Monday, June 28, 2010

Sleepy McSleepster

I've talked about this once before...but, Declan and I literally have our own lingo around our house. I'm assuming most couples/families do.

You know, we have weird sayings, we have certain names for things that make sense to no one but us. Heck, we even have nicknames for each other that are wayyyy too embarrassing to admit. Really, I will never, ever, ever, tell. And that...? That's big. Because you know that I'm an open book.

But, nevertheless.

Our lingo.

Lately, our lingo has become adding "Mc" to everything.

I really am not quite sure where this came from...and I admit, it's odd.

A few examples of common phrases used in my house are: [don't judge]

"Fatty McFatty"
(when referring to something we're eating, want to eat, or a commercial we see on tv, etc)

Example: Declan and I may be craving ice cream one night, and we'll say, "Ohhh that's so Fatty McFatty!" [For the record, does not stop us from eating it, hehe.]

"Sleepy McSleepster"
(used when referring to Emeline, typically...when she gets her heavy, need-sleep, eyes)

Example: "Look how cute Sleepy McSleepster is over here."

"Fuss McGuss"
(a name we've affectionately given our little angel when...well...she's not being such an 'angel'.)

Example: "Baby girl...why are you being such a little Fuss McGuss?"


I told you.

Weird, right?

We all come up with these crazy little sayings, slang, or lingo for our own households.

Don't we?

If you care to divulge--just tell me one of your weird unique slang terms/words/phrases that's common in your humble abode. When you makes me feel...not so...alone, haha.

Happy Monday!


  1. Cute post! Yes we have our own lingo and nicknames too. I don't know where it came from or when it started but I add the sound "mr-se" to quite a few words.

    Mr-se-me : I call my husband this


    Mr-se-ice cream

    I know it makes no sense, but it makes me smile

    Take Care,

  2. Haha when I am having a NEED ice cream or pizza day my husband calls me mcBlubster!

  3. AJ & I add "k" to s words. Like "skrimp" and "skraight" and even to words that don't start with an s, like draw - skraw. It makes NO sense, but its just automatic. Weird? Definitely.

  4. Oh gosh Chris & I have our own lingo and we aren't even married!

    I love "fuss mcguss" though, that's hilarious. My niece has been a fuss mcguss lately!!

  5. I think this is a normal parenting thing... my daughter is 2.5 almost and we have always done the same thing with her... we always add "Mc" to everything... especially my husband!

  6. My husband and I add "-age" or "-ages" to a lot of words. For example, he might say he needs some sleepage, I might tell him I need some huggages (hugs), or I might ask if I put sufficient cheesage on his spaghetti. Don't really know when or why we started doing that, but it's pretty ingrained now. :c)

  7. my son james has several nicknames: james p. sunsine, snuggle muffin (sometimes snuggle moster), buster! and honey j. you're NOT alone.

  8. haha, okay, "Fuss McGuss" is possibly the cutest thing I've heard this week. My husband always tells me to stop being "Cranky McCrankerson" and ever since Sullivan was a little pup, when he'd get overtired and cranky, we'd call him a "Sleepie Sheepie" and now when Hubs knows I need a good nap, he's tell me to "go be a Sleepie Sheepie and lay down." And we use the phrase "Sleepie Sheepie time" when it's time for everyone to go upstairs and go to bed. haha. Weird? Yes. Normal around our house? Heck yes!

  9. We do a lot of the "mc" at the beginnings of words to.

    And -er at the end (i.e baber, colber, pupper)

  10. Um, everyone makes fun of me down here because I add "Mc" to almost EVERYTHING! I say things like "Stop being such a Crabby-McCrabCrab Pants". Don't judge! Haha :)

  11. Sooo funny! I love Fatty McFatty. We may steal that one. :)

    We add a 'y' or 'ie' to everything - but just behind closed doors or IM. My sister saw our IM feed one day and thought it was the dorkiest thing she'd ever seen.

  12. haha, that is so cute! I love it! I think it's so sweet when couples have that bond. We do weird stuff too, there are too many embarrassing ones to admit!

  13. Ok, coming out of lurking here, because we call our four month old a "Fuss McGuss" all the time! Btw, I love your blog, I started reading it I *think* during your first pregnancy, and I've lurked this whole time. Your daughter is precious, and I love reading all your honest posts.

  14. My boyfriend and I add the word "pants" to a lot of things. Yeah. I know. Weird.

    Examples "stinky pants" or "sleepy pants" - but the one we use the most (and my personal favorite) is "meany pants". "Ugh. you're such a meany pants!" Haha. :)

  15. I can't think of what we do except I say Coldy a lot which now my 3 year old says it ha ha and my husband says blame it on your mom, coldy is not a word!

  16. we make things, want to watch some tvs, get some sleeps, etc. also, we totally have named our imaginary band, for when we become rock stars.

  17. Funny stuff!

    When our cat is doing something goofy, we always call him a "goomba." Now we started using it ALL the time. When someone does something weird, we'll say "she's a major goomba!" Or if I ask hubs why he threw his shirt on the floor next to the hamper, he'll say "cuz I'm a goomba."

  18. We do the Mc thing too!
    You can add one to your list - Brakey McBrakerson. used when referring to the person in front of us that hits the brakes every other second for no apparent reason. That's a Brakey McBrakerson!

  19. That's funny! The nurse at school uses the "Mc" from my maiden name with my married last name! She always wanted to have a last name and she was sad that I was losing mine!

  20. Hubby and I totally do this too.

    We call our no so friendly-chain-smoking-neighbor, smoky mc smokes a lot. Funniest part is the kids almost called her this to her face. Good thing she doesn't socialize with any of the other neighbors.

    I know we have more but I can't think of any right now.

  21. Oh my gosh my family is SO the same way! I wonder how people understand us. One thing we do is add the word quack to things. I have to idea why.

  22. We totally do that too! We got it from Friends-like Sleepy McSleeperson, etc. :D
    My daughter is named Emeline too! Emeline Sarah Edwards-named after her great great grandmother! Cool-I've never known anyone to use/have that name before. :D

  23. I love fuss mcguss haha. We say weird things around the house too but I can't think of any examples.. except for when we call hamburgers ham-boo-gars.

  24. we add "mc" to a lot of things too! I dont know when it started or why but it's funny! we've started doing it a lot more now with Ryleigh which is way cuter than when we do it to each other! haha

  25. Love this post!

    Oh my goodness, the way we talk to each other is SO weird! I mean it can't even really be explained, either!

    We add "Mc" or we talk in accents. We add "just" in front of everything, too. We also talk for Fiona and have full out discussions that way. I mean the weirdness goes on and on.

    You are definitely not alone! :)