Monday, June 7, 2010

Baby on Board

You know those signs for your car....right? In case you don't know what I'm talking about, here is a visual:

I used to giggle at them. I mean, it seems kind of silly. Well, of course it seems silly when you.DON'T.have kids. But now? now? OhMyGosh, I have a hard time passing by them at Babys-R-Us and not plopping one in my cart, because people are friggin' crazy on the roads.

Or so it seems now that I'm driving around this precious, little, totally-dependable-on-me LIFE.

Let's rewind.

It was the day we got discharged from the hospital after having Miss. Emeline. You know, the Dad goes out and pulls up the car, and they make you sit in wheelchair with your kid strapped in their seat, on your LAP, while people who are visiting others come by and "ooh and ahh" over your precious newborn. Or, you know, in my case you have a random lady come up and say, "Aww she's beautiful......cesarean?" The pain from my hoo-ha did the speaking for me---, "Umm...NO. VAGINAL!", I snapped back. [Who the freak asks that question anyway? My theory is, her head was perfect, and she was gorgeous--and you know the age-old saying that c-section babies, are, well, prettier. Whatever.]

Oh, back to the story. Sorry.

Declan snaps the baby seat in the car, I hobble into the front seat....and then it sets in. Holy crap, we are driving.with.a.newborn.

Crazy, psycho, side-seat-driver version of Katie sets in.

"Slow down, babe!"

"That's a stop sign!"

"Watch out, that guy is braking!"

"That person isn't looking, be careful!"

...and Declan is an extremely careful driver. Always has been.

We were pretty much starving that morning, so we stopped at little mini-mart quickly to grab something for the road home (our hospital that we choose to go to is 25 minutes away). On the way into the parking lot of the store I distinctly remember saying:

"Umm....I totally understand why people want those 'Baby on Board' signs now. I think we need one. LikeRightNow."

Declan said something to the effect of, "Careless drivers are just that...careless. They are the people who won't even notice a sign like that."

I guess that's probably true.

But, I have found that in general, I have become slightly anxious about the crazy drivers out there. When it was just me in the car---I didn't care as much. But now? Now that God has entrusted me with this little life to love and protect....

I want to shout out my window at every stupid idiot on the road, "COME LOOK AT THE CUTE BABY IN MY BACK SEAT AND YOU WOULDN'T HAVE CUT ME OFF LIKE THAT YOU *bleepity bleep*!"

But seriously.


Drive! more! careful!

Picture a sweet, tiny, little, helpless baby in the back seat of every vehicle if you have too, and LOOK! BOTH! WAYS! before pulling out. Don't CUT people off. DO stop at all stop signs. DON'T be an IDIOT in parking lots.

Basically, drive the way you're supposed to.

And if you see me on the my green mama-mobile, and you do something to possibly harm me or my baby--

You will get the wrath of me.

And it isn't pretty.

Kind of like a mama-bear with her cub.

Don't cross her.

The end.


Happy Monday!


  1. I was like that the first time I drove with my newborn nephew in the car. He was 3 weeks old & I was 16 (what was my brother thinking??). I remember driving 45 in a 55 just because I figured if I wasn't going fast an accident couldn't be bad right? (Yeah, my logic was a little off.) I still get really careful & nervous when I have my nieces & nephews in the car, but now that they're older & I drive an SUV (instead of a 2 door convertable) it's not so bad. My husband has never had a baby baby in his car, so I'm sure the first time he has to drive, he'll be freaking!

  2. Bwahaha :) I'm laughing because I HAVE one of those signs in my SUV!


    But you are completely right when you say to just drive like you were taught. It's not hard to follow the LAWS. They are put in place for a reason and that is to keep everyone safe.

    Driving is a privilege, not a right.

  3. I know I don’t have a child, but if I did your feelings would be mine EXACTLY!!!!!! Children are precious cargo!!!

  4. There are definitely some terrible drivers out there! I used to be nervous about driving the kids I nannied for around so I can't even imagine how worried I would be if it was my OWN kid in the backseat! It's too bad that some people are so inconsiderate on the road.

  5. Omg I have had so many people ask if maddie was a cesarean baby, i want to scream at them!

  6. I have always been a Crazy, psycho, side-seat-driver ;) I am a terrible passenger! Add a newborn to the mix, yikes! Since Jaxon didn't come home for 10 days, I drove us home from the hospital and Jesse rode in the back with him :)

    And I seriously hate terrible drivers too! I need to get my sign into my window :)

  7. I know what you mean! I don't have any kids yet myself, but as I was driving around with my niece in the car the other night I noticed that I drive so much differently when she's in the car!

  8. There's some CRAZY drivers out there! I say get the sign! Maybe it'll help.

  9. Oh gosh, yes, SO true. I remember driving L home from the hospital and insisting on sitting in the backseat, like I could somehow protect him from crazy drivers from the inside!

  10. I do the same thing with my 5 y/o sis in law. It is crazy how some people drive!!!

  11. Teehee! I totally have the image of you yelling with your head out your mom-mobile window! LOVE IT! Makes me adore you all the more! You should totally do it.

  12. Oh girl .. I know I'm going to be a crazy person when hubby drives us home for the first time!

  13. Oh girl .. I know I will be a crazy person when hubby is driving us home from the hospital for the first time.

  14. I'm the same way when I have my nephew in the car. Someone pulled in front of me once, forcing me to jam on the breaks. Another time someone wasn't paying attention and tried to change lanes, almost running into the side of my car. I would kill anyone who hurt the little boy from driving like that.

  15. okay, this is your first Mommy post that I can completely relate to as a non-Mommy.

    I have been babysitting since I was like 10 years old... I will never forget the first time when I was babysitting (for my neighbor, who I've babysat since birth and now he's almost 8) and I had to drive him somewhere. I usually drive like a bat out of hell, but I think I got on the highway and went 10 mph. He was about 2 at the time, which means I was probably 19 or 20, and I was SCARED TO DEATH! Haha. I've gotten over it since then, but I always drive MUCH more carefully when the boys are in the car! :)

  16. Katie, I'm totally laughing out loud reading this post because I know exactly what you're talking about! Unfortunately, it's only the beginning. Just wait until the first time you witness her being shunned by the "cool girls". It causes an explosion inside! Love you. Love your honesty!

  17. hahaha! I love it! You tell 'em! You know you are so right. I hate driving period and it's all because of stupid

  18. I agree! People are so careless and I don't understand why.