Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Emeline, meet the 'kids'.

I braved a trip to one of the two schools I teach at yesterday afternoon. I thought I had picked the.perfect.time to go...right after lunch, when baby Emeline should be sound asleep for a few hours before her next feeding. Perfect.

On the way there, she decided she was so exhausted that she would do the high-pitched-hold-your-breath-cry, which honestly, is my least favorite of all the cries. It's kinda freaky, I can't lie. I couldn't take her into school like that, so what did I do?

I drove around campus for about 20 minutes, trying to get her to sleep. All babies love car-rides. Problem was, she needed her diaper changed. I parked in the far lot, and to the back I went to do a quick change. After another 10 minutes of driving around, she was sound asleep and ready to be pranced around the halls for all to see.

Since I teach about 900 students, obviously I couldn't see them all. I was more concerned with stopping by and seeing a few teachers I have a good relationship with then anything else. My students? Well, they could sort of see her as I passed by. I'm cruel, I know. No, in all honesty--many of them got a 'glance' at the baby--and we had a 'hands off' policy and a "look from afar!" rule. I love my students, but they are germy and my 3-week old little lady doesn't need any of that just yet. We've got plenty of snotty, germy years ahead of us-let's keep her healthy now, amen?

The kids were cute. I got a few little hugs, and "We miss you!", and all that good stuff. I also got students who said, "The sub is SO NICE, you were right!" Indeed. She is. I also got a lot of, "Is that YOUR baby??!!?"...and'd think they would have understood that by now, but, apparently not.

I also had a Kindergartener ask, "Is that a boy or a girl?"....headband on, pink and orange polka-dot outfit, and pink blanket. Plain as day.

Some things never change.

I had another Kindergartener ask, "Why is that baby wearing a bandana?!?", and me and a few other teachers who were around just laughed. Kid, its called a headband....a HEADBAND. But I have to admit, if she wore a bandana, that'd be pretty badass, now wouldn't it?

I'll keep my daughter sweet and innocent, please and thank you.

There were times that there were swarms of 10-30 kids around me, and well, I felt a bit claustrophobic and had to kindly 'shoo' them away. If only Emeline had any idea how many beady-eyes were staring at her yesterday. She was like a super-star.

I had a few teachers ask if I missed school.

I hesitated.

A teeny, tiny, little, itty, bitty part of me misses it. But, 99.99999999% of me loves staying home with my daughter. To be frank, I don't exactly miss it, hardly at all. No one could blame me.

The truth is, what I'm doing right now is the BEST job I've ever had. The most important. The most life-changing. The most rewarding. FOR me.

I love it.


  1. AMEN to all that! You were definitely brave to take Emeline to school, but I'm sure you loved showing her off. When I was three months old, my mom had my ears pierced, always dressed me in pink, and people STILL thought I was a BOY! (hmph...some people!) =P

  2. That is so sweet! I bet the kids were so glad to see you! Isn't it funny that kids still ask if its a boy or girl when you are just shy of having a huge sign in front of them?! You are such a wonderful mom!

  3. I love this post!!! Glad they kept the germmy icky hands off and glad you got her to sleep :)

    I might have missed this but are you home for good now or just through the summer?

    Teaching is so nice with kids because you get the entire summer off!

  4. Since there weren't headbands then, my mom had to find different ways to attach bows to my bald baby head. Pretty sure at one point she tried some sort of syrup. Thank goodness for stretchy headbands!

  5. I totally agree. I honestly thought that I'd miss working, but I don't. AT ALL. Being home is far more rewarding than I ever imagined.

  6. please put emeline in a bandana!! so cute..and street =)

  7. You were very brave! I love the comments - the bandanna one is awesome! I'm confused though - how do you teach 900 students? How long are you planning to be off for? Or do you hope to stay home indefinitely?

  8. Awww, I could so see you being a SAHM and maybe that might be in the cards for you someday!!! :)

  9. Sounds like a fun day! I agree a bandana would be so cute!!! Kids say the funniest things.

  10. Aw, I'm glad you were able to make it out to see your students and fellow teachers. Do you think you'll go back to teaching in the fall or try to stay at home?

  11. You are Superwoman. I am totally sending you a cape. A pink one. :)

  12. I can't stop laughing at the thought of Emeline going all hardcore biker-gang baby!

    Oh, my! You are brave to bring her to school!

    My kids keep telling me to come back when I'm pregnant so they can throw me a baby shower. I'm all, "UM, OK, except NOT!"

  13. Oh my gosh!! Loved hearing about your trip! Kids are hysterical. I love the bandanna comment!! You are a brave sole bringing her around all of those children! Bless your heart!

  14. the comments from the kids are cute, but they really are clueless sometimes. my boyfriends an assistant and one of his students asked us if i was his daughter. hes 23 and im 21, clearly that would be possible. lol.

    glad you are having a wonderful time being a mommy :)