Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Random Wednesday

-Your comments from yesterday's post made me laugh....giggle, really. You all are funny--and well, it's good to know that I'm not alone. It was also amusing that I shocked some of you that I'm 'that type'. Love it.

-Tomorrow, my baby is one month old. I find myself trying to savor her tiny-little-self, because she's growing. It's exciting and kind of sad at the same time. But, I love it. I do. I love motherhood. Do I get grouchy and tired and have to repeat to myself "Savor the moment, Katie!" as I'm rocking her to sleep in the middle of the night and absolutely exhausted? Yes. But, I still love it. I'm blessed.

-On the tired-note. People ask me if I nap all the time. But, I don't! In fact, I can't. I think I have some medical-anti-napping-condition. I couldn't even really nap when I was so sleepy after school while super-pregnant. I just can' When she naps, I can think of 190281 other things I want/need to do. It taunts me the entire time I "try" to lay down. So, I just don't try anymore. Or, ever, really.

-Have I mentioned that we've been getting meals brought to us from friends and family 3x a week since Emeline has arrived? It has been awesome! My wonderful sister set it up for us, and it's been such a blessing. Since you know my kitchen-skills are lacking, we've been eating way.too.good. for our 'usual'. Sigh. I guess this means I need to up-my-game. [Ps: If you ever want to do this for friends or family, there is a free website called that sets it all up for you. SO awesome.]

-I've become a religious coffee drinker since having a baby. It's just necessary. Declan has it brewed and ready to go for me every morning, and I love him even more for this act of kindness.

-I had a random spurt of energy Monday, and while EmeKay was napping, I addressed all her announcements and sent them out! One thing checked off that dreaded to-do list. I'll give you a peek of them tomorrow when I do her 1-month-post.

-I even printed some pictures of her and put some around the house here and there. Finally! It looks like we added someone to our family...which, umm...well, we DID. So, she should exist in photo's too. Right?

-I love when people stop me and ask about the baby. They always ask "Awww, HOW OLD?" When I reply, "4 weeks", they always say--"Wow! She's so tiny!" I love my little girlie, but I know the chub is starting to pack on, and I love it.

-I'm working on a post called, "Things no one told me about Motherhood...", and it should be a good one. Well, you'll be the judge of that.

-I've so appreciated Twitter since birthing the gives me a place to post random photos, and well, complain, or, umm...just get support at random times of the day. If you want to find me, my username is: LovesOfLife. I'd love to see you over there.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. I cant wait to read the Motherhood post!

  2. Wow! A month already? That went super fast!! I can't believe how much you accomplish during the day! That is awesome!! I am not a big napper either. Go girl!!

  3. I can't believe you don't nap! I would be so unproductive without them :-)

    I added you on twitter-I'm sassycassie3232

  4. LOVED this post and the randomness and love you girl and love the great mother you’ve become and the way you love your little girl and seeing the family of 3 you all have become!! :)

  5. I just love all your posts. You are great at writing! I am stoked for the Motherhood post because there are so many things people don't tell you.

    I am with you on the napping. I always feel not right when I wake up from a nap, headache or light headed that I just can't do it!

  6. I sent you a twitter request! Love all the posts and so happy for you!

  7. Holy crap a month already?!? Where does the time go! And I was never much of napper either..not since college at least. Lately however, as the belly grows and the temps increase I find I can pretty much sleep any time of day!

  8. Want to know something funny? I have been mentally working on a post entitled "Things No One Ever Told You about Pregnancy!"

    I can't believe you can't nap. I need to go to Napaholics Anonymous.

  9. Gasp! I can't believe it's been a month already. That is crazy and so very hard to believe!

  10. I'm not a real great napper either. On the rare chance I do, it turns me into a raging witch! I just don't nap well!

  11. I cannot believe it has already been a month! I am so excited to read your Motherhood post :) I hope you are having a beautiful evening! XO

  12. I cannot believe it has been a month tomorrow!! I would guess that means you can't believe it even more! Ha! You have done such a great job keeping us all entertained, even when you must be so so busy being a new mommy! Props, Katie, mad props to you!! Also- Happy One Month of Life Emeline!!!

  13. A month already?! You are doing fabulous with the whole mom thing! She is such a cutie ;)

  14. Life seems very beautiful for you right now!!! Enjoy!