Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I live with someone who is into routines. My husband is a very systematic man. He likes routines, but not in an over-the-top OCD way, it's just...he does things the way they make sense, the way that's most time-effective. He's smart, basically.

Me, on the other hand. NotSoMuch. I've always said that I don't have that "Type-A" personality, despite being a teacher (I'm semi-organized, don't get me wrong...), and it's true.

I pretty much don't do anything the same way twice. Maybe I like to 'switch things up', keep things fresh, ya know...or maybe I'm just not capable of remembering one.more.thing throughout the day (like the order in which to wash my body in the shower).

I know most people have a way their shower routine works every.SINGLE.time....maybe you get your hair wet first, then wash your face, then pee, then shampoo, condition, etc....

Or maybe you're like me (or maybe not, because apparently it's weird to not have a routine), and you get in the shower and know, for the fun of it or because you simply don' or don't remember, because, heck, at least you're showering in the FIRST place!

You know...maybe I shampoo first. Then I think, 'Whoops...should have washed my face'...then I'll wash my face...and maybe while the shampoo or conditioner is in I might shave my legs if it's a good day...and then I think, 'Oy ve! I should scrub my feet!', and then sometimes, I am about to shut off the shower and get out, when I realize, 'Crap! I forgot to wash my BODY.'

See? I keep it exciting.

Declan....he just He has a way he does it EVERY single time. So, basically, his shower takes the same time everyday. I get it, I do. It's predictable. But I'm just so not that person.

Your "getting ready for bed" task-list...I bet it's the same way. You have a routine. Me? Not so much.

In fact, this entire post came to my mind the other night when the following scene took place in the bathroom around 11pm.

I had just rocked the baby to sleep, and laid her down in her bassinet.

I went into the bathroom to get ready for bed.

I started to run the hot water to wash my face (because for some reason it takes a while to heat up in that

I walk into the closet to find one of my nursing nighties.

I scratch my head. Where are they?

I come back into the bathroom and pull back my hair to wash my face.

Wash my face. [As I'm bent over washing, get a little booty-tap from the hubs who thinks it's funny to do that. Totally.NOT.]

Crap. I need to find something to wear.

No luck, yet.

Rub a little boobie cream on. [Because ow...the beginning stages of breastfeeding hurts.]

Brush my teeth.

Crap, I need to pee (because I get so busy now in my days that I literally FORGET to pee), so I sit on the toilet while brushing my teeth. Classy. I'm a multi-tasker, what can I say?

Found one of my nighties. Score.

Oops, forgot to put on my moisturizer. Slather it on.

Take down hair, brush it out.

Finally, time for bed.

Oh wait...forgot something.

You see...? Chaotic. Literally, no routine I do things as I remember. IF I remember, that is.

Sometimes I get into bed and realize I forgot to pee.

So, I ask you this---if you're one of those 'routine-like' people...meaning, your morning is totally planned out, the coffee is always brewed by the same time, you eat the same thing for breakfast, you put your purse and bag in the same place for easy-grabbing If that's you feel it keeps you more sane? Is it habit?

And if you're like me...on the more...umm...'not so routine-based' side....make me feel better and let me know you're out there. Because, well, there's gotta be other people like me who don't do the same thing twice. Like. Ever.


Happy Tuesday!


  1. I do like routine but not in an OCD kind of way like you said about your hubby. I like order and can be a methodical person. And I guess to what extent depends on the scenario, haha!! :)

  2. My boyfriend is into routines. He eats basically the same thing everyday (unless we go out to eat) and a lot of the things he does is routine.

    Me on the other hand, I'm more like you!

  3. haha!! i am a little bit of both. i really usually though just do things no routine. i tried a routine bc when i was out with friends for a weekend they all had routines but i made it all of 2 days so.. i am a no so routine based girl!! whatever works!! :)

  4. You just described me. I'm just like you, you're not alone! ;)

  5. I'm like your husband. I need my routines. I mean my world doesn't break down if I don't follow them, but it makes me better. :)

  6. I am definitely more like your husband. I have a routine and I do not deviate from said routine very often. I think I find comfort in it, and I also tend to not forget things if I do them in a certain order....

  7. Eep! If I didn't have everything in it's place or do it all in the same order, I'd completely forget to do everything...
    Take birth control, for example. Once, when I went out of town, I forgot to pull my BC out of my suitcase when I got home. Didn't take it for 7 days. 7 DAYS!
    It's like that with everything.
    I'm a teacher too, and if there wasn't a routine the kids and I would stare at each other all day long... !

  8. I wish I were more like you, it would probably make me a lot more easygoing! Unfortunately, I'm the complete opposite. Everything in my apartment has to have a specific place so I always know exactly where to find it. My morning, after school and night routines are down to a science. I'm a lot easier on weekends-- but that's mostly because my husband can't deal with my strict schedules!

  9. lol I do the same routine while showering and getting ready for bed. It's just out of habit more than anything. If I stray from it, it's no big deal. As for the rest of the day....if I don't write it down I'm forgetting everything.

  10. I am so with you on this one!! the only thing i do the same every time is where i put my purse & keys when i walk in the door. The rest... is when and i remember or if i remember!! Glad to know there are others like me.

  11. I was stressed out just reading your routine!! hahaha

    I'm the one who has to leave the house between 8-8:05am (yes; 8:05) be able to stop and get coffee. and still have maybe 5 mins to sit in the parking lot before walking into my office.

    I think I have a routine for everything! It keeps me sane. If I feel overwhelmed I just shut down! haha

  12. I have routines for getting ready for bed and getting ready in the morning. It just makes life easier for me because then I don't have to think. I also have routines for food. I eat a granola bar and diet pop for breakfast. And a V8 at snacktime. And pretty much the same for lunch every day. And drink two bottles of water during the day. Now that it is summer though, it is totally different. What am I going to do???

