Wednesday, April 14, 2010

That's her.

I'm at a loss for words for the first time in my life.

I never run into any trouble typing up my daily thoughts or stories.


Until today.

I sat on the couch last night, laptop in hand, watching American Idol half-heartedly (I'm starting to lose interest slowly...), waiting for the words to come for today's post.

They didn't.

I paged through thousands of pictures in my iPhoto, thinking maybe I'd get some inspiration to post something cute from the past.

But nothing.

Instead, Declan and I laughed and reminisced at just how tiny Mac was when we first got him, and how much our nieces and nephew have grown up, and "oh my where has the time gone" type stuff.

We looked at pictures of when I had a flat belly, and I teared up just a tiny bit that I may never ever see that stomach again.

Declan said, admittingly-"I almost forget how you used to look". (He meant no harm in that statement, and I took no offense. He was being adorable and sincere.) I agreed that I, too forget what it feels like to not have a watermelon in between my lady-friends and my va j-j at all times.

Still, I felt no real pressing, no real desire to write about anything. That is an oh-so-rare occassion for me. Honestly, the words normally come spilling from my head onto the screen.

I could only think about writing about one thing.

Of course, you know what it is.

My baby girl.

This pregnancy.

The fact that it's almost over.

The way my body is totally gearing up for labor and I feel different.

The way I cried my eyes out on our long walk last night for seriously nofrigginreason. [If any of my neighbors are reading this, I swear-just hormones. I wasn't being beaten or anything, ha.]

The fact that my stomach feels like its hanging so low I have to tug at my shirts all day long.

That everyone is noticing my belly and its different shape.

How I'm looonging to meet this little love, and I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

The way that I'm actually excited FOR labor. [Weird, I know.]

Or the way that I feel at this point I'm a 'ticking timebomb' as I say...and you never know when things are gonna start happening.

Thats what I want to write about.

I don't particularly want to write funny-kid-comments of the day, or even take note of the funny things they say anymore.

I don't want to write about my puppy.

I don't want to write about how I'm pretty sure DD put spoiled milk in my half/half coffee this morning.

I don't want to write about the beautiful weather, or the fact that it went from 90 degrees down to 50 in a matter of a 2-day span.

I don't want to write about school or the mean things a few co-workers have said.

Because I'm focused.

On one thing.

And that's really all I can think about.

...and that's her.


  1. It is getting closer and God makes us ready in ways that we don't understand - including this! Enjoy your last few days as too, because soon you will be three!

  2. What a beautiful post Katie! I know you are excited!

  3. Yay for her! :-)

    And since you're excited for labor, I do have one question: Do you have a high pain tolerance?

  4. Love this!!! And can't wait to see her!! :)

  5. I love this post. I get it and it's awesome. And if being excited for labor is weird, then I am a big weirdo too.

  6. i just love it!! so excited for you, and to finally "meet" her too!

  7. Does DD stand for Dunkin Doughnuts? That place is going to be my first stop when I get to Florida in a couple weeks. What do you get there?

    I love hearing about 'her'... :)

  8. It's your blog and you get to write what you want to write about. So talk all you want about "her!" :-)

  9. At some point, you should take your pregnancy posts (specifically, this one) and have them made into a book. It will be such a wonderful thing for your little girl to look back on one day and be able to see just how excited you were for her.

  10. Oh she is coming so soon! I am so excited for's going to be so wonderful!

  11. It is so close! Scattered pregnancy thoughts are normal... your brain goes into over-drive! =) Can't wait to meet her!

  12. I love hearing about her toO! You think this is bad.. wait til she's born. she'll be your world even more so.. and we'll all love hearing about her even more! :)

    Blogging is writing about what you want to write about.. what makes YOU happy. So you write about her!! :) You wont regret it!

  13. so so exciting! good luck...hope this happens for you soon so you can finally meet her!

  14. As you should be sweetie :) xoxo

  15. I'm so at the same point. I often feel lazy around my husband because he's doing a ton of work around our house and I'm not. Then I realize that his body is not carrying around all the extra weight of a human and it makes me feel a little better. :)

  16. This is such an inspiring post. It's you, as a woman, getting ready to do what we're born to do...bear children! Gosh, I am so excited for you! I can't wait to hear your labor story and when you meet your daughter for the first time. I cry just thinking about it.

  17. OH, this is so sweet!! I thought the same thing!! I couldn't wait to meet her and now I can't imagine life without her!

  18. Ugh...I know exactly how you feel.

    Your comment the other day made me smile and I wanted to return the favor...but I'm just not as good as you are at the "letting the words flow" thing.

    But I will say I always (scarily) agree with everything you post. It makes me SO excited to know that maybe, just maybe, we will both go into labor at the same time. CRAZY! :) But how stinkin exciting would that be??

    Keep the positive attitude up...Your little one will be here soon and she truly will be a gift from above.

  19. awww, super sweet! Can't wait to "meet" her!

  20. I remember when my best friend was pregnant and starting to feel the same way as you. She was super aware of her body and all we ever talked about was the baby-I loved it! I helped her time contractions in her office, felt the baby kick, talked about all her signs of was a blast and there was so much ANTICIPATION that I can't imagine how you guys feel just waiting for the baby to decide it's time. Her baby is just now turning 5 months and she's already talking about having another one. They're just so precious!

    I'm so looking forward to the post that says she's here!

  21. your words are so sincere and sweet!! Soon she will be here with you, and you two will have nothing but sleepless hours upon hours with her!! soon!!

  22. i love this post, heck i love all your posts!! Your getting so close. I am sure your ready and soon that sweet little girl will be here in your arms, forever! Hang on just a little longer!