dance" has never been so fun or entertaining.

-You get the baby all to yourself. :)

-Just knowing there's a little LIFE inside you is simply amazing.

-Bonding with the baby. Oh my goodness. I seriously feel so connected
(well, duh!) to this little girl already. I'm her mommy and she knows it. She'll know my voice.

-People are genuinely interested in your well being when you're pregnant.

-Sometimes, you'll even get some special treatment here or there.

-You can eat goodies guilt-free.

-So much love is poured out from friends and family
(especially for first-time parents-with showers, etc.)

-Watching your belly grow. It can be a little scary at times, but it's SO seriously amazing what your body can do. [Everyone should take weekly pictures. I definitely don't regret that, and am so glad I did.]

-The anticipation. [Although it's killing me now!]

-Planning with your spouse. This has been such a fun time for Declan and I--and I'll cherish all those moments when it was just 'us'...painting the nursery, building furniture, talking about our future.

-Making a nursery....and creating a little 'home' for your babe.

-Giving yourself a good old belly rub. The motherly, nurturing instinct just kicks in.

-An expanding heart has grown so full of love already
(and I haven't even met her yet). It's going to when I finally hold that bundle of sweetness. Just wait.

From my bulging-with-love heart to yours...

Happy Wednesday!


  1. When I was at the end of my pregnancy and ready for it to be DONE already, people told me, "you'll miss it though" Of course I thought they were NUTS, but it's true!! I am so looking forward to the next time already. Days when vanity takes over, nah, I'm good :) But every other day I just remember all the things you just wrote!

    You're so close now :)

  2. I don't blame you a bit for being so ready to meet your little girl! I can imagine that I will be the same way.
    Now, I know that I haven't entered into the "harder" parts of pregnancy, but so far, I am LOVING it. I'm like you and already looking forward to the next time! (Ask me again how I feel in about 9 weeks...)

  3. Love this post! Can't wait for you to be "done" too so you can meet your little girl!

  4. Great post. I was the same way. I was always complaining about some discomfort, but I wouldn't have given up the chance to be pregnant. Painful, but great experience.

  5. I'm so excited for you to meet your little girl!!!
    Treat yourself to some more date nights out with Declan or just some of you time (mani./pedi.) Just a little time of that left ;-) (It gets a little more challenging when there is the three of you ;-)

    I tend to make some extra fun plans for Jon and I and also with the kids at the end to help make that time not feel so long... And to treasure the time with them while I can give them my quality time before that changes for a while ;-)

  6. Call me crazy but I loved being pregnant! I really wasn't uncomfortable or anxious until the last 2 weeks. I know some people can't wait to the baby to be born the entire 3rd trimester. I even worked full-time, mostly on my feet until 2 days before I went into labor.

    Good for your for having some insight, that while you might be tired and swollen and ready, taking a step back and enjoying the process is important. It truly is such a miracle!

  7. You are too cute...I love this post! You will definitely be busting at the seams once you finally get to meet her! How darn exciting!

  8. I love all of these things as well! What a great post. Thanks.

  9. It's great that you can focus on the things you love and not dwell on the not so fun ones. Great post!

  10. I am excited for you to have an outside baby too! I'm dying to know the name of this little girl!

    I gave you an award that you don't have yet if you would like to stop by my blog! :)

  11. This makes me smile a lot, I know how you feel and can't wait to experience the little kicks and other great things you described. My heart is so full with excitement for you. :)

  12. Girl, I feel ya! I was pregnant for 2.5 years straight (2 miscarriages & 2 full-term)! Growing a baby is awesome... But raising the baby is SO much more awesome! Get ready! ...Well you already are :-)

  13. I honestly hated almost every part of pregnancy, and I truthfully don't miss it one bit! Don't get me wrong--I love the end result, but I did NOT enjoy the process!

  14. I've been back to enjoying my pregnancy too. I am 90% sure that this is my last one, so I am really trying to enjoy every last part of it, even the negatives!

  15. This whole post made my heart smile!!!! Love it and love you, girl!!!! :)

  16. Aaw this is really cute :D You usually just hear the bad things about being pregnant! My husband and I don't have any kids yet but sometime soon we hope to!

    So thankyou for writing this! I'm so excited :D

  17. Sometimes it's hard to look past the swollen feet and constant exhaustion and remember what a blessing pregnancy is :) I hear ya on that for sure!

  18. I cry every time I think about pregnancy:) it's just amazing.

  19. It is great, isn't it? It will be over too soon as well. Enjoy the last few quiet moments with Declan!

  20. I am stopping by via another blog and saw the name Declan. I love that name!! It is the name of my youngest!! Love the blog and hang in there, you will go in labor soon!!