  13. I'm a little bit of both :)

    I definitely do not eat the same thing for breakfast every day, however, my "shower routine" is about the same unless I have to shave my legs, then I get totally thrown for a loop ;)

  14. Def do not have routines at all! Jorden doesn't really either except for when he gets in bed the lamp has to stay on until he falls asleep at which point I have to wake him up to turn it off. But if it's off any sooner he can't fall asleep for a long time! So weird!

  15. This made me laugh. In the shower I have to have a routine because I only have so much hot water. I have to be as efficient as possible.
    I went to Target on my lunch our today to buy a jar of tomato sauce, soy sauce and soap. I got sidetracked at the Father's Day Cards and birthday cards and then I realized that pop tarts were on sale and by the time I paid for everything and was exiting the store I realized I forgot soap. I thought I wouldn't need a list for just 3 things, wrong!

  16. I WANT to have routines, but I have a hard time actually getting into them and following them!

  17. I like a routine and schedule, but not everyone is like that. I grew up with parents who were organized and clean and I'm just like them now. My husband is so not that way!

  18. I was totally a routine person until 12 days ago when maddie came into the world...nowwwww not so much! Definitely forget to pee too!

  19. I am definitely the type A, planner personality. Hubby is not! I don't understand how disorganized he is at times but we balance each other out well.

    Imagine how boring the world would be if we were all the same ;-)

  20. yeah well you know me... i'm systematic, too so my routine in the shower is science. although there are lots of other things that i haphazardly do in life so it balances out i suppose. :)

  21. I have to say that during the week, I am definitely a routine-r. I do the exact same thing in the shower & each morning. Same breakfast. Cup of coffee. I even make a to-do list at work for the following day so that I actually get something accomplished. The weekends are a different story. Sometimes the house gets clean. Sometimes it doesn't. I get a shower whenever it fits in. But by Sunday night, it's back to the routine. For me, it makes me worry a LOT less. About what I'm doing. About having enough time to finish it. The list could go on...

  22. I have my routine in the shower because if I didn't I would totally forget a step! The morning routine is semi-permanent in that I always do mostly the same things in the same order but sometimes I add or subtract things, given on the morning. But the semi-regularity helps me remember to brush my teeth and the like.

  23. I have a routine to get ready, but I only do because I have a toddler and routines make the ship run smoother for him.

    But then, this one day, my husband watched him while I got ready for work, and it threw me off and I FORGOT TO BRUSH MY TEETH. On my first day. Because usually I brush my teeth at the same time as the toddler.

    So yeah, I totally get where you're coming from :)

  24. Hi. My name is Erin and I am shower OCD and dishwasher-unloading OCD. These tasks must be completed in the same order every time. Every. Single. Time.

    Everything else is a free for all.

  25. haha...this is oh so true! i try and try to be a schedule person...a "make coffee at the same exact time" kind of person...i finally gave in to my true nature...the schedule of "me" - nothing is ever the same twice - keeps me guessing!

  26. This post had me in stitches. So funny hearing about all your crazy thoughts while you're in the shower :). I am SUCH a routine person - probably too much so. I am definitely on the OCD end of the spectrum. Sometimes I claim that it makes me sane, but deep down inside, I wish I could be more like you because, in the end, I think the routines end up stressing me out more than helping me half the time. If something doesn't go right (like OMG, I FORGOT TO TURN THE DISHWASHER ON BEFORE BED - THE DISHES ARE STILL DIRTY IN THE MORNING) I feel like my whole day is messed up. I wish I could be a bit more care free like you.

  27. I have routines where I NEED to have routines.

    In the shower? Not so much.

    When I'm packing up the diaper bag? Most definitely.

    I find myself being OCD/Type A when other people are relying on me -- say, going on vaca or during the holidays.

    But when it's just me? Not really.

  28. This post shocked me.

    I thought you were definitely more of a routine girl...not totally and completely like ME! YAY!

    Is it weird that that makes me really happy? :)

  29. I think you and I are SOOO alike . . I am exactly like you when it comes to routines. Reading this post I thought about myself. In the house the only thing I do the same is get my hair wet right away because I can't stand the feeling of my dry hair touching my wet body or only parts of my hair wet.

    I always get into bed and notice I need to pee.

    I also pee in the shower and my husband thinks thats insane.

    ha ha love this post!

  30. I'm like your hubby and my boyfriend is like you! I'm "Type A" (I blame it on being the first born) and I have a routine to an extent. My every day routine is not the same, but before I get out of bed, I lay there and plan out the day. Every little detail.

    Sometimes my "Type A" kicks in and I get stressed out before I'm even out of bed, but other times I'm thankful I've set aside that 10 minutes to do this or that (usually something my boyfriend forgets to do so I end up doing it for him).

    Oh, and my shower routine is the same every single time.

  31. I've always wanted to be you.

    I'd LOVE to be able to relax, to go with the flow a bit more (or at all, really).

    I have a routine for everything. I'm not obsessive about them, but I do things the same way all the time. For the flow. It soothes me.

  32. I am the same as you! I find myself going to do the same thing a few times while getting ready for bed, because I get distracted along the way. It keeps things interesting.

  33. I am like Declan and my husband is just like you! I can never understand how he doesn't have a routine! It's just the way my brain thinks. Sometimes, I wish it didn't though! But as I get older, I've noticed I am more easily distracted and it's getting worse now!

  34. I pretend I like routine but I don't have any at all. Especially now that the baby is here I'm lucky if I get a shower in at all during the day!

  35. Oh my gosh! I am so like you and Ryan is Declan! LOL I can't tell you how many times I get in bed only to jump right back out of it to do something else. It keeps life interesting...