Monday, April 12, 2010's about pregnancy again.

I had considered doing a question/answer post about my pregnancy and pregnancy in general (things burning in your mind to ask), etc---it's been on my mind the last few weeks to do. But, then--it occurred to me that I'm already freakishly honest about this whole.entire.ordeal and well, you probably have ZERO questions because I don't leave much to the imagination, considering I'm an "over-sharer" when it comes to all things pregnancy. I mean, heck, you guys know about the early-on constipation, the puke (oh the puke!), the pee-pants story, the weight-pretty much everything.

So, with that-I figured I have a few more things to add to my list of "things I'll want to go back and read" about in regards to this pregnancy.

Here it goes:

-I read online and in various places that when you "drop" (or when 'lightning/engaging' occurs--the technical word(s)), you will breathe easier. It IS true. It's totally true. The downside (for me, at least), is that I feel a lot more lower back pain and pressure 'down there'. I've also noticed from the front my belly looks funnier since I'm lower. Nice.

-I'm waking up almost every morning (after getting a very decent 8-9 hours of solid sleep, and not even getting up to pee!) feeling as if I didn't just get a good night's sleep...and as if I could sleep The downside is, I'm still obviously teaching--and I have to get up. I've felt pretty out of it for the first few hours of the morning, and exhaustion has seemed to overtake me at various points in the day. But, seriously-can you blame me? 26 days left in this pregnancy, and 15 more days left of teaching-but, who's counting?

-I still manage to muster up random spurts of energy (ie: nesting) to do various tasks around the house. For instance, this weekend-Declan and I spent over 2 hours in our walk-in closet purging clothes, organizing, putting winter stuff away, and stuffing two ginormous trash bags full of clothes and hauling them off to GoodWill.

I even got the energy up to take better photos of the baby nursery (since it's being featured this week at

pssss, we got our cute standing lamp, too! It's finally complete.

-One day I'll have my normal sized feet back--and the next, not so much. Swollen-city, here I am. I cannot say this enough...personally, I am SO glad not to be "very pregnant" in the real heat of the summer. I would die. I'm also just not cute enough to pull off all these 'little' pregnant clothes (tank tops, shorts, etc).

-Just like my feet, one day I can wear my wedding rings, and the next-notsomuch.

-Those dreaded stretch marks. I did so well...for so very long. But, a few of those unwelcomed creatures have decided to take up residence on the underneath side of my belly, and I'm not happy about it. I've gone cocoa-butter crazy, and I'm almost starting to convince myself the lotion is making it worse. Or, maybe its the fact that there's a "watermelon-sized" baby girl in there (according to my pregnancy app) as of today, and DUH, my belly IS stretching. Sigh.

-I LOVE to take walks. LOVE it. The weather has been awesome, and my dog is obsessed with taking walks--not to mention, there's definitely a benefit to me, also. It's great one on one time with Declan. Some days, I could walk foreverrrr (it seems), and other days, I'll stop at the halfway point and say, "I'm not sure I can make it home" (all dramatically, too), because my body just feels that tired (after teaching all day!).

-I remember people telling me to treasure all the kicks when they are cute and fun between 20-30 weeks, because "you'll eventually want the baby to STOP.moving.already" when the moves are much bigger and more uncomfortable. BUT, I honestly don't feel that way at all! Not even in the slightest. I still make Declan watch my belly bump up and down, and I still ooh and ahh over what body part is sticking out, and I still put my hand on my belly to feel the steady beat of her hiccups at least twice a day. I love it...all of it, and I know I'll miss that part.

-I'm still happy being pregnant. I mean, I'm sooo excited to meet her and dream about it all the time. But, I get semi-annoyed when people say things like, "She needs to COME out already!", and "You're just so uncomfortable, that baby needs to be born!". First of all, I'm not "so uncomfortable", and secondly, she can come when she pleases. Do I have a time-frame I'd like to see her born in? Of course! But, my desire isn't exactly the deciding factor here.

I guess that's enough for the day. If you do have any burning questions for me pregnancy-related--shoot. I'm game to answer anything (well, most things...).

