Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Since becoming a mom, I feel like I refer to myself as "hot-mess" alllll the time. Oh, and I'm not giving myself a compliment by saying I'm hot. In fact, quite the opposite.

Even though I lovvvve it, becoming a mom is an adjustment. It shakes your lifestyle. Err...should I say, it "shapes" your lifestyle.

Some days, I don't get a shower.

I roll out of bed, and she needs me...immediately.

Therefore, the hair--a mess. The outfit-- what outfit? Whatever I wore to bed works fine. Sometimes I even forget to brush my teeth. Or heck, don't remember to brush them until mid-afternoon. Often times, I don't eat breakfast. Because, I forget. Or, we sleep in so long that I I always get my some point. I prep it with a baby on the hip, but, I will always figure out a way to ingest it. Because, it's important to my life (since baby, ferreal). My house? Totally not up to par. I would fail a white glove test. No, I would more then fail, if there even were such a thing. Dog toys are strewn about the floor. Burp cloths are hanging over the back of the sofa. The recycling is sitting on the kitchen counter needing to be taken out. Oh, and dinner? What dinner? I've NOT "cooked" once since having Emeline. I kid you not. My husband, who works 10 hour days...yea, him--he comes home and grills for us. Every.night. I drink a Dr. Pepper everyday. It's unnecessary calories that I seriously do.not.need (my jiggly tummy will tell you that) yet, I still drink it. Thanks to breastfeeding, I'm thirsty alll the time [water cups are EVERYwhere], oh, and hungry too. I usually forget to pee. Or, I get too busy to pee. I have intentions of getting out and taking a walk everyday, but it doesn't always happen. Oh, and my poor's a good thing he's learned to hold his bladder for many, many hours. And good Lordy, thank you Just wow. I'm so behind on them that I'm literally scared to even attempt writing them.

I feel behind on life. It's true.

Yet, I feel so alive all at the same time.

I love being a mom.

The messy kitchen.

The sans-makeup days (although its a rarity).

The burp clothes strewn about the house.

The endless laundry.

I'll take all of it.

It's worth it, after all.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. So true! It is a big adjustment but all worth it. Are you going back to work in the fall? You are a teacher, right?

  2. I love this post! It's all so true! I've been having a hard time keeping up with my house lately, I have a 6yr old and a 5 yr old and just entered the second trimester with my 3rd. I makes things difficult but I wouldn't trade what I have for anything in this world. Messy house and all! :)

  3. I love the way you embrace motherhood and are so real and transparent about it!! :)

  4. I remember those days with L. I'm a little nervous about how that will work with a 3 year old. Every day we practice waiting but it's not going quite as smoothly as I'd like! Ha!

  5. This sounds like me and I don't even have a baby yet. Yikes! I hate to imagine what the house will look like once he arrives!

  6. I hear ya girlfriend. So true. You ARE still adjusting though, trust me :) When I think back to when Ellie was a couple months old and I tried to cook dinner - it was SO HARD! Now I manage to make dinner most every night and don't even think about it. My point is, somewhere along the way, I figured it out :) And you will too!

    As for Dr. Pepper, have you tried diet? I only ask b/c you mentioned the calories and I would say Diet Dr. Pepper is one of the few diet sodas that taste pretty close to the original.

    Loved your funny and honest post!

  7. I had a baby about a month after you, and I completely relate to every single part of this post (and most of your other posts too)! It's so nice to know that I'm not alone :)

  8. This made me feel SO much better about myself. LOL. After I had Noah, I seriously thought I must be the worst, messiest, and sloppiest mother ever. There's just no time for a hairbrush, let alone a potty break!

    If it helps, life does get more organized later on. It took me awhile (as in, just within the last month or so) to figure out a rhythm of getting the house cleaned, teeth brushed, and makeup on. You'll get there. But you're doing AWESOME on keeping your attitude right! It's all about that baby girl! :)

  9. that is exactly how i feel most days. can't get much done when the baby needs you. I need a maid and a personal chef! :)

  10. I'm loving your posts lately.. especially this one! My SIL is a brand new mom of a 5 month old little girl. I called her to read this to her and she greatly appreciated it. She was laughing the whole time only because she could completely relate to every single thing.
    I think I'll print this out and put it on my fridge to make myself feel better once I have the little one!
    THANK YOU for always being so honest about everything!

  11. how adorable! don't worry about it though, you should just cherish her being this little as much as you can!

  12. Oh girl, it truly does get better! I remember those days, and not fondly! Around 4 months, they get more self sufficient and you can actually clean, prepare food, shower, and get dressed. Now, make up and hair reqire more planning............:D

  13. You'll get there eventually. She's what, 2 months old? Not even?

    First babies are an adjustment. It takes time to get into the swing of things, to learn a rhythm for yourself and your family. And babies, around 4 or 5 months, usually find their own rhythm.

    We've all been there.

    I own nine pairs of black yoga pants. Nine. Because honestly? Most days that's about as good as its gonna get.

  14. Oh Katie thank you so much for posting this. Just yesterday I was crying to my husband about how I felt so behind on everything. No matter how hard I try I still seem to be behind, I feel your pain. Yet I do agree, I wouldn't change it for the world. I love my sweet little Olivia and would give up the order in my house in a second to have her here with me.

    Take Care,

  15. I found your blog through Carey @ Adventures of us and I LOVE your honesty! And congrats on your little Emaline, she is absolutely ADORABLE! It's mommyhood the best ever!

  16. This is great. I love your outlook on it all. It doesn't matter how messy and crazy life is.. if you love it, that's all the really matters, right?

  17. I'm going back to read your old posts from when Emeline was a month or 2 old since my daughter is 6 weeks old. Thank you for validating how I feel, especially in this post. I feel overwhelmed & totally behind, yet it's so eciting and special to be taking care of Miss Lylah Joy. I love her to pieces and I'm so glad God gave me the priveledge of raising her.
    ok... coffee break over. Must keep getting ready for church or we'll never make it there!
    Sara in Iowa