Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I walked into our house church Sunday morning and I must have looked 'down'. Immediately our pastors wife said, "Whats going on? I can see something's up..."

I said, "Ohh nothing. It's just...I wanted today to be the day."

[You see, we'd been guessing all along when this baby would be coming, and Declan's guess was always the weekend I hit 38 weeks...but, no cigar.]

She grabbed me and gave me a big hug.

On our way out the door that afternoon, she said...."Hey Katie...just remember, God's timing is always absolutely perfect. Remember that!"

She's right.

I know that.

It's true, too.

One thing after another in my life has always proved that God's timing is absolutely the most PERFECT ever. Truly. In regards to getting jobs, in regards to the timing of pregnancy, of buying a house, of EVERYTHING. It's been undeniable that God's hand of protection and timing has been on me and my husband.

Why would I doubt that now?

Truth is-I don't doubt it. It's just that my 'tired and worn out' flesh has taken over.

This morning in the car, my song came on. You see, I've been listening to this one CD over, and over, and overrrrrrr again this entire pregnancy.

I was in the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru (don't judge), and it hit me.

Why had I considered this my song the whole time? Something in me knew this song was speaking to me the entire time. It comforted me when I felt (and feel) like the future is still unknown. It comforted me when I was having 'down' days and felt guilty about the possibility of putting my future daughter in daycare (not judging those who do--it's just my extreme desire to be a stay at home mom that's all).

The song's main line is: "Strength will rise (in you) as you wait upon the Lord."


The hardest part.

What I'm struggling with RIGHT now.

Waiting for the 'unknown' to become known.

Handing over those things that are out of your control and being willing to WAIT for God's perfect timing--his best.

I fully believe that our daughter (as impatient as I am), will be coming when the timing is right-no, p.e.r.f.e.c.t.

He's never failed me yet.


Happy Wednesday!


  1. Isn't his timing amazing? Our house, our vehicles, everything have been on his timing and we have waited (sometimes impatiently)but it always works out for the best! Have a great day!

  2. THis is so beautiful. You are right, God's timing is the best timing.

    I wanted Aidyn to be born over easter break, so my family could be with me. I thought the perfect day would be that Monday. My doctor agreed to induce me. "I" thought it would be perfect.

    God and Aidyn didn't. :) He waited until 8 minutes after midnight to be born on a Tuesday. Regardless of what I wanted the baby and God had a different plan.. and it turned out perfect! I got an extra day of rest in the hospital, and Aidyn was able to be monitored more closely (since he was born highly jaundice)

    No matter what, trust that God has you and that baby in his hands! He is watching out for you, and planning the perfect Birth day for your daughter! :)

  3. You have no idea how much I needed the reminder that God's timing is always perfect!

    And I love that song :)

  4. Beautiful! Just love your heart!! I love you and really related to this post today! This concept of waiting for God's timing covers so many facets of our lives!!

  5. I really needed this post today. I would love to have it all layed out in a book form...but I have to remember that part of the beauty of life is watching God's plan unfold...thank you for this today!

  6. Katie,
    Thanks for your beautiful post today. (Your funny post two days ago was one of my inspirations for my post today! P.S. You've handled your whole pregnancy SO gracefully and perfectly - I love how real you are!!! Your blog will be a HUGE gift to your little girl one day!)

    On a more personal note, this post spoke to me because I want to be pregnant and have a baby SO bad, but my husband is "inbetween jobs" and it just doesn't feel like the right timing for us yet. It is SO hard to wait. Thanks for reminding me of how perfect God's timing is... He hasn't failed me yet! :)

  7. every time i need a little bit of encouragement, i swear that song comes on the radio! God works in wonderful ways! xo

  8. Great post. You are so right, He's got us in His Hands and His timing will be absolutely perfect. Sometimes I find it pretty ridiculous that I think my timing or my plans for my life will be better than His. Psh!

    I wrote a post and did a painting about this very topic a while back. For me, my struggle is wanting to be a mom so bad, and it's just not the right time yet. But I know that He's given me this desire, so I know He'll let it all unfold when His timing is right. Anyway, here's the link to that post :

    You're going to be a great mom. Praying for you!

  9. Great post. Hope the day comes soon!!

  10. Oooh I struggle with this to! I'm such a planner and feel that things should happen on my timing! haha..but you are so right. God's timing is ALWAYS The best timing!! Hang in there! You will meet your daughter soon ;)

  11. I have heard that song before and I love it. Would you mind sharing what CD it is that you have it on? I am praying that the day comes really soon ... but no matter what, that you will trust in His good and perfect timing.

  12. I must say, "I'm proud of you with todays post"... It's not easy when we live in a world of the immediate...but when we trust God with our lives and for His very comes down to "His timing is the absolute best!!!"

    We are all so excited for you to meet your sweet little girl and know that it isn't too much longer ;-)

    I pray for an abundance amount of peace upon you as you wait for your little one and that you will enjoy the last days of "life as you know it now..."

    Yay...for your last week of school is almost over!!!

    ~Much love...

  13. This is a beautiful post! :)

  14. Amen sister friend. Then when that perfect time comes, you will be so thrilled and know that He is always right and you wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Such a great feeling!

  15. This is actually the very same argument I've been having with my flesh for the last six months. I KNOW He is King and His timing is perfect.

    But yet, when I grow weary and weak, I get impatient with Him. And I get down too.

    No matter how right it is, it's sometimes hard to hold fast to:)

  16. Katie, I totally remember feeling this way just a few months ago with my little man. After having my first early (4 and a half weeks), I was SURE this one would be as early, if not earlier. Well, he went to 39 weeks and I was SO READY by the time I went into labor. I had to remind myself over and over again that God's timing is perfect. After seeing my healthy little guy, the wait was totally worth it!

    Praying for you in the next little while!

  17. LOVEEE this post! It speaks volumes to me! Thanks for sharing! Who sings the song?