Happy Monday!


  1. I still can't get over how adorable that nursery is!

    This is going to be so cool for you to look back on with your daughter (your daughter!!!) later on to remember things that you had forgotten about.

  2. Your nursery looks so that lamp.

  3. I love love love your nursery! i know i've raved about it before, but honestly its incredible!

    As for being pregnant. I started enjoying my pregnancy around the 5th or 6th months. I was so sick in the beginning, that I couldnt really appreciate it until the end. I miss it sometimes..*sigh*

  4. (again) LOVE the nursery!!

    1. Whats your FAVE part of pregnancy?
    2. What's your least fave part?

  5. I've yet to have a child, but I have a feeling when I do I will be like you. I will enjoy her/him being in my belly and being mine all mine! Maybe that's selfish, but oh well! Haha!

  6. I definitely don't mind all of the detail. As a woman without children, it's good to understand what I might need to expect from the whole process. Your nursery is gorgeous btw!

  7. You seem like you've got everything ready to go!

    My sister-in-law is due at the end of April, and I know she has been in a whirlwind trying to get everything ready for when her little boy is here...

    But... you seem to have it all together more than she does. :) Additionally, your nursery couldn't be any more adorable!

  8. i have a friend due in september, and she is already DREADING being 7 months along in georgia. miserable!!

  9. Her nursery looks fabulous! I just have to do you keep it all together- work, school, marriage, pregnancy... Do you have to-do lists out the wazoo?

  10. I love how honest you've been throughout your miscarriage and your pregnancy. I think it's really refreshing!! I feel like a lot of people only talk about the good, and I really admire you for "putting it all out there"! :) I'm so excited for you to meet your precious little girl! :)

  11. Hi!

    I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Lindsay and I just started reading/following your blog. I just wanted to let you know that I have really enjoyed reading your posts!

    Take care!

    LOVE the baby nursery! Good work!!

  12. awww, I didn't mind the movements either... in fact, that was pretty much the only part I liked about pregnancy. =)

    Congrats about getting featured, that is awesome!

  13. One question........did you have any tush pain in the first trimester? I know that the baby is low behind the pelvic bone and then in the first trimester it rises. I think the baby is sitting on the nerve by my tushie bone. Any recommendations on way to relieve the the pain a little? Thanks! AND whoa only 26 more days, yay :)

  14. I have a giveaway going on on my blog you should check it out!

  15. I am glad you are happy being pregnant because I sure didn't enjoy much about being pregnant!! :)

    Hope you can start feeling more well rested!

  16. You are an over-sharer, but it's nice because it gives us a heads up on what's to come! :-) I'm an over-sharer sometimes too, so not to worry. Cute pics as well, I noticed you swapped out the real letter of little Miss's name for the B again.... You're tricky!

  17. You seriously have the most gorgeous nursery I have ever seen! Such an inspiration!

  18. WOW!!! That room looks amazing!!! GREAT job!! It's beautiful!

  19. Sigh...I just love that nursery...

    I have to say, the exhaustion is what scares me...I sometimes already feel like that, teaching...I don't know how you're doing it pregnant!

  20. The nursery is beyond adorable Katie! You guys really outdid yourselves :)

    I don't have any pregnancy related questions, but I did see that in some of the other comments it's been asked how you keep it all together. You really do seem so on top of things. I'm not even pregnant and this weekend I was attempting to clean the house and your blog post about deep cleaning popped in my head. I sat there and told myself that if Katie can deep clean her bathrooms with a baby growing in her belly, so can I! didn't get done-lol.

    Any tips on balancing it all? I consider myself pretty organized, but by the time I get home from work I just want to relax and things don't get done.

  21. I just don't think I will get tired of the movement! I love it and I think it's so special!

    I looked below and it does look like she has dropped some! The pressure and back pain is AWFUL. The best part though, I can sleep completely flat..though on my side. I haven't had troubles breather really..unless I'm sitting funny on the couch!

  22. What a great list! I can't wait to be pregnant again, it has been 10 years :-(

    Your baby's nursery looks adorable! I love it!